Advice from leading endocrinologist – hormone expert

Advice from leading endocrinologist (hormone expert)  regarding male to female transition

Leading endocrinology (hormone) expert
Leading endocrinology (hormone) expert

“If you take female hormones the primary one of which is oestrogen (estrogen), you will undergo a gradual male to female transformation just as a girl does at puberty. As the feminising process is cumulative it takes approximately 3/4 years to attain optimum development from which point you need to keep taking a lower maintenance dose to prevent regression which is the equivalent of post-menopausal women taking HRT.

If you suddenly stop taking female hormones you will suffer headaches as your oestrogen (estrogen) levels drop just as in a female prior to their periods and at the onset of the menopause.

A side benefit of taking oestrogen is that it improves your skin reducing the size of pores and reducing acne and pimples. Skin gradually become softer and smoother. Some experience hot flushes when commencing treatment making getting a good nights sleep difficult in which case taking melatonin will help through this temporary period.

Taking oestrogen can lead to weight gain as it increases levels of ghrelin which is why we offer Reductamin weight loss tablets to counteract this. Although women have some testosterone in their system produced by their adrenal glands it is a fraction of the level in males which is why taking a male hormone blocker referred to as anti-androgens alongside any female hormones is so essential.

Dependent on the growth of male body & facial hair you will also need to use a beard & body hair retardant which again needs to be used in conjunction with an anti-androgen (male hormone blocker)

Most males who take oestrogen based treatments gradually look younger but unfortunately it does not lead you to live any longer. Taking female hormones may increase your levels of oxytomin which will leads to affectionate feelings in relationships when you bond with your chosen partner.

Transdermal treatments work by being absorbed through your skin and work in a similar way as nicotine patches but it is absolutely essential that you clean the treatment area before application. After washing use transdermal hormone skin prep to remove the natural skin barrier oils and dead skin cells that can inhibit absorption. Then you need to massage in the cream, gel or atomiser spray thoroughly until fully absorbed

Remember never to exceed the stated dosage as all you are doing is wasting your money. All dosages are determined to achieve the optimum results.

Whatever your age or medical condition there is a delivery method for both female hormones and anti-androgens that is clinically safe and effective for you to use by as all treatments are cumulative you have to commit to a continuous regime if you are to attain your desired level of male to female development.

As a not-for-profit organisation Transformation does not simply supply unique products that have taken years to research & develop but offers a free support & advice service plus everything is covered by our 100% satisfaction or full refund guarantee.

Please feel free to email me as the consulting endocrinologist or Stephanie, who as Transformation’s founding transsexual has lived her feminine dream for 35 years

Between us we offer a totally free unique insight in to every aspect of male to female transition whether you seek just female breast development or a total male to female transformation”

Best wishes from us both

Dr Temperli & Stephanie  –  Your Male to Female Transformation experts

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Dr. Temperli – leading endocrinologist

World renown endocrinologist (hormone expert)
World renown endocrinologist (hormone expert)

Hi, Doctor Temperli here with a guide to feminising hormones. I have received several emails from people confused by the seemingly countless female hormone medication on the Transformation site so I thought I would try and simplify them into groups & methods of applicationwith a brief explanation of who should take what and why


Feminising hormones are grouped into ranges relating to the strength of the active ingredients with the Enhance Range representing the starter and maintenance products. All of these cost less than £99 making them affordable. Those who desire faster development and stronger formulations can select from increasingly powerful treatments, Aspire, Ultimate X-press & finally Infinity Intense for which you will need to self-certify your health status.


Easy to take and designed for healthy patients with no history of stomach or digestive problems


These more powerful one-a-day molecular tablets have a special coating to ensure that they pass through the stomach before dissolving allowing better absorption into the bloodstream and ideal if you have stomach ulcers or other related health conditions


Easy to swallow but not suitable for vegans or some religious groups as the capsule shell contains gelatine


More powerful and packed full of very small particles that dissolve at different times providing a constant dose of oestrogen to be delivered over a 24-hour period from just one daily capsule


Cream based hormones belong to a class of ‘transdermal medication’ which are by far the safest medication delivery method and are absorbed through the skin just where applied in just the same way that nicotine patches work


Higher levels of active ingredients are made possible by using gels as the base carrier but they too are classified as ‘transdermal medications’ delivering hormones to specific areas where development is required, the most popular of which is feminine breast growth


The molecular effect is not activated until both sets of ingredients are mixed by vigorous shaking and exposed to air, sprayed on to the skin it penetrates faster and more effectively and is the strongest transdermal delivery system


If you have allergies or suffer from any digestive condition then suppositories are a very effective way of delivering hormones into your bloodstream. Every product comes with a safety applicator that ensures that your sphincter muscles do not expel it nor can it penetrate too deeply. You need to leave it in place for 20 minutes to ensure total absorption


You will be aware that people sniff illegal substances because the delicate nasal passages provide fast absorption into the bloodstream. The same is true of hormone nasal sprays albeit without any dangerous side effects


Concentrated formulas work well when ingested orally but are not suitable if you suffer from any form of digestive condition


As you would expect the stronger the medication and more complex the delivery method affects the price at which the treatment can be supplied at. Although Transformation is a not-for-profit venture it does have to cover it’s operating costs and fund on-going research and development


If you have read our transsexual founders autobiography (free to read online or download as a PDF) she married a multi-millionaire and does provide an annual subsidy that allows Transformation to operate as a not-for-profit specialist.

Prices shown are the lowest possible & are not discounted but you can make savings if you choose a years supply or a fully inclusive treatment course


Earlier hormone formulations are available in our clearance section at a 50% which allows those on restricted incomes to afford treatments


Stephanie has added a lot of her enquiries and answers to the sites FAQ section but if you have a specific query that is not answered adequately please feel free to contact me at or Stephanie herself who has 35 practical experience in every aspect of transitioning from male to female