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Welcome to Transformation

Transformation has for over 30 years, provided specialist exclusive crossdressing products for crossdressers, transvestites (TV's), transsexuals (TS's) & all male to female transgendered worldwide. Grow you own breasts with our oestrogen (estrogen) female hormones or achieve any degree of other feminisation, you can even look convincing naked with our silicone breasts & latex vagina panties.


Our products are unique manufactured and distributed from own production facilities and warehouse, we do not sell via third parties and all products carry our "no quibble" money back guarantee. Total confidentiality is guaranteed and your details are kept on an off-line secure database. Packaging is secure & discreet and only the words "Sercus Ltd. will appear on your credit card statement. Order despatch is guaranteed within 2 working days and Beverly & Diane are available via phone between 9am - 5pm GMT Monday-Friday.

We ship worldwide using UPS & The Royal Mail and treat all our customers as VIP's. Sign up for our emails and you are guaranteed to always receive the best deals - we believe in rewarding loyalty.We also promise never to contact you without your consent.

We have many competitors but no other supplier can offer you our unique products & service which are the result of 30 years of research & development plus our "no quibble" money back quarantee

If you want to learn more about Transformation and our founder Stephanie Anne Lloyd herself a post-operative transsexual for 35 years.



Transformation has for 30 years, offered one stop shopping for transvestites, crossdressers,shemales,  transsexuals & everyone in the transgendered community all over the world. Realistic silicone breasts, female hormones to grow your own breasts and feminise your body. Authentic latex vagina wee vee panties, female face masks  allow an instant change from male to female. Specially formulated female hormones, oestrogen allow complete pre-surgery feminisation developing female breasts, an hourglass figure & removal of male beard & body hair growth. Over 80% of our products are totally exclusive.


After 30 years Transformation is still the leading specialist constantly innovating exclusive products. With transvestite shops in the United Kingdom and a large factory & warehouse, we ship orders worldwide

with all orders despatched within 2 working days by either Royal Mail or UPS under secure plain cover. STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY AT EVERY STEP (your credit card statement will just say "Sercus Ltd").

Transformation, was founded by a transsexual in 1984, in conjunction with Doctor Temperli, who has had a long & distinguished career as a specialist consultant in Endocrinology to The Government of Switzerland, & various universities. We have developed a unique comprehensive range of powerful female hormone products that allow any man to transform into a convincing woman. You can even appear as a genuine female completely naked, go to the toilet and have sex using our skin-coloured latex vagina panties and silicone breasts.


Over 80% of our products are totally exclusive  - we do not sell through any other third parties. Because of this we can provide you with a total guarantee on both products and service as it is all under our own roof. Every product is guaranteed and all orders are despatched within 2 working days. We have customer service girls you can ring  between 9am & 5pm GMT Monday-Friday


If this is going to be the first order you place with Transformation let me reassure you:

  • We accept Mastercard,Visa & American Express (with only  Sercus Ltd appearing on your credit card statement)
  • We guarantee complete confidentially & will never contact you without your express consent
  • If you pay to insure your delivery then even loss or damage by the carrier is fully protected
  • We guarantee that your parcel will be securely wrapped under plain cover
  • We provide our own comprehensive money-back  guarantee
  • Sign up and we will email you with special discounts and free gifts

We will never e-mail, write or contact you without your express instructions to do so - please opt in or out of our discounted promotional e-mails. We have guaranteed our customers total confidentiality
from day one and all details are held off-line to prevent any hacker gaining access.


Not only can we supply you with specially designed products but we understand and customers quickly become on-line friends. We have many customers who have been with us since we started 30 years ago and many staff too so it really is like a large extended family.


If you wish to receive any further advise then please ring and speak to Beverley or Diane anytime between 9am-5pm GMT Monday to Friday or feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us about anything at anytime


It is now up to you to make the first move but I can promise you that when you do you will receive a very warm welcome.


keith stephanie dr-temperli

Stephanie Anne Lloyd

Before Gender

Reassignment Surgery

Stephanie Anne Lloyd

Transsexual Founder

Dr Temperli








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