Assuming you are going for an INSTANT MALE TO FEMALE TRANSFORMATION then the following is the essential items you will need for your feminine wardrobe.

f631_707gnrsxdofbreastpage2Breast forms – For the authentic feel, look & movement of real female breasts then guaranteed for life Siloxane Silicone Breasts are the best investment but cheaper foam & latex alternatives are available, some crossdressers even use water filled balloons!!

f671_724gnrsxdofbrapage4Bra – Choose a full cup bra and get one white and one black to start with

Body Shaping – You want to achieve an hourglass shape sof681_712gnrsxdofcorsetspage3 a waist clincher or corset is necessary to achieve a narrower waistline and then add thigh and bottom shapers. A cache-sex or latex vagina panties will ensure that your manhood does not make an unwelcome appearance

HST001Tights/Stockings – Choose sheer black or dark tan but avoid fishnet and seamed variants during the daytimeFNR036

Outerwear – Every woman has a black outfit as it is so versatile and slimming. An A-line or flared skirt will feminise your shape. Avoid tight clingy tops or horizontal stripes and wear a contrast loose fitting jacket to disguise large shoulders

FTW606-1Footwear – Choose black court shoes with low heels or boots or sandals according to the season

WGS106Wig – Choose a colour similar to your natural hair colour but avoid black at all costs. One with highlights is a good choice and a length in keeping with your age with curls or waves soften and feminise your face

Neck Scarf – Wearing a colourful neck scarf can add a splash of colour to your outfit and also disguise your Adam’s apple

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you the basics to begin with. Use black as your default colour choice and remember to wear a white bra under white or light coloured tops.

The clothes women choose to wear is governed by the weather, time of day and occasion so once again spend time observing them and their outfits avoiding anything that will draw undue attention to you. Better to be understated than overdressed and although it may seem an anathema to you, feminine trousers (again in black) can form the basis of a great look.

Being a woman is never easy even when you are born one and if genetic females agonise over what to wear don’t beat yourself up if it takes some time and experimentation to achieve a look that makes you fell comfortable in your own skin

Happy window shopping and if you need help just send us a photo and we will provide some personal advice and as always it will be free

Very best wishes from your T-Girl sister,


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