Skincare and Eye Care

Skincare and Eye Care
There is nothing better for your skin and eyes than a good night’s sleep, so if you have any problems getting a full 7/8 hours’ worth try taking Valavuin herbal tablets, or alternatively mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into half a cup of honey. You can store this in a glass jar, and simply take 2 teaspoons full before you go to sleep.

Ageing of the skin is caused by the tight collagen structure gradually breaking down, which then does not retain moisture so well, leading in turn to drying and lack of elasticity.

I’m wearing reasonably well I’m told (!) so let me tell you what I do to keep my skin and eyes in the best condition possible.

skin2.jpgFirst, the Face:

It is absolutely essential to cleanse your skin thoroughly at night. Just think – if acid rain, traffic pollution and lead etc can kill trees and erode stonework, what can they do to your skin? Use a good hypo-allergenic cleanser, as you need to cleanse the eye area as well. Whether you use a wash-off variety or one you wipe off with cotton wool is up to you, but do ensure any cotton wool you buy is 100% pure, as cheaper brands will have other material mixed in which will irritate your skin and eyes.

Next, go over your face with toner on cotton wool, and be amazed as yet more dirt and oil is removed. Next spray your face lightly with mineral water. You can buy Evian Water in aerosols, or simply use a small plant sprayer, kept solely for this purpose.

Now you need a good cream which will seal in the moisture and penetrate the top layers of skin. If you are in a position to use our hormone cream then so much the better, as the oestrogen content will reduce the pore size and improve the texture.

In the morning use toner and again apply a moisturiser, and if you can wear make-up then so much the better – it has the double benefit of sealing in the moisture and protects your skin from pollutants in the air.

Your skin also needs vitamins gained from exposure to sunlight so do ensure you get enough fresh air, but do not confuse this with sunbathing / tanning, as this is terribly harmful and causes premature ageing.

Another definate no-no is smoking – it ruins your skin and gives an unpleasant odour to your clothes and hair. Avoid too much alcohol, it dehydrates your skin and destroys vitamin C. Fice alcohol units is the absolute maximum, and only half that amount if you are on female hormones. You are what you eat so do try to eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fresh fruit, fish and poultry, avoiding too many fried foods (which cause greasy skin) or sweets (which can cause complexion problems).



skin3.jpgNext, The Eyes

The outstanding feature of most transvestites and transsexuals is the eyes. Normally, both groups have longer lashes than ordinary females, so you should look after your best asset carefully. This is what I do depending on whether I am going out or not. The Tea Bag Trick

Simply wet two tea-bags (it doesn’t matter how many perforations they have), lie down and place one on each eye for 10 minutes. This takes away puffiness and dark circles miraculously before you go out for the evening. Cool Cucumber

Cut 2 thin slices of cucumber and put one on each eye for 15 minutes, and then splash eyes with cool water. Especially good if you have been out in bright sunlight or have been working at a computer screen etc.

Finally, The Body:

Skin is the largest organ in the body. Not only does it keep all the ugly bits inside, but it is alive. It is full of tiny holes (pores) which let moisture out – but not in, thankfully, otherwise taking a bath would make you fat.

It really is worth looking after your skin, and this is my regime: Bathe daily in warm (not hot) water, washing with a good brand of liquid soap. Once a week use a loofah and exfoliating cream. Your skin should be bright pink when you’ve finished scrubbing, and all the dead skin will be removed. Use a pumice stone or skin file on any hard skin on your feet.

Always add bath oil to the water after washing, and soak to get a coating before getting out and patting dry with a soft towel. Use a good cream to seal in moisture.

If all this sounds like hard work, it’s not. It’s very pleasurable, especially if you can get someone else to rub in the body cream! Give up some television time to ensure you follow this regime – you’ll look better and feel better, and that’s a promise!

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