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Nipple Enhancement Sucking Pump


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Product Detail

Nipple Enhancement Sucking Pump

Easy to use nipple sucking pump to increase teh size and sensitivity of your nipples.

Increases blood flow to heighten sensitivity. Comes with a range of rubber rings that should be slipped over the newly erect nipples to maintain sensitivity.

Enjoy the pert, perky and highly sensitive nipples you’ve always wanted .Just stretch your desired size of ring over the end of the sucker (as per the diagram) before use. Then one nipple at a time, simply place the sucker completely over your nipple and squeeze the bulb until your preferred sensation has been reached. You then carefully slip the rubber ring off the sucker and around your newly enlarged nipple for extended play and secure wear. Each pack contains one small and one large sucker ensuring the best fit for you.

Directions for Use

As instructed

Since l already have very beautiful feminine breasts, the nipple sucking pump was just the thing after 4x applications l got nice thick and long sexy nipples
I am satisfied with this product and it is already beginning to show some result after a few days.

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