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Quantum Molecular Male Facial Beard Hair Retarding Atomiser

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The powerful formula penetrates deep into the facial hair follicles to treat the problem literally at its roots, gradually weakening both the strength and dark colour of facial hair growth (dark shadow or beard growth).

Male facial hair (the moustache & beard area) is very strong thus require a stronger formulation to weaken the roots and follicles but without damaging or scarring the skin & by shrinking the size of skin pores also gives a smoother surface. Females have just as much facial hair, it is just much softer and finer Simply spray on the area after cleansing with transdermal hormone skin prep twice daily and massage in until fully absorbed, taking care to avoid contact with the eye area. FULL 3 MONTHS TREATMENT at a discounted price with further mulibuy options

Directions for Use

.Shake bottle vigorously and apply to beard growth area ( face and neck ) after cleansing with skin prep taking care not to ingest or get in the eyes.

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