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Ultimate Triple Strength Minoxidil & Anti Androgen Head Hair Regrowth Stimlulant

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Although nothing can bring back the hair on your head(male hair loss) once the actual roots are dead, it is possible to stimulate re-growth from where the roots are still alive (they can take years to die after the hair has disappeared) and also protect and improve the condition of the hair you still have & this triple strength formula is customers favourite. 

Containing a powerful blend of both androgen inhibitors which block the absorption of male hormones into the hair root (the cause of hair loss) and then the female hormones and minoxidil (the primary proven drug to counter hair loss) in this head hair regrowth stimulant stimulates the follicle to reactivate hair growth. This triple strength formulation has proved to be a godsend to many men. Specialist clinics charge huge amounts of money for similar treatment that you can do yourself at home. FULL 3 MONTHS SUPPLY. Now at a discounted price with multibuy options

Directions for Use

Ensure your scalp is clean and dry prior to application. Apply just sufficient to wet the scalp and then massage in using your fingers. Combines 5% Pfizers Minoxidil  & our testosterone blockers as a systemic treatment.

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