Look At What You Can Achieve


I like most, kept putting off starting hormone treatment, but the day came when I mad my resolution to go all out for feminisation and I stuck to it. below are photographs of me before treatment and 4 years later.

Me in 1980 Me in 1984

I established Transformation in 1984 and as well as all of the usual products that TV suppliers offer, I wanted to pioneer the development of female hormones that could safely and effectively replicate the physical changes that happen to a girl at puberty.

I was introduced in 1986 to Doctor Temperli who was already world renown for his work in the field of endocrinology as a consultant to the Swiss Government and he agreed to lead our research and development into feminising hormone therapy

Over nearly 30 years , Dr. Temperli has produced landmark developments using ‘molecular technology’ , time release mechanisms (some for which he has received prodigious awards for)and much more so that today we can offer a form of effective treatment that is suitable for everyone regardless of age or medical condition

You may not want to ‘go all the way’ but that is no longer a problem because with the latest female hormones you can be selective about the degree of development you achieve. and then maintain.

I had real problems in accessing female hormones when I started my feminising journey but you don’t have to as now they are just one click away


Doctor Temperli

Do I have any regrets? Just one – I wish I had started sooner

Best wishes,

Stephanie Anne Lloyd
Transsexual founder of Transformation
with 30 years of real life experience

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  1. Hello my name is brian and i have a question, i had bilaterial orchietomy and was wondering if i still need an anti androgen in order t o see the best effects of your breast development products? And also which is the fastest breast growth products you have?

    Thank you

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