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Ultimate X-Press Advanced

Following the launch of our New Ultimate X-press range. Our team of experts lead by Dr Temperli have now taken this powerful range, to a new ADVANCED level and developed 3 new Oestrogen Formula transdermal creams. These ADVANCED complex blends of Oestrogen/Estrogen supercharged carrier creams are recommended to boost the extra contours and sculpting of your Breasts growth, nipple plumpness and female body shaping. Incredibly enhancing your own feminisation by sculpting and gently contouring your feminine curves, while developing and stimulating internal collagen production of extra fatty tissue and softer smoother layers. These hypoallergenic transdermal creams are to be used once a day, topically massaged gently into your skin, preferably before sleeping, leaving no residue or scent. They can used as an alternative to our X-press Atomisers, simple to use. To maximise your feminisation results, always use alongside one of our Anti-Androgen products.


Ultimate X-Press Advanced
Ultimate X-Press Advanced
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Ultimate X-Press Advanced: Concentrated HRT Drops & Transdermal Creams

Our Ultimate X-Press Advanced range includes our concentrated HRT drops, 3 new oestrogen (or estrogen) formula transdermal creams and a selection of vacuum pumps to help you sculpt your breasts and body. Use alongside our anti-androgen products for optimal results.