The Chance



Since I was seven I had had just one real wish, to be a girl. In the following years this wish grew stronger and stronger, and as I entered into puberty, this problem became ever more difficult. I saw how the girls developed into women with their wonderfully shaped bodies and breasts. I wanted to look like that too, but instead I developed into a man with an abominable body and this thing between my legs which, instead of disappearing, just got bigger and bigger.

I tried to cope with this problem and live my life as a man, but I just wasn’t very successful. Last year, at the age of 24, I made the decision to undergo a sex change, to take hormones, and to submit to an operation that would approximate a sex complete change. Naturally I would have chosen a simpler method, but this was the sole possibility (at that time).

For weeks I surfed the internet in search of information that could help me on my path to become a woman. As a part of that I registered myself in a transsexual forum, in order to discuss my problem with people concerned with such matters. I registered using the name Jennifer. Then 3 months passed, and I just was preparing to begin hormone therapy, when a participant of the forum contacted me. She called herself Alexandra and wrote in her message just the following sentence: “If you would like to be a woman in 24 hours, then get in touch with me!”

Naturally I thought right away that this was some stupid joke or a game. I was just about to shut down the computer, when I thought, it can’t hurt to give this mysterious person an answer and to go along with the game. So I wrote her a reply: “Yes, I would give anything for that to happen.”

Scarcely had I sent off the email, when the answer arrived: “Then at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning be at the main train station in Zurich, track 12. Wear a white pullover and a hat and hold a book in your hands.” That was all that she wrote me. I was overwhelmed by distrust and decided that I’d not go to Zurich, since from the start I suspected this to be a bad joke. So I did shut down my computer and went to bed. But I couldn’t help thinking about this thing between my legs and how I would love to have it gone. But I kept thinking about this Alexandra and how wonderful it would be, if it were no joke. It was at 4 o’clock in the morning that I decided to travel to Zurich.



f821_1557.jpgSo at 7 o’clock I was standing at the station, track 12, and I wore a white pullover, a black hat, and had a book in my hands. I waited… By 7:15 I was convinced that, as expected, this whole thing was a joke, when suddenly a woman came up to me on the bench where I sat and spoke to me: “Jennifer?”

I turned toward her: “Yes. Alexandra?”

“No, my name in Manuela and I’m supposed to pick you up here. Alexandra is waiting for you now.” She stood up and walked toward the parking lot. I hesitate a brief moment, then I decided to go along; my curiosity as well as my fear were growing steadily.

Without saying much I got into her car and we drove about half an hour into a Zurich suburb, where we went into an office building. On the fourth floor we came to a firm by the name Mental Trading, Inc. Manuela led me into one of several rooms, where a woman was waiting for me.

“Jennifer. Please, come in! I am Alexandra.” She was about 40 and made a friendly as well as a serious impression.

“Hello” was all that I could say.

When I had seated myself, Alexandra began to speak: “I know that you have been full of suspicion about my offer since yesterday evening,
her into the hall. “The 6 candidates are living at this time in these rooms. They are one-room apartments, but we also have a recreation room, where the candidates can meet. Unfortunately I can’t show you these facilities, since before making your choice you are not permitted to come into contact with other candidates.”

She led me into another room. “But I can show you this room; here the actual body transfer is completed. You will enter one of these cubicles, the other person goes into the other cubicle. The cubicles are connected with each other. After a short time you will fall asleep and the transfer begins. When you wake up, you will be very weak, that’s why we’ll take you into a care center, where you’ll remain lying for a few hours before you can leave our clinic again.”

“How long does this transfer take?”

“About 50 minutes.”

“How will I know how I’m going to look afterward?”

“We will now show you the photos of our 4 female candidates. Before that, however, I’d like to ask you to take off your clothes, so that I can take a picture of you, because those 4 candidates must also want your body.”



So I undressed and stood naked in front of a camera. I was getting unsure again, as to whether this wasn’t a joke after all, but my curiosity and my hope were too big, to allow me to back out now. Then the flash went off…

“O.K. That’s that. I’ll put your photo in the databank and wait on the answers of our lady candidates. Before you can see their pictures, we still have one more thing to finish up, that is, the financial part.”

I’d been waiting for the time when this was brought up.

“How much does it cost?

“It’s not so expensive. 15,000 dollars for a new life is actually not bad. For the usual sex-change, you’d pay a lot more.”

She was right there.

“Naturally, the entire amount isn’t due until the body change is complete, on the other hand, I need a down payment of 1,500 dollars.

The financial risk for something like this was pretty small. So I took my credit card out and paid the 1,500 dollars on the spot.

“Wonderful,” she said. “And finally still one very important piece of information: So that you can live your own life after the body transfer, this afternoon I’ll have your name and gender legally changed. I’ve got good contact with the authorities, so that this should go without any hitches. Then you’ll receive your new ID papers in the next few days.”

That sounded too good to be true, but I didn’t want to hold back from this step. Alexandra now led me to a computer, where she showed me the photos of the 4 candidates along with their personal information.

“I’ll leave you alone now. If a candidate suddenly disappears from the screen, that means that she has no interest. Good luck!”

“Thank you.”

Alexandra left the room. Now I sat there and looked at these 4 women. The thought that I would be one of these women in a few hours caused me anxiety on the one hand but joy on the other.

On the first picture there was a redhead with long hair, age 28, 5′ 4″ tall, a pretty face but with a large nose. She was rather slender with relatively small breasts (A-cup).

On the second picture was a blonde also with long hair, age 23, 5′ 9″ tall, a delicate face. She was also relatively slender and her breasts were larger than in the case of the redhead (B-cup).

The third was a brunette, who also had long hair. She was 26 years old, 5′ 6″ tall, an angular face, but feminine nonetheless. She was not as slender as the others, but still very much okay. Her breasts were significantly larger, a good C-cup.

The fourth was another blonde, but with short hair, age 25, 5′ 7″ tall, and a very beautiful face. She was athletically proportioned and her breasts filled a B-cup.



f821_1753.jpgThat was all the information that I had available. Now I had the torment of making a choice, and I had to decide for myself, which criteria were most important to me. I asked myself, what I was really imagining. One important point was height. I didn’t want to be all that short, and red hair wasn’t for me in anyway. That left candidate one out. The brunette followed a short time later, because somehow I couldn’t identify with her face and her breasts were also a bit too large for me. Each of the two blondes made a good impression, maybe I felt a tendency for candidate two.

Now I could only wait and see, if one of the ladies had no interest and which one might accept my body. Five minutes before time ran out, the redhead disappeared from the screen, but this was no problem for me at all. A minute before the end, however, candidate two disappeared from the screen and this disappointed me a bit. Soon after than Alexandra came in again.

“Have you decided?”

“Yes, I’ve chosen candidate four.” Although she was not exactly my first choice, I could be enthusiastic about her body and after all who has the choice to pick out one’s own body.

“Great, I’m glad to hear that. Now everything will go quickly. Please, undress now and enter the cubicle to your right.”

I did, what Alexandra required of me. Then I had cables attached all over my body. Alexandra closed the cubicle and now I became truly nervous. For several minutes (it seemed like hours) nothing at all happened, till I suddenly got tired and slowly went to sleep…

“Jennifer, wake up!” Alexandra stood before me, and it took a while before I realized where I was. I lay in a bed and was covered. Manuela stood next to Alexandra and so I slowly realized what had probably happened.

“It’s over,” grinned Alexandra. “You are now a woman. I’ll have to ask you though not to move much in the next half hour; after that you can try to stand up and check out your new body.”

My heart was turning somersaults, but I couldn’t make a single sound. Alexandra and Manuela then left my room.

After several minutes, however, there was nothing that could keep me in bed. I tried to move. At first I moved my arms and my head. After a while I could support some of my weight on my arms, and now I felt for the first time the weight on my chest. As I looked down, I noticed two roundnesses, and it was unmistakably clear, that these were genuine breasts and that they were mine.



f821_1754.jpgNow I tried to move my legs and this went well, too, so that I was soon sitting up. In that motion feelings registered between my legs for the first time. But I didn’t want to touch this place with my hands yet.

After several attempts I succeeded in standing up and I walked slowly back and forth in the little room. After about an hour of this I could walk without any problem, and now I felt ready to stand in front of the mirror and take stock of myself.

It was with a shock of joy that I stood before the mirror. There I was, with short blonde hair, a lovely face with expressive eyes, a sweet mouth. Then I looked down a little and saw these curvatures again. Now it was time, to pull off the nightgown and see the full results. First I freed my breasts and touched them quite lightly as I did so. It was already a very intensive moment, which excited me a lot. Then I let the nightie fall and was able to see the result between my legs: a vagina, a real vagina. With great respect for my body I drew my hands across my breasts and stroked them, which caused me to give out a small groan. That made me realize that I had a new voice. I began to speak and giggled now and then. The voice was not terribly high but rather a deeper woman’s voice, but I had no problem with that.

Then I let my left hand wander further down till it came to my vagina. I moved my hand back and forth several times and felt how this excited me more and more. I decided to lie down on the bed, spread my legs apart and began to investigate my new genital region by stimulating my clitoris. I was becoming more and more excited and noticed how I was slowly getting moist between my legs. Now I pushed two fingers into my vagina and then pulled them out. This was repeated and the movements got faster and faster till I was just moaning and had my first orgasm as a woman. When I opened my eyes, Manuela stood in front of me and smiled.

“Nice feeling, isn’t it?”

“Heavenly. Men don’t know what they are missing.”

We both giggled.

“Jennifer, it’s time to pack up. I’ve put the clothing of your predecessor into your bag and I’ve some clothes for you to put on now. As soon as you are ready, you can come into Alexandra’s office.”

“Thanks so much,” I said with my new voice.

When Manuela left the room, I took the clothing, which she had given me and stood before the mirror. Then I discovered a package of tampons lying there. Oh, yes, that’s a part of it all, I thought. But joy was to dominate today. I took a tampon out of the package and guided it into my sheath, a strange feeling. Then I took some panties and pulled them on. It was wonderful, how my panties didn’t bulge but rather clung closely to my skin. Then I took the bra and pulled it over my breasts, it fit perfectly. Then came my socks and a pair of tailored pants. Now there was just a white top, which delineated my breasts nicely. Finally I pulled on a pair of sport shoes and looked into the mirror a last time before my departure. Makeup wasn’t really necessary, since I already looked very good and had a natural appearance.

I took my bag, left the room and walked into my future as a woman…

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