Sellular Time Release Anti Androgen Capsules

Sellular Time Release Anti Androgen Capsules

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Sellular Time Release Anti Androgen Capsules now come in 2 strengths and are essential for your male to female transformation.

Sellular Time Release Anti Androgen Capsules
Sellular Time Release  Anti Androgen Capsules


This Sellular time release anti androgen capsule is a very effective of continuously suppressing your level of male hormones allowing faster male to female feminisation, plus you only have to remember to take one capsule per day just before bedtime.

Sellular Time Release Anti Androgen Capsules

UXR009Ultimate Xpress Sellular 24-Hour Time Release Anti Androgen Capsules for Male to Female Transformation. 

Using micronised nano-technology these Sellular 24-Hour Time-Release Anti Androgen Testosterone Male Hormone Suppressant Capsule contain hundreds of micro-encapsulated concentrated female hormones that dissolve at different rates delivering male suppresaants continuously throughout a 24-hour period. This cutting edge female hormone treatment represents the optimum anti androgen delivery system. All you have to do is take one capsule a day to receive a measured dosage on a continuous basis. Not the cheapest option but certainly the best for those who are committed to a male to female transformation.

Anti Androgens or male hormone blockers are essential for male to female transformation. To develop female breasts or effect a more comprehensive male to female transformation the essential first step is to impede and reduce the level of testosterone using male hormone blockers refered to as anti-androgens. Taking oestrogen or other female hormones without taking anti-androgens will result in you wasting your money. If you have passed puberty as a male then your testes and adrenal glands will be flooding your bloodstream with testosterone which is the dominant male hormone and is responsible for your voice deepening,  changes in skin texture, male coarse body and facial hair. High levels of testosterone reaching the hair follicles also lead to male pattern baldness. We offer an extensive range of male hormone blockers in the form of pills, capsules, transdermal anti-androgens and suppositories so there is a product suitable for you no matter what your age or medical condition.

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