Story – The Realisation Of Michaela – Part 2

Hi There… Here I am back home ready for a nice shower to wash off that dreadfully, scruffy ‘Outside World’ feeling that I get everytime that I am forced to leave the private and personal Female World of my much loved home, with it’s feminine colours, tastes and the multitude of Mirrors that pander to my vanity.

So, why don’t you open up the Wine whilst I take a little time in the Bathroom, getting myself all ‘prettied up’ for a nice relaxing evening in something silky and comfortable before I begin to tell you my story…

I don’t know about you, but I love my Bathroom and much as we like a nice relaxing scented Bath, I have a very special routine for the full enjoyment of a warm Shower at least once a day.

I usually watch myself in the wall mirror, as I slowly undress down to just my Panties, before pulling on my pretty shower cap with my hair folded up underneath it. I like to start my shower whilst still wearing my Panties, as I leave my ‘private parts’ until last to get that lovely feeling of pulling down the wet, soapy Panties.

Next, I stand under the water making sure that I am nice and wet all over, before turning off the water jets. Next, I proceed to slowly rub my perfumed shower Gel all over my body, starting with my arms and then my neck, breasts and back.

Still keeping away from any water, I proceeded to smooth the perfumed Gel down over my Panties, carrying on down each leg to down in between my toes, making sure that the perfume finds it’s way into every crevice, before I gently lower my Panties to apply the Gel to my private areas and the inside of the Panties, and to allow the perfume to be absorbed into my skin.

Finally, I pull up the Panties as tight as possible and just stand there, all covered in the perfumed Gel for a couple of minutes whilst I enjoy the aroma that is me!

Re-starting the jets, I begin to wash off the Gel leaving just the wonderful aroma clinging to my body for as long as possible.



So here we both are. All warm, relaxed and cosy, drink in hand and ready for a quiet ‘girls’ night in.

Where to start my story is the real problem, so I suppose that I had better start by skipping the ‘usual’ parts about my desire to cross dress from the age of 15 when my father was beating me on a regular basis, yet leaving my sister alone. So, I soon decided to get out of there while I was still in one piece!

By the time I was 20, I had a reasonable job and a new wife!

All should have been fine, except that I had been wearing my sisters and my own female underwear for several years prior to marriage, and then started to buy my own ‘things’ in the forlorn hope that my Wife would either ‘understand’ or that I would be able to hide the whole thing from her…Some chance!…I did not take me very long to ascertain what her thoughts about

Transvestites and cross-dressing were, so there was no chance of going down the ‘Confession’ route…The urge just got stronger and stronger and I spent hundreds of pounds on ‘closet’ goodies, only to throw them all away every time I felt guilty about my simple Fetish.

In the end, I just gave in to ‘it’ and vowed to not Let her find out…Or did I WANT to be found out.

We shall never know, as the whole think came to a head on February 14th…Valentines Night…Just before we were about to go out for a romantic dinner to celebrate our third Valentines Day as a married couple.

I had been at home most of the day while my wife had been to visit her mother in the next town.Naturally, I had taken advantage of her absence to indulge in a fantastic session of perfumed Bath etc, before spending the remainder of the day totally crossdressed.

I was ‘changed back’ and ready for her when she returned and was waiting for her to get changed prior to our night out together. All was well, until I saw her coming down the stairs carrying an armful of MY dresses and some underwear.

My throat went dry as I realised that the dreaded day had arrived. I had been found out, and she was FURIOUS.

‘I can’t believe what you have been doing’ ‘I am so disgusted with you’ and so on, and so on..

Like a fool, I had left open the sliding door in the back of the spare Wardrobes that I had built in behind the fitted units in the second Bedroom, where she also kept her ‘special occasion dresses’..Why did I not think that she would be needing to go to THAT wardrobe on Valentines Day..and then for me to leave the ‘secret’ door OPEN!

Well, no doubt most of you have ‘been there’, so I won’t bore you with the details of the disgust, temper, shame etc, except to say that I had no alternative but to leave the house there and then.. The only difference was that I never went back, ever, as she later made it quite clear that we were really finished, and that she was going to move in with her female friend from the office, and as the house was rented anyway, there was no great loss…I still wonder if the incoming tenant ever discovered my secret wardrobe!



Just a pause to gently remove my Panties and attend to the rinsing of my private parts, I am now ready to step forth out of the Shower where I begin to dry myself with a huge and very fluffy towel, by gently patting all parts of my body. I never rub myself with the towels, as I find that too masculine.

Next I ‘dress’ myself with a heavy dosage of Talc (of the same perfume as the Gel that is still lingering). Again, no portion of my body goes without in this procedure. You can’t have too much of a matching perfume, as perfume should be a total experience.

Unlike some other ‘Girls’ I just can’t walk anywhere without heels, so before doning my satin bath robe, I step into my matching 2 Inch mules and enter my Dressing Room, which was originally the ‘Box’ Bedroom, that I have had to have had converted into a Link Room between the Bathroom and the Main Bedroom, due to my inability to call a halt to my retail therapy where Female
Clothing is concerned. I think that this is due to the fact that I was ‘deprived’ of Female Clothing for so many years and I am trying to make up for lost time!

Pausing only to remove my Shower Cap and shake my Hair down, I try to decide what to wear to relax in this evening.

Since I have a Guest waiting for me, I decide to wear my Red Satin Lounging Pyjamas with matching Satin 2 Inch Mules over some fresh black, warm damped tight Panties under a black mesh ‘strechy’ body and no Bra! This way, I will feel comfortable and only need to apply the minimum of makeup.

I go into the Bedroom, turn the lights on around the Dressing Table mirror and do a simple Make Up job using just a tinted moisturiser, a little eyeshadow, and a suitable gloss lipstick. I even miss out my usual ‘primer’ coat of a lighter coloured lippie!

I sally forth into the Lounge to rejoin my Guest and lounge on the Setee next to you, as you pour me a glass of wine. I have a feeling that this will be the first of many tonight – my friend.



But, back to that day. Leaving home with just your car and the clothes that you stand up in, presents a few problems …namely where to stay! I soon found a boarding house for the night and decided to start a new life ‘tomorrow’ and that, this time, I would be honest with myself and everyone else that I came into contact with.

The following morning found me buying a few clothes to see me through the week, and making my excuses about ‘severe personal problems’ to the office, as a ruse for a few days off to sort my life.

I had spent most of the day reading notices in shop windows trying to find a flat or rooms in the area near to my office, when I caught sight of myself in a shop window, and looking at my hair, was reminded of one of the jibes that my wife had hurled at me, about the length of my hair. ‘You LOOK like a woman,anyway’ ‘I don’t know why you don’t just get a sex change and have done with it!’

I decided that I should probably have it cut anyway, as I had also had some comments at the office, due more to the fact that it was naturally wavey, rather than just straight and long.

On the High Street, I came across a Unisex Hairdressers and decided to ‘go for it’.

As I had no appointment, it was decided that the owner, a lady called Gwen, would attend to me as soon as she had finished her present ‘cut’.

They gave me a cup of coffee and I sat down on a settee and waited, absorbing everything about the place as this was the first time that I had been in a ladies hairdressers..I loved it, especially the atmosphere and the smell of the lotions etc.

Gwen finally came and surprised me by addressing me as ‘My Dear’ rather than the more usual ‘Sir’. I liked it, as it made me feel feminine, and suddenly all thoughts of a ‘short back and sides’ were never further from my mind!

What lovely Auburn hair you have..with such a natural wave’ said the quietly spoken Gwen ‘ What would you like me to do with it for you? Or would you like me to suggest a style?’

I stammered out – ‘Well, what do you suggest – I just wanted it a bit shorter’

She replied ‘ It’s a pity you’re not a lady – I could do wonders with this, but if you want it shorter, I’ll just shampoo it, cut the ends a bit and pop you under the dryer – hows that?’

‘That will do fine – I’ll leave it to you’….I told her.

As you do in hairdressers, we got to talking and I mentioned that I was looking for a flat or rooms in the area. Gwen said that she knew of someone who had a room to let locally, if that would help and agreed to give me the address when I left I have to say that I had never felt so pampered in a hairdressers in my life before then. By the time Gwen had finished with me, I had had my first conditioner and who knows what else done to my hair.I was even put under the dryer in very large rollers in order to bring out my natural wave, (I was told). I was enjoying it so much, that when offered, I even went along with a manicure and had my nails finished in a translucent nail polish.

When they were finished, and I saw myself, I was amazed. Even though I was masculine, my hair was so nice, I really felt feminine. Why had I not tried this before?

I vowed to return to Gwen again and again. Clutching a slip of paper with the address of the ‘ROOM TO LET’ written on it, I ventured forth into the late afternoon, looking for the address. I soon fount the very pleasant double fronted house standing in a secluded garden. I rang the bell and chimes echoed from somewhere inside.

If ever I needed some GOOD luck – I thought´┐Ż

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