The true secret of a feminine appearance is not found in make-up, hairstyle or clothes. Of course, these things are important, but to really be a convincing woman you must act like one. This is where deportment is essential, and these tips will help you learn how to make your body behave in a more feminine manner.

The secret of good posture is very simple. Imagine a rucksack extending from the shoulders to the buttocks, pulling you back, throwing your chest forward, pulling in the stomach muscles and tightening the muscles of your bottom.

Arms should be held loosely behind the side seams of the skirt. The hip or pelvic bones should be on an imaginary upward tilt. This is the foundation on which you can build the habit of good deportment.

The need to practice

Practice walking in high heels by laying a piece of tape on the floor in a straight line.

Starting with the right foot, place the heel on the line and the toe slightly off the line. When taking a step forward, peel the back foot, the ankle passing the front leg’s instep while the knee is bent.

When it becomes the front leg the knee straightens and the foot is gently placed on the straight line as before with the heel on the line.

Walk head high, chin parallel to the floor, legs together, arms relaxed and fingers curled to the sides.



Easy on the eye and the body

A woman will always look at the seat of the chair before she sits. If there is anything there she will remove it.

Feel the chair with the backs of the legs, hold the skirt in position, sit on the front of the chair and push back into the seat to sit comfortably with shoulders straight.

It is proper to sit right against the backrest with both legs slanting to one side and feet pointing the same way, with one foot slightly in front of the other. Except when wearing a straight knee-length skirt the legs may occasionally be crossed. Clasp the hands lightly.

A matter of balance

Stand tall and do not slouch.

Keep the knees together when standing still, the weight on one leg and the other slightly bent with the foot pointing outwards.

A handbag tucked under the gives the body focus, and a glass held lightly by the stem gives you balance.

Do not lean against the wall or stand with legs apart, hands in pockets or on hips.



Elegance at the table

A woman must never appear gross, indelicate or inconsiderate at the table.

A healthy appetite is itself desirable but greed and speed are not feminine attributes. Conduct yourself with a minimum of aggression and at all times be considerate of your partners when dining. Always hold the cup by the handle with the fingers arranged gracefully. Take care when drinking from tumblers or large glasses not to pour liquid down your throat. Do not overload the fork or spoon and do not leave lipstick on cups, glasses or napkins.

Improve your car performance

Entering or leaving a car requires particular care.

Never put your legs in first and then swing in your body. Always seat yourself and then gently swing your legs, knees and ankle together, adjusting your skirt or dress over the knees. To exit swing your feet and legs out of the car, holding knees together, followed by the head and body. The folds of ones dress should fall naturally into place.

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