The Realisation Of Michaela – A Transvestite

Short Story  РThe Realisation of Michaela РA Transvestite


I suppose that some of us ‘Girls’ are more lucky that others and that a very lucky few are luckier than most when it comes to being able to realise our Dreams, but not one of the many ‘Girls’ that I have ever met seems to have had my enormous amount of good fortune down the road to total feminine release.

Which only goes to prove that being in the right place at the right time is probably the Fate that you rightly deserve, if only once in your lifetime, and is the ‘lift’ that you are dying for, to bring you out of the Closet and into the open, rightly and properly.

Here is the story of one very lucky person: Michaela

My name is Michaela Jane and I am a totally fulfilled Transvestite. By total, I mean that, at last I am able to live the complete life as a young woman with my own Home, Bank Account, Car and Job – All registered under my ‘Femme’ name, which must surely be the object of fullfilment for most serious Babes wishing to make the change.

Of course, none of this came easy and time seemed to run away with me once I had really started on my ‘conversion’, but the perfect opportunity arose when my Wife discovered my ‘Secret’ – A neatly hung selection of female clothing, in a smaller size than her, secreted in an hidden alcove behind the built in wardrobes in the Master Bedroom! Yes, being a bit of a DIY freak, I had made part of the back of our unit slide across to give access to the hidden alcove behind the main unit, and fitted it out with Drawers and a Hanging Rail – That is until the fateful day that I forgot to close the hidden door and my Wife decided to change her daytime outfit for an Evening Dress prior to our going out to a Dinner Dance on that fateful day – Febuary 14th Valentines Day!

I will not bore you with the details of the upset that followed when I told her the truth about my ‘desires’ and my ‘feminine’ side, except to say that, unlike the other wives that I read about – you know, the ones that fully understand and end up ‘going along’ with the wishes of being a transvestite husband – She totally ‘flipped’ and insisted that I left our home, there and then – and that is how it has been to this day…. Well, one can’t win all the time! (But one can in the end).

I’m writing this, just having emerged from a long, hot scented Bath where I have been lying in for a very long while thinking how wonderfully relaxing being a fully fledged ‘girl’ really is – Admiring my long smooth legs, narrow waist and almost totally hair free body. (I find it so much cooler to be into almost total depletion). I have had a Heart-Shape tattoo outline done around a small pubic area, and depleted only up to that outline and shorten the pubic hair within the outline to a nice close crop style. But no hair left anywhere else on my body exceept for my own natural auburn head of hair, which is now down to shoulder length and professionally ‘done’ once a week.

Anyway, now I must emerge from this Bath and proceed to apply some scented moisturer to the whole of my body to take away the slight male feel of some areas of my skin. Whilst I am doing this, I will tell you how I am going to get dressed and what I am going to wear whilst I tell you more of my ‘story’.



I always treat the phrase ‘What am i going to wear?’ as meaning a total look and feminine ‘aroma,’ as perfume is so very important and must be treated as an ‘overall’ sensation to bring out the best of the female attributes.

So, starting with a light talcing all over my body, I begin to feel and smell my female self.

Next I apply the wonderful matching perfume between and under my breasts, around my neck and behind my ears, before venturing down to the more intimate places, finishing with a final squirt down the bottom of my back and between my tight little bottom cheeks.

It’s really surprising how very feminine one can feel just ‘dressed’ in a quality scent. So I pause a while just simply breathing in the delicious aroma of my all-ready female self, whilst looking in the Mirror that I am about to watch myself getting dressed in.

Before I explain what I am wearing as I complete my dressing process, I should explain that it is now some 5 years since I became totally female, and my body has changed physically to a great extent, due to various drugs and some physical manipulation during my story, but more of that later.

I am fortunate that, having had cetain treatments to my now reduntant ‘testes’ etc, I am able to disguise my former Male self by the wearing of a tight pair of mini-panties, which are always my basic first garment that I prefer to soak in a little warm scented water before I continue dressing as they tend to shrink to a perfect fit in all areas, as they dry out from the warmth of my body, and gives me another 10 minutes to admire myself and them!

Today, I have chosen a Sky blue pair with side tie drawstrings and I have pulled them up tightly, tying a long bow just above the hip bone, which gives me a really feminine look, even before I am dressed.

I add an extra little touch now by slipping my feet into a pair of sky blue Mules with a 2″ heel, as I always feel better getting dressed with some sort of heel beneath me. So here I am, just that little bit taller, with a nice all over tan from my Sunbed. A scented topless Beauty.

Next, I select my 36D Bra for today. This is a matching Sky blue Full Cup lacey underwired quality item i purchased some time ago. These days I usually shop in the High Street.



My boobs are now fully grown and make a perfect fit in my Bra’s – In fact, I do worry a little that they are still growing even though I am no longer on my Hormone treatment – but I digress.

I prefer to put this very important item of underwear on to my body in the proper manner, as this seems to me to be a part of being feminine, so I carefully place my arms through the shoulder straps and reach behind myself, to fasten the hooks at the back and then, carefully lift each breast upwards in turn, before lowering them into the cups of the Bra. I give great attention to this method, before tightening up both straps in order to lift my breasts to the required height for the outfit that I am about to wear.

So far – so good, and now for the next item. Today I have chosen to wear a suspender belt and stockings – not just any stockings as
I prefer to wear Holdups with suspenders, as they tend not to pull on the suspenders so much, and give a much ‘sexier’ feel. Now, I slip off my Mules and gently ease the stockings up my long elegant legs and attach them to the Blue lacey matching suspender belt that is now tightly secured around my waist. I pause to run my hand down my Nylon clad legs. A really fantastic feeling!

Now it is time for my shoes, as I want to look at myself in my underwear, with nice high heels. Today, I have chosen an outfit that requires a white shoe, so I select a simple pair of Court shoes, but with a fairly high heel of 4″. As I slip my feet into them and stand up in front of the mirror, I am instantly tranformed in to the full woman that needs just a little pink lipstick to complete the picture and that is no sooner said than done in front one of my full length Bathroom mirror.

Looking at myself, I feel that I would like to wear some further underwear today, and choose a matching blue set of silk Camisole and French Knickers to overlay my Bra and Mini-Panties, and they do make me feel so silky and smooth, that I know that I have made the right choice.

Just my dress now needed to complete the outfit, and today I am going to wear my loose fitting white favourite. This has a short full skirt that ‘flares’ out when I twirl and a Gypsy top to expose my arms and a wide neckline. I compliment this with a tight white belt that shows off my narrow waist, without ‘advertising’ the actual belt.

Now all I need to do is to select my accessories, including my Coat, Handbag and Jewellery, ‘do’ my face and Hair, and I’m ready to get on with my day – Is it any wonder that us ‘girls’ take so long to get ready to go out!

I love long dangling earrings, so I select a pair with a matching necklace and bracelet watch, studded with red rhinestones, and put them on in fromt of the mirror. I team these with a white clutch handbag and decide not to bother with a coat, as it is a nice sunny day.

Just a little ‘sit-down’ to brush my Auburn shoulder length hair which falls easily into place, as I only had it done yesterday!

So I’m finished and ready to leave home, looking good, smelling fantastic and tasty enough to eat, I’m ready to launch myself on the world yet again, in my wonderful life.

When I come home, we’ll have a nice ‘Girly’ chat over a great bottle of Wine, whilst I tell you how by sheer chance and Lady Luck led me into my wonderful new life after being a mere downtrodden Male for far too long.


End of Part One — Part Two is here.

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