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Anti-Androgen Testosterone Reduction Capsules

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The micronized active ingredients in our anti-androgen testosterone reduction capsules are swiftly & efficiently absorbed into the blood stream.

The Micronized active ingredients in Anti-Androgen Testosterone Reduction Capsules are swiftly efficiently absorbed into the blood stream .Inhibiting the production of testosterone which unchecked will slow down your  female development , full 12 weeks supply. Recommended as part or your  transgender hormone therapy course.

Contained within the gelatine , these  Anti-Androgen Testosterone Reduction Capsules are easily dissolvable for fast and effective absorption, reducing the level of male hormones in your bloodstream allowing feminising female hormone treatments to enact male to female development. 12 Week Supply. 84 Capsules If unsure please seek medical advice.

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Directions for Use

Take one capsule daily with a little water, preferably at the same time. If missed do not double-up on dosage.

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