Realistic Silicone Breast Forms That Last A Lifetime


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Female breasts are the biggest outward sign of a male to female transformation and you should only ever need to purchase  one pair to last you an entire lifetime so it is important that you choose wisely.

As well as a guarantee that they will last you a lifetime, you will want realism. The look and movement of a natural female breast can only be replicated if the weight and density of the filling is correct. It also needs to be heat conductive so it attains body temperature so as well as moving in a natural way it also feels right to the touch


You will see inferior grades of silicone breasts advertised elsewhere, usually massed produced in China which will quickly degrade & split.


Using medical grade siloxane silicone we have perfected breasts that are authentic replicas of the female breast. Made exclusively for us in Germany they are simply so good and durable that we provide a lifetime guarantee so you can actually view them as an investment rather than a purchase. We supply both private clinics and the NHS who use them when reconstructive surgery is unviable following mastectomy but we do not sell any of our products through third parties

It took us several further years of research & development to perfect reactive nipples which is offered as an option for those seeking total realism.

You can wear these life-like breasts in a bra or choose to use our special medical adhesive allowing you to replicate the unfettered movement of your breasts as you move.

Many of our customers choose to develop their own breasts using our exclusive oestrogen based hormone products but meantime or as an alternative, our superior siloxane silicone breasts are an ideal way of achieving an instant he-to-she transformation.. You can even complete the female naked look by wearing with our hand-made vagina latex panties.

Wearing realistic breasts is such a sensual feeling and one that will give you years of pleasure.


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