Ultimate Go-Braless Silicone Breasts


Our Ultimate Go- braless Silicone breasts, will give you Instantly Natural Large  Breasts. Available in  One Busty cup size only - D/DD, they literally stand proudly  out on their own. Giving you a totally Ultimate unique feminine experience, every time you wear them.

Made from our exclusive  high medical grade pure siloxane silicone, that in minutes takes on your own body’s heat and replicates the real wobble and bounce of beautiful breasts as they move in time with your body. Complete with prefect nipples, robust see thru fully adjustable bra straps and a pair of silicone bra strap supports..


So  now you can stand naked in front of a mirror and see yourself with your own natural fuller feminine breasts.

RRP £499 Introductory Price £399


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5 Star Reviews - Silicone Breasts


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Creme De La Creme Silicone Breasts


Our newest medical grade silicone breasts ,have all the top features expected from top quality silicone breasts, but with one very important addition: namely heat reactive silicone gel and very realistic reactive nipples, and once again a development exclusive to ourselves. These truly magical Crème de la crème silicone breasts with built in nipples are not only realistically shaped and tinted but also have a locked in  heat reactive ingredient, so when worn they react as a natural female breasts and nipples, dependant on ambient temperature - the colder they are the more prominent the nipples. Only when wearing these silicone breasts will you truly appreciate, the magical feminine experience that comes with having your very own breasts for the rest of your life. It is one of those life-discerning moments as you obtain natural feminine breasts instantly, is that they move and feel as though they are your very own, mimicking the exact movement of real breasts. Incorporating heat reactive nipples into the highest-grade pure siloxane silicone breasts is a technological feat that has taken our experts years to perfect.
"WOW I truly love my creme de la creme breastforms The look and feel is amazing I don’t have the words to describe how wonderful I feel when I put them on. I would definitely recommend transportation thank you so much "
Julie From Derry
RRP £499
From Just £299

Amazingly Life Like Silicone Breasts


These are  recognised as top of the range of Silicone Breasts. Amazingly Authentic Silicone Breasts that  will replicate your body temperature as well as the feel and movement natural female breasts. So each breast both feels and moves as if it is a part of you. The unique sculptured mocha nipples also react to heat and cold, becoming softer or pert and erect nipples just as do a womens Supplied by Transformation to the NHS, for post surgery mastectomy patients and male to female transitioning patients. These silicone can be worn in a bra or why not enjoy the thrill of wearing them braless, with our Exclusive Go-Braless silicone adhesive kit

Amazing tried the cheaper ones but these are so much better especially when worn without a bra"

Kate From The Midlands

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Life-Like Natural Silicone Breasts


Transformation are worlds leading supplier of realistic pure medical grade silicone breasts. that both feel and look natural. These life-like silicone breast prosthetics replicate exactly the natural bouncing bussoms; breast movement of a women breasts. Tear drop shaped, flesh coloured, with a silky soft membrane skin. Complete with realistic coloured mocha nipples . Available in 4 Life like Natural Breast Cup sizes , upto FF cups. Our Natural Silicone breasts can be worn in your favourite bra or you can enjoy the thrill of wearing them braless, with our Exclusive Go-Braless silicone adhesive kit.


" exactly what I wanted, look and feel realistic. As an avid climber I was slightly worried about how they move on falls etc. but using a sports bra with the Go Braless kit you wouldn't even know they were false! Given me so much more confidence in appearing in public as myself."

Rachel From Deeside


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Realistic Silicone Breasts


Our Realistic Silicone Breasts feel, look and move just like real female breasts.

" I bought these silicone breasts quite a while ago and found them superb. They are nice and soft"

Michelle From South West England


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Massive Silicone Breasts


Our massive silicone breasts are just the thing if you're a big-boob lover that wants to create an instant, sexy female look!

Whether you call them centerfold  breasts, boobs, knockers, bossoms or tits these mammoth breasts, Amazing Big silicone breasts are breath taking and 100% realistic. Definately more than one hand full.If your  a big breasts lover then your sure to love wearing or holding these massive silicone breasts.

Although they are simply Massive Giant Silicone Breasts they are still very realistic breasts, complete with authentic dark mocha nipples, These huge boobs, cup size H/HH need to be supported by a strong bra as they replicate the correct substantial weight of real female breasts of this size. Jiggling breasts  and bouncing breasts as you walk or parade in them. A must have for all Big Tit lovers.


" The product was first class"

Leroy From Hitchin


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New Pocket Bras


See Thru Silicone Breast Pocket Bra

Our new See Thru Silicone Breast Pocket Bras are ideal in every way.

With see thru lacy bra cups that are profiled to curve perfectly and snuggly over your new silicone breasts- as shown in this image. An essential bra to avoid damaging your silicone breasts while maintaining their perfect shape and realistic look.

Complete with secret pockets that your lovely breasts will slip into easily, 2 bra extenders to allow for extra sizes and 2 silicone bra supports to spread the weight evenly of your breasts.

One size only , will fit Uk bust sizes 36”inch to 42” inches and cup sizes upto DD.

3 Colours Black,Red and White.

Only £44.99

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Stockings and Tights 


We have a great range of sexy tights and stockings. All in a longer leg length and larger size/ all styles and colours are available. 

Stockings can finish off any outfit. Sexy and sultry, pair them with a feminine suspender belt and they are sure to make you feel womanly and sexy. Tights can be more practical so for everyday wear these can be great. Shop our wide selection at Transformation 



Sexy Black & Red Seamed Stockings


Sexy Black & Red Seamed Stockings

Sexy 20 denier sheer seamed stockings. Black with sultry red seamed detail. 

Large Size

Just £19.99


Opaque 60 Denier Stockings

Opaque stockings or tights with a sheen finish.

Opaque black 60 denier tights & stockings are perfect for hiding hairy legs. One Size.

Available in black and flesh

Just £14.99

Bikini Sheer Bottom Tights

Bikini Sheer Bottom Tights

Sexy,soft sheer tights with high cut bikini brief. With flat seams and a cotton gusset and sheer toe which gives you that sexy, elegant look whilst still being very comfy. All available in large sizes

You Pay Just £16.99


Obsession Designer Stockings


Obsession Designer Stockings

Designer patterned stocking. Lace detail top and filly seamed. Sexy black 20 denier

You Pay Just £19.99



Extra Deep Lace Top Hold Ups


Extra Deep Lace top Hold Ups

Gorgeous hold ups with deep, wide lace top detail. Available in sexy black 20 denier

Available in large sizes

You Pay Just £22.99





Ultra Sheer Plus Size Tights

Ultra sheer tights also known as pantyhose compliment any outfit

Ultra Sheer Plus Size Tights. 

Will fit up to UK Size 20

Available in Black and Tan 

RRP £14.99 You Pay £11.99


Black Fishnet Tights

Buy our sexy black fishnet tights today! Made with quality, comfortable materials. Easy to use. Order online.

If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, these Transformation black fishnet tights are just what you need! Made from comfortable materials in diamante motif and easy to slip on, you (or your partner) will not be left disappointed. 

Our black fishnet tights are suitable for sizes UK 14-16.

You Pay Just £14.99


Black Seamed Stockings


Luxury seamed stockings. Full length stiletto seams for that coveted retro sexy feminine look.

Seamed luxury stockings are available in black and tan. One Size fits all.

You Pay Just £13.99


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