A few days ago, I received my new white mackintosh. I tried it on and immediately experienced the heady aroma of fresh rubber. It was a perfect fit, right down to my calves since it had been made to measure. I drew up the hood and tied the strings in a neat bow just below my chin, my blonde shoulder-length hair showing just out of the side and forehead yet cosily tucked in from the elements. Being double-breasted it buttoned up the front and fastened with a buckle belt. I stood admiring my image in the mirror, thrusting my hands into the slit pockets and did a twirl. Having hung the lovely garment on a clothes hanger and read the cleaning instructions, I left it in the bedroom and planned my next step. I have a sympathetic lady friend who knows my secret, so I suggested we take the car to the canal and take a walk along the towpath.

I’ll wear my yellow plastic mac because the weather forecast shows that’s it's going to be a wet day, so we’ll need wellies she said. I wore my green wellingtons and she had on her black pair. I pulled up my hood and snuggled my hands into the inviting rubber-lined pockets. The only thing we passed along the canal was the odd sailing boat or motor launch with their crews clad in oilskins. Beneath my mac I felt the firm control of the basque -corset that gripped my nylon tops tautly and over this, I had on a slip directoire in peach, over which I wore a blue cotton polyester pleated skirt secured with a thick wide black plastic belt, lemon long-sleeved blouse and a headscarf serving as a neck covering.  

This outfit was topped by a roomy long-sleeved bright button cardi that keeps your body completely dry, although there are vents in the mackintosh allowing the garment to breathe. We hardly spoke because we were meditating on the peace and quiet of Mother nature. Later that afternoon we returned to my friends, comfortable new bungalow where I hung my wet mac next to hers. She made us tea after which I changed back to male attire. We might plan another day out in the rain and when we do I’ll let you know.

Sexy High Heel Shoes and Boots


Wearing high heels is a great way to make your posture, stride and silhouette appear more feminine. Deciding what shoes to wear is a dilemma for most crossdressers.  Men tend to have big, broad feet which they plant firmly on the ground when they walk. Women, on the other hand, have narrow, delicate feet and they walk with short step, their weight thrown forward onto their toes.  Fortunately, the problem has been recognised by TV specialists and shoe manufacturers, and there is now a wide range of feminine footwear intended for masculine use. In trying to disguise the size and shape of the masculine foot the designer will subtly alter the proportions of the shoe: Extremely high heels make the foot appear shorter, and a narrower effect can be achieved by subtle curves and delicate strapping. Long pointed toes also have a narrowing effect.

Stilettos should not be the only items to adorn your feet. Very few women wear high heels all the time, but they are a must for any special occasion or for an extra-sexy look. A smaller heel, usually 2" to 3" can be  practical and comfortable. T Legs look more shapely and sexier Feet look smaller Walking tends to be with smaller steps, and more delicate. 

All our glamourous stiletto heels come in wider widths and larger sizes up to UK size 12. Sexy thigh length boots and classic court shoes all in sexy black patent and other colours.


Michelle High Heel Stiletto Shoes

A timeless ever-popular style

Patent leather with 4 inch/10cm stiletto heels. Available in black or red and now in gorgeous pink. Handmade, using quality durable, materials, designed to feminise the male foot and specially sized to fit comfortably. Sizes UK 6-12, European 40-46, USA 8-15

You Pay Just £69.99





Penny Low Heel Shoes


Penny Low Heel Shoes are a stylish popular court shoe suitable for all occasions.

Medium height heel (2.5inches/6cm) Penny Low Heel Shoes are comfortable to wear all day. Handmade in black patent. Sizes UK 8-13, European 42-48, USA 10-16

You Pay Just £69.99



Red Michelle Stiletto Heel Shoe


A timeless ever-popular style, Michelle High Heel Stiletto Court Shoes have been a popular choice since Transformation was founded in 1984. Now in sexy Red Patent.

Gorgeous, Sexy Red Patent leather with 4 inch/10cm stiletto heels.  Handmade, using quality durable, materials, designed to feminise the male foot and specially sized to fit comfortably. Sizes UK 6-12, European 40-46, USA 8-15


You Pay Just £69.99


 Pink Michelle Stiletto Heel Shoe


Pink Michelle Stiletto High Heeled Shoe

A timeless ever-popular style, Michelle High Heel Stiletto Court Shoes have been a popular choice since Transformation was founded in 1984. Now available in gorgeous, feminine pink patent. Sizes  UK 12  to 9.


You Pay Just £69.99


Kinky Thigh High Stiletto Boots


These kinky thigh high stiletto boots are the perfect finishing touch to any naughty outfit!

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to that naughty french maid outfit? Our kinky thigh-high stiletto boots are just the thing! Made with a sexy leather material that fits perfectly around your thigh, full side zip and 5.5-inch stiletto heels. Available in UK Sizes 10, 11 and 12. 

RRP £199 You Pay Just £149


Over The Knee Stretch High Heeled Sock Boot


Over The Knee Stretch High Heeled Sock Boot

Over The Knee Stretch High Heeled Sock Boot. Pointed toe stiletto high heel sock boots feature ultra-thin stretch stockings material, 4.7 " stable slim high heel, sexy and comfortable for walking. COMFY and SEXY. Ideal for party and day wear. Heel Height 4.7 inches. 12cm

Available in UK Shoe Sizes 10 and 11

RRP £249 You Pay £189


Click Here To See All our High Heeled Shoes and Boots 



New clothing Just Arrived 


All this new fabulous clothing has just arrived. From sexy dresses to flaterring shapewear there reallyy is something for everyone



Pink Ribbed Bodycon Dress


Large Pink Ribbed Knit BodyCon Dress. Sexy and feminine this bodycon dress will hug all your  womanly curves in all the right places.

Available in pink only

Available in Large. Stretchy

Will stretch to  fit UK 14 -20

RRP £69.99 You Pay £39.99


Black Ruched Mini Dress


Sexy ruched mini dress. Glamorous and sexy. With lacey long sleeves and feminine ruched detail. Super all over stretchy lycra fabric

Plus Size will fit  UK Sizes 16 to  20

RRP £79.99 You Pay £49.99


New Suspender Panty Girdle 


Suspender Roll-On Girdle.

Super strong 1950s style, roll-on girdle with 4 suspenders, metal fasteners.

Extra strong, tummy flattening and hip shaping.

Black only,

3 sizes

Small fit waist 26”- 30” inches

Medium fit waists 32”-36” inches

Large fit waists 38”-46” inches.

RRP £79.99 You Will Pay £44.99



All In One Instant Femme Form


All In One Instant Femme Form

Our Gorgeous all stretch soft lace, 3 In-One , Instant Hip, Bottom and Pubic Shaper.

A must have female body shaping garment, if you really want to achieve the ultimate in convincing femininity when dressing.

Transform your male bland shapeless male form into beautiful womanly curves.

This will give you the sexiest pert bottom, curvy hips and hourglass shaping , while cleverly hiding your male genitalia behind the smooth female vagina shaping cache.

All soft super stretchy lace, with removable hip pads.

Black only

One size will fit all sizes upto 38” inch waists


RRP £129.99 You Pay £89.99




Instant Brazilian Cache Sex


Instant Brazilian Cache Sex

Ultimate Cache Sex to cover and conceal your male genitalia, while giving you essential female pubic shaping.

Totally disguised you will feel feminised and sexy .

Brazilian styling super soft lace, high cut legs.

Black only

One size, will fit upto 36” inch waists.


RRP £89.99 You Pay £44.99



Perfect Gaff Cache Sex


Perfect Gaff Cache Sex

This clever, super soft comfortable cache sex or gaff will give you that authentic female genitalia shaping while it hides and covers over your penis and testicles.

Now you can confidently wear your favourite lingerie, corsetry, skirts and dresses while your maleness is kept hidden away.

Black only

One size will fit upto 36” inch waists.


RRP £89.99 You Pay £44.99





JESSICA'S STORY - Short Story 



This is the story of how Jessica gave her first college lecture. I am 41 yeas old and have been cross-dressing on and off since high school. After several career changes I decide it was time to re-enter college and to get a degree in broadcast journalism. In May of 2003 I was taking a Sex and Gender class and accidentally let it slip on first day of class that I had some cross-dressing experience, while answering a question about how long it takes for a woman to apply make-up the. (My answer was a resounding 30 minutes.) After class I informed the instructor that not only did I have past experience but that I still do cross-dress. She asked me if I would be willing to attend class as Jessica and give a lecture on why I cross-dress. I agreed. On May 23,2003 Jessica gave a PowerPoint presentation on cross-dressing. Her story was very well received. Before giving the lecture I e-mailed one of my friends who had tried to get Jessica to attend classes. I informed her that Jessica wan not only going to attend a class but was also to give a lecture. The following is her e-mail back. 'Wow, congratulations! That should be a fun class. I'm proud of you for agreeing to do it. Is this a topic that is normally discussed each semester, or is it something that the professor added once you revealed that you cross dress?' The instructor does talk about cross-dressing every time she teaches the Sex and Gender class and I have agreed to give the lecture again next fall. She also wanted to know if I had a lecture prepared. I informed the class that I had been cross-dressing since high school and told them about several events that have happened to me. Here is part of what I shared with them. After earning my first college degree in 1986, I got my first job for a small computer keyboard manufacture in Kimball, Nebraska. One day, another engineer and I mentioned that we have not seen the production floor manager for some time. Our secretary, Gail, informed us that he had been fired. When we asked hew how she knew, she informed us that if we would attend the Wednesday morning breakfast club we would be able to what was happening in the company.


The only problem, we would have to come dressed as girls. For two weeks she kept reminding me that I needed to attend the breakfast club in a dress. I have to admit that I did chicken out the first week after pulling into a parking spot in front of the restaurant. The next week I waited until Gail had entered the restaurant. As I walked in I overheard her saying that I had chickened out again. The others told her turn around and she surprised to see me standing their, in a nice light blue dress. Since this incident I have appeared in a dress on Halloween, both at work and at square dances. I have also attended an office Christmas party wearing a nice black holiday dress with my nails done. I also informed the class that I have been kicked out of the Men's Restroom while dressed as Jessica on Halloween and that real women have asked me if I needed to go and that it was ok to use the ladies room. In fact they usually need to use the facilities as well and usually go in together. Although not asked during the lecture I have been asked about restroom usage, my usual answer is that it is just as unnatural for Jessica to use the man's room as it would be for my male self to use the ladies. The day after the lecture, I received this e-mail from one on my Sex and Gender Classmates. 'I just wanted to thank you so much for doing your presentation yesterday to the class.


It was very interesting and it was great to meet Jessica! When you told us that that was your first presentation on that particular subject I was shocked! You did so good I thought you had done that a thousand times! You were calm collected and looked wonderful too! I thank you again for sharing your experience with me, I have always believed that the more people who learn about stuff they don't know the more accepting everyone will be to each other. I hope to see Jessica in the future on campus.' During June, I was enrolled in another class. As part of that class we were assigned parts of a play to read. Not knowing that I cross-dress, the instructor assigned a female role to me. He also assigned male roles to several of the women in that class. We were informed that we could 'play' the part. So on the day that we were to read the play, Jessica attended a class, the second time in three weeks. In both cases, I was scheduled to work in the Media Production office after class, and I did not have time to change. I was pleased to discover that Jessica was received well and made to feel welcomed at work. Jessica Cox.