Crossdressing Myths

Crossdressing Myths


Myth: The reason men crossdress is…

Fact: There are multiple reasons you’ll find men in dresses. A small fraction are entertainers, some are young people demonstrating rebellion. A few crossdress as a sexual fetish while others crossdress to be outrageous (those pig-nosed men cheering their football team from the end zone). But the overwhelming majority of crossdressers do so for another reason entirely – self expression.

Myth: Men who wear dresses are homosexuals.

Fact: Nope. Most crossdressers are strictly heterosexual. Even though gay Drag Queens are among the most visible (and most outrageous, bordering on vulgar) men in dresses, the proportion of gays among crossdressers is the same small percentage as in the rest of society. Speaking of percentages, it’s estimated that 5% of all men are closet (secret) crossdressers.

Myth: Crossdressers are seeking sexual partners.

Fact: While females sometimes use clothing to signal sexual availability, most of the time a woman’s attire is simply a personal expression of attitude and style. It’s the same with crossdressers.

Myth: Crossdressers are sissies.

Fact: I wouldn’t risk a broken nose on that. Among my circle of crossdressing friends are Green Berets, Rangers, U.S.M.C. Force Recon snipers, Navy SEALs, law enforcement officers, firefighters, foundry workers, millwrights, test pilots, and even a rocket scientist (really). Crossdressers seem to gravitate toward ‘macho’ professions, perhaps in denial of their emerging gender expression.

Myth: Crossdressing is a psychological problem.

Fact: Hardly. Modern psychology accepts that crossdressing is an expression of personality which is as immutable as left-handedness. Any problems crossdressers may develop are in reaction to social stigma, prejudice, and bigotry – not disorder. Social judgment is not a valid basis upon which to regard human idiosyncrasies as mental disorders.



f786_1517.jpgMyth: Crossdressers want surgical sex changes.

Fact: Most crossdressers are perfectly happy with their standard issue plumbing. A very few individuals feel so strongly about being a woman trapped in a man’s body that sexual reassignment surgery is undertaken, but while sensationalized in the media, these transsexuals are quite rare.

Myth: Crossdressing is a sin.

Fact: Here’s the verse that disapproving Christians dig up to wave under our noses – from the King James, Old Testament:

Deut. 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

The simple fact that the holier-than-thou types ignore the primary prohibition in that verse (lest they sleep on the sofa, I suspect) betrays a curious double standard. Obviously, it’s not really about God’s word; it’s about finding a verse to quote out of context as justification for their prejudice. Except that their ranting ties devout Christian crossdressers in spiritual knots, such blatant hypocrisy would be hilarious.

Myth: Crossdressers are perverts.

Fact: This misunderstanding is the result of media driven stereotypes (Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc.) and is not based on fact. Crossdressing is simply an outer expression of inner feminine feelings. Mothers and children needn’t feel threatened. Recent history would suggest that clerical collars and clown white makeup are far more reliable indicators of potential pedophelia.

Myth: Crossdressing is illegal.

Fact: With the possible exception of a few ancient and largely unenforcable disguise ordinances, people are free to wear whatever fashion and style of clothing they choose and cannot be compelled by authorities to restrict their apparel to gender specific attire, else women wouldn’t be seen in pantsuits, jeans, T-shirts, etc.

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