Since 1984 Transformation has spawned many competitors so now the internet is teeming with companies supplying products to the transgender community and most are pretty much the same selling inferior Chinese made silicone breasts, large size women’s clothing, shoes etc, and if that is all you want then Transformation is not for you.

For 31 years, Transformation has operated as a not-for-profit specialist supplier. Funded by our transsexual founders supermarket millionaire husband, literally millions have been invested in research and product development so we can offer superior products designed and produced to offer the most convincing male to female transformation, whether you just want to instantly cross dress, develop your own female breasts or want to undergo a permanent transition.

We are the only specialist supplier offering a cutting-edge range of female hormones, produced by Switzerland’s leading endocrinologist. We worked with a German specialist to develop a superior silicone breast using medical grade ‘siloxane’ which replicates the feel, weight, movement and even reactive nipples that are so realistic that the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) purchase them from us for post mastectomy patients.

In our own manufacturing facility we produce unique latex realistic vagina panties. These range from our original VEE G-String, to our best selling WEE VEE which allows you not only look like a woman when naked but to sit and pee like one. The time consuming multiple dipping process, hand finishing even down to painting the internal vagina which is authentic having labia lips, clitoris etc. You can choose to have pubic hair for no extra cost.

You have heard of the action of ‘hackers’ which is why our database is completely offline to guarantee your privacy and we NEVER rent, sell or divulge your contact details to anyone else

Transformation is also the only company that offers a 100% guarantee on EVERY single product we supply. If you are unhappy with any product you receive simply return it for a full refund

Free advice is always available from our customer service girls between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday (UK time)

We are the leading experts because Stephanie, our transsexual founder underwent a sex-change operation 35 years ago so can give you the benefits of her personal experience and then add in the world’s leading endocrinologist (hormone expert) and you have a formidable bank of specialist knowledge to draw on and it’s all for free

We view our customers as valued members of the Transformation family, we will always ensure you get the very best products at the lowest possible prices

Thank you for joining the circle of trust that exemplifies the spirit of Transformation


Unique not-for-profit crossdressing experts for 31 years

1984 – 2015

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