A beautiful long and glamourous wig from our deluxe collection. A captivating and stunning longer style full female wig, with layered straight hair that just flicks up lightly at the ends. Available in dark brown/chocolate mix or blonde spectrum mix with our unique locked in styling. Fully adjustable for a secure fit. Click Here To Buy Today

Here at Transformation we love hearing what our happy customers have to say about our products and services. Here are a selection of the ones we have received recently:



I am currently on my 3rd jar. I have seen some development in my breasts. The most obvious is my nipples have become more plump and tend to rise up and stay stimulated longer. Under one breast I have developed a small bump that seems to be slowly growing. My other breast is slow but showing some growth also. I like the product for ease of use. I also realize it will take time but I think this product will get me my goal.



I thought I would check-in and let you know my experience of the free gift Breast and Nipple Development Cream so far. I was amazed at the quick but pleasant response to the effects of the cream. I have been using it for a week now as directed and I must say I am happy with the result. As you mentioned there has been marginal breast growth, I really noticed this when going down the stairs I felt them bouncing a little!  To complement that my nipples are indeed very sensitive to the cold!! I have also read through your enclosed brochure with my recent order on all your available hormone treatments. I was amazed at all the various hormone treatments. Many thanks



May I say, the creams and tablets are really quite wonderful and my breasts are growing wonderfully. The day I wrote to you was probably one of the best things I did in my life, and I thank you so much.



I have been using the Quantum Molecular Fusion Oestrogen & Anti-Androgen Atomiser for close to 8 months now. I have been using it on testicles and both breasts twice a day. 5 pumps each breast and three on testicles. So far, I've noticed nipples being more sensitive and now fill a 40B bra.



I'm so pleased with your products. They do precisely what you promised. My body is transforming into a lovely woman.



Thanks to your hormone products I now feel more womanly inside every day.

WGS215Our new gorgeous Kylie Shaggy Bob Wig suits every size and colouring. With gorgeous layers and a middle parting. In 2 daring ombre two-tone colours. Blonde Mix with Caramel Tones and Dark Brown Mix with Caramel Tones. Click Here To Buy Today

black sequin 1

Dress to impress with this sexy, glistening black mini dress that comes adorned with all over with sequins. Sleeveless with gorgeous, feminine shoulder straps. Available in Large Size. Will fit UK sizes 14-18

  black sequin 2

silver sequin 1

This sexy, sleek sequin mini dress comes in a feminine, sexy slip style. Complete with slender spaghetti strap and mirrored sequin effect details across the body of the dress. Available in Large. Will fit UK Size 14-18   silver sequin 2Click Here To Buy Today    

silver high neck 1

Silver Sequin High Neck Party Mini Dress. Sexy and glamourous this mini dress is perfect for any party and for any size and shape with fashionable high neck and silver sequin design. Available in large size will fit UK Size 14-18     silver high neck 2Click Here To Buy Today