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Since 1984, Transformation has operated as a not-for-profit specialist supplier for a diverse range of transgender people – including crossdressers, shemales, ladyboys, and trans women who go on to undergo reassignment surgery. With literally millions invested in male-to-female hormone research and product development, we can offer exclusive transgender products that are designed to offer highly convincing feminisation. Whether you’re interested in cross dressing, developing your own female breasts, or undergoing a permanent male to female transformation, we can help you.


Transformation is a trusted UK company, and we offer a 100% guarantee on EVERY product we supply, including female hormones, testosterone suppressants, silicone breasts, latex vagina panties (including the bestselling Wee Vee, made in our own factory), female face masks and even a complete silicone female bodysuit. For female body shaping products, wigs, clothing…in fact, for all the transgender transformation products you can imagine, Transformation is your one-stop worldwide solution.

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Why Choose Transformation?

Stephanie Anne Lloyd’s Story


If you have spent years struggling with indecision, you are not alone—I did too, and whilst you may want a different outcome to the one I chose, we are here to support you every step of the way.


I founded Transformation way back in 1984 after I had encountered so many problems in obtaining feminising products that were designed for convincing male-to-female makeovers (whether for crossdressers or for transsexuals).

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