Potent Hormone Concentrate

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Potent Hormone Concentrate

NHS662Amplify your level of female hormone absorption by using this treatment. Once a week run a bath of hot water ( the hotter the water the more effective the treatment will be but be careful not to scold yourself) Add 32.5ml of the potent hormone concentrate and immerse yourself in the solution for a minimum of 25 minutes taking care not to let the solution come above neck level.

Potent hormone Concentrate when used as directed will intensify other hormone treatments and significantly amplify the results achieved.


It can safely be used in conjunction with all our other hormone treatments and utilises the transdermal delivery system.


This product is concentrated and must not be used in undiluted form, If you spill any wash away with copious amounts of water.


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1 Run the bath and test the water, the hotter the better but be careful not to scald yourself

2 Measure 32.5 mls from the bottle into the container and pour into the bath. ( it is approximately 8 capsules)



3 Soak in the bath completely immersed but with head out of the water for 25 minutes.




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