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Lady V Form Panties


Our super silky skin feel high-quality latex Lady V Form Panties allows you to easily transform your male genitalia , into the amazing look and feel of female genitalia.

Transforming you instantly into a beautiful woman!  All of our fake Lady V Form pants are hand-crafted at our production facility and come in a range of sizes, styles, with and without pubic hair.

Lady V Form Panties
Lady V Form Panties
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Fake Lady V Form Panties for the Ultimate Feminine Feel

For a convincing instant nude male to female genital transformation choose our range of exclusive Lady V Form Panties. We offer a range of fake Lady V Form Panties including our original vee G-string, our popular wee vee and more.

Using hand-crafted moulds in our very own production facility, we do multiple dips to form the tough skin-coloured Lady V Form Panties before adding (or not adding) pubic hair. The clever design of our fake Lady V Form Panties hides your manhood completely, creating a realistic venus mound with outer labia lips enclosing a lifelike clitoris.

Our Lady V Form Panties are painted by hand for a realistic and authentic look. Depending on the style of Lady V Form Panties that you choose, you may be able to sit down and pee exactly as a woman does or even have penetrative sex.

Choose our Lady V Form Panties for that female transformation you've been dreaming of. Give us a call if you have any questions - 0161 773 447.