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Instant Gender Transformation

Our amazing instant transformation products can help you to look more like a woman - even when you are naked. Choose from a wide range of gender transformation options for your upper and lower body. Many of these products are exclusive to Transformation.

Let Transformation help you to live your feminine life to the full

Instant Transformation to Help You Look Like a Woman

With our realistic silicone breasts, latex vagina panties and hip and bottom shapers, you can look like a woman even when you're undressed.

  • Silicone Breasts - We offer a range of Crème de la Crème silicone breasts with perfect nipples that are precision-manufactured for us in Germany and carry a lifetime guarantee. Purchasing our amazing silicone breasts is an investment for life.
  • Vagina Panties - Since we manufactured the original Vee Strings, we have developed ever more sophisticated and authentic vagina pants. For example, the Wee Vee prosthetic vagina not only hides your manhood, it provides a convincing pubic mound, labia lips, clitoris and vagina. Its clever design allows you to sit down on the toilet to pee exactly as a woman does. The top of this range even allows you to enjoy penetrative intercourse.
  • Female Face Masks - We also make latex female face masks, which come complete with makeup and wig.

If you have any questions about our gender transformation products, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0161 773 4477.