Rainbow Planet – Our Life As Transgenders

Rainbow Planet – Our Lives as Transgenders


and you & I will never see it.

1883Every astronaut who has spoken of their journey highlight one common view.

From space planet earth by day is a bright colourful but fragile looking object set against the backdrop of totally black infinity.

The colours of the planet cross the entire rainbow spectrum and earth is the most colourful planet ever seem even by the Hubble telescope. Their experience instils in them a sense of wonderment and appreciation of just how unique this place we call home is.

If we look at the world from their perspective we can then celebrate the diversity in nature that gives the planet it’s rainbow colours. Most of us are also animal lovers and we value the diversity in our pets, dogs and cats come in all shades of shapes and colours.

So now we know that diversity is what makes us happy, yet when it comes to humans some people only seem to like people exactly like themselves and are intolerant of others on the grounds of colour, ethnicity & gender.

Gender and sex are two completely different things. In most people your brain and body are aligned before birth. Yet just like babies are born with physical defects which we correct medically.

For transgender people the brain and body are misaligned so they have the brain of one gender, but the body of another. Over many years either using electrical shock treatment or counselling attempts have been made to reprogram the brain in line with the body, all of which have been unsuccessful , leaving the ONLY option to sync the two by altering the body.

Unfortunately society has been slow to recognise this as a true medical procedure and have therefore heaped more pressure on those facing this life-changing option. As a result the rates of suicide of transgender are unacceptably high as are levels of mental illness brought on by the real fears for their future. My parents disowned me when I transitioned 35 years ago and they died without any reconciliation which pain I still carry. Although society has become more aware of the issue the physical transition still causes immense problems for most who do especially in the areas of family, employment and social interaction.

I must admit that I came within a whisker of suicide after years of trying to put off the inevitable decision yet fortunately I took the decision to undergo full male to female gender reassignment surgery following hormone treatment. The cost was high, I lost my family, so-called friends and a lucrative job. Adjusting to living on benefits was difficult but at last I was transfused with a sense of contentment, really liking myself for the very first time.

Fortunately for me I met a wealthy man who agreed to finance Transformation as a not-for-profit venture to help those who wish to transition from male to female. Trans people may want different levels of male to female transformation, transvestites (TV’s) may want an instant reversible convincing change which we cater for with silicone breasts, realistic vagina panties, wigs in fact everything they need. There are other who simply want to grow their own female breasts and our site is where you can find female hormones that will fulfil this need. Others may want a total transition but stop short of surgery (often referred to as shemales or ladyboys) and there again we have male to female hormones on our site.

Transformation is my ‘baby’ I have loved and cherished it since it was born way back in 1984. I have spent a lot of my husbands money of the research and development (R&D) in financing Doctor Temperli the world renown

Leading endocrinology (hormone) expert
Leading endocrinology (hormone) expert

endocrinologist (hormone expert) and he has developed a range of cutting edge feminising hormones. The female hormone delivery options now mean that anyone of any age & with almost any medical condition can find one that is effective and safe to use.

I am the living proof of what can be accomplished and as the world’s longest established transgender specialist we know how to help you to fulfil your dream. Please don’t be nervous or afraid, we offer totally confidential help and support throughout the process and you can consult Dr. Temperli for free advice on medical issues or me on the practical ones.

The first step is always the hardest but also every day you delay is a day of happiness & contentment lost forever.


Stephanie x

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