What kind of breast forms are available?

The predominant material used in the more expensive commercial breast forms is silicone gel inside a very thin, slick plastic shell with tapered edges. Other materials such as rubber/latex, foam, or cotton batting are sometimes used. Here are the main qualities of each of the types of materials used to help in deciding if a certain material is right for you.

1735Silicone Breast Forms 

The material gives the form a comparable weight, movement and feel of a natural breast.

The silicone can be coloured; many forms of this type are available in a variety of shades to match skin tone. Realistic nipples and areolas can also be produced.

The material of this type of form warms to your body temperature and feels very comfortable. Silicone can be whipped with air to produce forms just as realistic, yet are much lighter to wear. It is NOT the same material that was used in breast implants. It is similar, but the main problem with silicone implants came from their use INSIDE the body. Even if a breast form is punctured, the contents can not be absorbed through the skin.


Cheaper alternative to silicone, while still retaining some of the qualities of silicone that make it so desirable.

While still having some of the qualities of silicone to a certain degree, rubber/latex can not dare to match the weight, feel or movement of even the cheapest silicone forms. Some people are allergic to rubber or latex.


Commercial foam forms are very cheap and can even be easily homemade. Can’t be punctured or ruptured like silicone forms. Holds shape well, even in restrictive wear like sports bras.

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