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Female Curvaceous Bottom Shaping Hormone Cream

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Develop the curvy bottom you've always wanted with our curvaceous bottom shaping cream! Easy and effective application to boost your MTF transition.

Female Curvacious Bottom Shaping Hormone Cream will gradually build up a layer of subcuaneous fat rounding out your buttocks to achieve the distinctive feminine body shape as part of your transition 3 months supply

One poet described observing the sexy movement of the female bottom walking like watching '2 bunny rabbits hopping alternatively'. However you describe the movement of a perfectly female bottom shape, it certainly is designed to arouse men as is the bounce of female breasts. Combined they have been described as sexual dynamite; .Thoroughly cleanse treatment with Transdermal Hormone Skin Prep before each application

Available in 3, 6 or 12-month supply options.

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Directions for Use

To facilitate maximum absorption please thoroughly cleanse your bottom cheeks with cotton wool soaked in Transdermal Hormone Skin Prep ensuring that it does not come into contact with your rectum or genitals.

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