Stephanie A Girl In A Million – Epilogue

Stephanie A Girl In A Million – Epilogue

In conclusion I outline how treatment for male-to-female transsexuals has changed for the better since I underwent my gender reassignment operation way back in 1983 following 3 years of hormone therapy.


New and more effective female hormones therapy is now available in various treatment options, as well as tablets & capsules, there are transdermal creams, gels and atomisers that allow for localised development of certain areas, many want to grow female breasts as a first step before committing to irreversible surgery. Suppositories are another option for those who have digestive conditions but whatever form of the primary female hormone oestrogen is taken in, it must be accompanied by an anti-androgen to lower the levels of testosterone which otherwise will block and counteract feminisation.


Free and confidential advice is available from the worlds leading endocrinologist consultant by email


Hormones based products are available from or which allow you to experiment in total privacy.


Full feminisation takes between 3-4 years just as it does for a young girl to go through puberty but only if you take hormones alongside an anti-androgen (male testosterone suppressant) Specialist removal of beard and body hair might also be required and there again you have the choice of growth retardants, electrolysis or laser treatment.


When you are ready to contemplate surgery you need to either consult your personal physician for referral or contact


Once you have been accepted as suitable for surgery you will need a whole new identity, to include National Number, Passport, Driving Licence and now thanks to my campaign after the operation a new birth certificate officially reclassifying you as female (at this stage you cease to a transsexual in a legal sense.


The operation is long and delicate and there are only a few surgeons with experience of undertaking this operation. If you are relying on the UK’s National Health Service there will be a long wait but if you can fund it privately then you can arrange the timing so it fits in with your future plans. Cheaper options are available in other countries but remember caveat emptor.


Without going into the gory details, the surgeon is going to remove your testicles and the inner part of the penis. An opening is created in the small space between your urethra and your rectum and then the outer penile skin is inverted and stitched in providing a vaginal lining that has nerves and feelings about 8 inches deep although it is also a dead end with no cervix or womb. This is then packed to keep it open and stop the body’s natural response to heal it up. You will be heavily sedated for about 3 days and then nurses will change the packing, check stitches etc. until you are well enough to go home, dependant on your recovery this is an average 10 days. Before you leave you will be provided with clear plastic dilators and vaginal douche cleanser containing iodine with instruction on frequency of usage.


After you have stopped walking like John Wayne and have healed you will need to both cleanse and lubricate your vaginal passage. Unlike genetic women you will not produce natural lubricants or have periods. It is wise to refrain from road-testing it with sexual activity too soon, remembering that you underwent this because you had a female brain and a male body, no matter what men imagine nymphomaniacs are very rare.


Today’s society is a lot more tolerant, my grandchildren don’t think it’s a big deal and freely refer to friends who are gay, lesbian & transgender, but your parents may be less supportive. Back in my early days there was no employment protection, now your employer must treat you fairly and be supportive, you are in a designated minority gender group making you a protected species against any form of discrimination.


Your new birth certificate is given when treatment is irreversible and cannot be amended in future so in all respects you will be treated as a female including retirement age (which now depends when you were born).


You now have to stop worrying about what others say behind your back remembering “the people who matter, don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter” The objective at this stage is to blend back into society and live a normal life.


I hope my life story will be of help and support and if you have any questions that I can help with then simply email me:

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