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Quantum Molecular Fusion Combined Oestrogen & Anti-Androgen Atomiser

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Now you can get one effective product combining oestrogen (estrogen) transgender & other male to female hormones along with a powerful anti-androgen (male hormone blocker) all in one large atomiser.

Doctor Temperli has improved on his award winning Quantum Molecular Hormone Atomiser range by combining 2 best selling products into one larger combination product making it more affordable. The fast acting molecular technology utilised in Quantum fusion becomes active when shaken vigorously and exposed to the air as the 2 separate medications interact with oxygen. FULL 3 MONTHS SUPPLY. Reduced in price plus with additional multibuy savings

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Directions for Use

Before retiring at night, ensure that the treatment area is thoroughly cleaned with a skin prep solution to remove any traces of perspiration or oils. Shake the bottle vigorously and immediately spray on, massaging until fully absorbed. The effect only occurs when the ingredients are mixed & exposed to air. Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands with a mild soap after use.

I have been using the Quantum Molecular Fusion Oestrogen & Anti-Androgen Atomiser for close to 8 months now. I have been using it on testicles and both breasts twice a day. 5 pumps each breast and three on testicles.

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