Make Up Guide

Make Up Guide

Even the majority of genetic women cannot put make-up on professionally. With this detailed step by step pictorial and written guide you should, with practice, be able to achieve a cosmetic effect that highlights your best features (normally your eyes) and disguises any drawbacks you may have.

Please remember: personal tuition in the use of cosmetics is available in total confidence at our own fully equipped salons in all Transformation Shops, staffed by professional beauticians.

Tissues and cotton buds are essential to have at hand to correct any mistakes as you go along. There is no substitute for practice, so spend time just putting it on and taking it off – you should finally get down to half an hour. Don’t despair, it took me 3 hours to begin with!! You can see how the professionals do it on our Make-up Video, available in both European and American formats. Have fun!

Stephanie Anne Lloyd



complete 2.jpgApply cleanser to face and throat with fingertips in upward and outward movements, remove with cotton wool. Apply toner with cotton wool using the same movements, then smooth moisturiser over face with upward strokes.

Apply miracle beard cover using a damp cosmetic sponge, covering all of the beard area. Remember, only the lightest coating is necessary.

Use instant cover to hide any dark circles under your eyes, applying with your fingertips or a damp cosmetic sponge.

complete 3.jpgApply foundation over the whole area of the face and neck ensuring you cover eyelids etc.

Blend foundation at neckline to ensure there is no noticable line.

Apply powder using a fluffy pad or cotton wool, with a pressing and slightly turning action.

Apply kohl pencil carefully to form a line right up against eyelashes top and then bottom as illustrated. Draw a cotton bud across to slightly smudge and soften the line.

complete 4.jpgStarting from the inner corner of the eye, apply the lighter of the two colours you have selected. complete 5.jpgAlways tap the brush after loading with powder to eliminate colour falling complete 6.jpgcomplete 4.jpgon cheeks.




complete 9.jpgUsing the darker colour, work outwards from the center of the complete9.jpgeyelid (this makes your eyes look further apart). Remember you are trying to create an almond shape for your eyes. Next, use this colour underneath the eye ina a gradually widening line from the center to the outside corner.

complete10.jpgFill in the gap between eyeshadow and eyebrow with highlight and apply a darker crease line as shown. Remember all colours must be carefully blended so that no definate divisions are noticeable.

complete12.jpgSucking in your cheeks to provide a guide line, apply blusher, more at night than in the daytime. Carefully note the position for complete13.jpgapplication and work from the hairline inwards. complete14.jpgYour blusher should be of the same colour group as the lipstick you intend to use.

Apply a light coat of mascara, holding a mirror horizontally against your chest for the upper lashes and vertically in front of you for the upper.

Using eyelash curlers, clamp them tightly as near to the roots of your upper lashes as possible and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat for the other eye.

Lightly stroke in colour using eyebrow pencil, following the natural arched shape but extending them outwards at the edge.

Apply a second light coat of mascara, ensuring that 10 minutes has elapsed since the first application.

Using a lipliner that matches your lipstick, outline the natural shape of your lips but accentuating the centre bow slightly.



complete15.jpgFill in with lipstick, blotting after the first coat by gently biting on a tissue then apply a second application. This routine ensures you maintain lip colour even throughout a meal.

For a really sexy look, apply a little lip gloss to the center of your lower lip. Yummy, yummy.

complete21.jpgAs an optional extra you can now use false eyelashes. Ours are self adhesive and stik time and time again, simply peel off to remove.

An optional third coat of mascara can be applied if necessary, but only for evening wear.

complete22.jpgNext to eyes, hands are studied most, so you do need to have long elegant nails. Apply the super-realistic nails by very lightly sanding your own nails first and then applying a very small spot of glue.

complete22.jpgCut and shape your nails to individual taste using nail clippers and an emery board only. (Never use a metal nail file even on your own nails)

complete25.jpgPaint your nails with your favourite nail varnish. It will not chip, flake or peel off. Never use acetone based varnish remover, it will melt your nails. Special varnish and nail removers are available.

The finished result, a professional make-up that will make

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