Sparkling Glistening Party Dress


Sparkling Glistening Party Dress

Plus size. Super stretchy, super sexy. Sexy wrap around style with daring split. Fit upto up dress size 20” Available in red only. Coming in green soon 


Wear with our red michelle high heels  and our new sexy red stockings 


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Hair Regrowth Hormones 


Promote hair growth where you have lost hair with our Ultimate Express hair restoration treatment. Perfect for creating a sexy feminine look for your MTF transformation.

Before commencing female breast development or male to female transformation treatment with Transformation you may well have lost hair on your head which is known as male pattern baldness caused by the male hormone testosterone. Fortunately the hair roots survive for years after the hair has disappeared.

Ultimate Express Concentrated Minoxidil & Anti Androgen Head Hair Restoration Treatment

This proven treatment combining concentrated minoxidil anti-androgen hair penetrates right to the hair follicles (roots) prompting them to restart growth

Minoxidil is sold as Regaine& various other brand names We have gone one better and combined this certified treatment with a powerful anti-androgen mix which blocks the cause of the problem (the male hormone testosterone) reaching the roots (follicles) allowing & to act much more effectively. It is a continuous treatment and if you look on Google you will see photographs taken at monthly intervals so you can assess how long it will take you to regain a full head of hair. Many specialist clinics charge outrageous amounts for simply applying our treatment formula that you can easily do at home. Apply sparingly to a clean dry scalp and massage in until thoroughly absorped. We hold the exclusive licence for this treatment


You Pay Just £199


Ultimate Triple Strength Minoxidil & Anti Androgen Head Hair Regrowth Stimlulant


Although nothing can bring back the hair on your head(male hair loss) once the actual roots are dead, it is possible to stimulate re-growth from where the roots are still alive (they can take years to die after the hair has disappeared) and also protect and improve the condition of the hair you still have & this triple strength formula is customers favourite. 

Containing a powerful blend of both androgen inhibitors which block the absorption of male hormones into the hair root (the cause of hair loss) and then the female hormones and minoxidil (the primary proven drug to counter hair loss) in this head hair regrowth stimulant stimulates the follicle to reactivate hair growth. This triple strength formulation has proved to be a godsend to many men. Specialist clinics charge huge amounts of money for similar treatment that you can do yourself at home. 


RRP £149 You Pay £89


Hair Regrowth Concentrated Minoxidil & Anti Androgen Treatment

Regrow your hair and limit testosterone levels with our hair regrowth minoxidil & anti-androgen treatment!

New Formula Hair Regrowth Concentrated Drops contain a mixuture of Minoxidil & Anti-Androgens. They are now supplied in a pack of 4 separate larger dropper bottles which allows you to dispense this powerful product precisely to the scalp areas which will stimulate the re-growth of lost hair from follicles that live on long after hair loss.

Why spend thousands with a Specialist Hair Clinic when you can apply the same treatment at home? Simply to apply with dropper dispenser. Apply to relevant cleansed scalp areas daily. Discounts apply to 6 & 12 month treatment courses

Simply apply with the dropper dispenser. Apply to relevant cleansed scalp areas daily.

RRP £199 You Pay £129


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Aspire Fully Inclusive Oestrogen Hormone Total Feminising Male To Female Transition


The Aspire oestrogen hormone total feminising transition kit is the all-in-one MTF transformation kit that you need for an effective female transformation.

Aspire Total Male to Female Fully Inclusive Transformation course contains the optimum mix of products that will give you the most effective development at the lowest possible price for a Male to Female transition

Contains a full supply of the following products :

  • Breast & Nipple Development Combi Gel
  • Bottom Hormone Development Gel
  • Female Body Shaping Development Gel
  • Enteric Oestrogen Breast Enlargement Tablets
  • Enteric Anti-Androgen Retardant Tablets
  • Oestrogen Hormone Transdermal Gel For Testes
  • Concentrated High Strength HRT Pills
  • Transdermal Skin Prep
  • Breast Development pump
  • Nipple Development pump


RRP £1060 - You Pay £699 - Save £361




New Sexy Lacey Bra, Panty And Suspender Sets


Gorgeous lace bra, panty and suspender set. Ultra feminine and sexy Features sheer lace cups with strappy detailing, satin bow accents, adjustable spaghetti straps, a hook back closure, a matching high waisted garter belt with adjustable garter straps. These are one size super stretch soft lace Will fit Medium upto Plus sizes

Available in Red and Pink


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RRP £49.99 You Pay Just £29.99




New Dresses Just Arrived 


These sexy, slinky mini dresses have just arrived at Transformation. All come in large sixze - up to UK Size 20

Available in gorgeous Black and Red


Slinky Tulip Mini Dress


Slinky Tulip Mini Dress

 Party Mini Dress with Long Sleeves and a Tulip style skirt.. Scoop neck and two pockets. Femninine and Sexy

Large size- will fit up to UK Size 20 

Available in red and black 


RRP £69.99 You Pay £44.99


Mini Long Sleeve Asymmetric Tunic Dress



Mini Long Sleeve Asymmetric Tunic Dress

Sexy, slinky asymmetrical mini dress. With long sleeves and gathered in sexy skirt

Available in Red and Black 

Large Size- will fit up to UK size 20

Available in Red and Black 

Large Size- will fit up to UK size 20


RRP £69.99 You Pay £49.99


Elegant Drop Waist Mini Dress



Elegant Drop Waist Mini Dress

Show off your feminine figure with this boat neck, drop waist slinky mini dress. Sexy and sultry.  The ultimate party dress 

Available in Black and Red

Plus Size. Will fit all sizes up to UK size 22


RRP £69.99 You Pay £44.99


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Creme De La Creme Silicone Breasts 


Creme de la Creme-the very best of the best-the final word in authentic silicone breasts prosthetics .

Creme de la Creme Silicone breasts have all the top features expected from top quality silicone breasts, but with one very important addition: namely very realistic heat reactive medical grade siloxane  silicone and  reactive nipples. Introductory offer £100 of all sizes.

Our newest medical grade silicone breasts ,have all the top features expected from top quality silicone breasts, but with one very important addition: namely heat reactive silicone gel and very realistic reactive nipples, and once again a development exclusive to ourselves. These truly magical Crème de la crème silicone breasts with built in nipples are not only realistically shaped and tinted but also have a locked in  heat reactive ingredient, so when worn they react as a natural female breasts and nipples, dependant on ambient temperature - the colder they are the more prominent the nipples. Only when wearing these silicone breasts will you truly appreciate, the magical feminine experience that comes with having your very own breasts for the rest of your life. It is one of those life-discerning moments as you obtain natural feminine breasts instantly, is that they move and feel as though they are your very own, mimicking the exact movement of real breasts. Incorporating heat reactive nipples into the highest-grade pure siloxane silicone breasts is a technological feat that has taken our experts years to perfect.

Designed to last a lifetime, these silicone breasts are a fabulous lifetime investment for the true discerning elite that want only the very best, and who yearns for a lifetimes feminine enjoyment and pleasure of having their very own pair of Creme de la Creme authentic natural breasts.

We  do not doubt that wearing these breasts will give you a new sensuous experience,especially as they warm to your body temperature, then wobble and bounce,an absolute joy.

With care these superb natural breasts will last you a lifetime. Worn in your favourite bra or au-natural using any of our silicone breast adhesive systems.

Available in 4 cup sizes. Small B-cup, weight 800 grams. Medium C-cup, weight 1000 grams. Large D/DD-cup ,weight 1400 grams. Ex-Large E/F cup, weight 1600 grams.

Small B-cups full price £399 Introductory price £299

Medium C-cups full price £449 Introductory price £349

Large D/DD-cups full price £499 Introductory price £399

X large E/F-cups full price £599 Introductory price £499


I do like the value of this product. Thank you"

Calvin From Houston, Texas


" I am so pleased with my new breasts, they feel so good and react like real breasts. I have bought cheaper ones in the past but these really are the Creme De La Creme. I bought the breast adhesive at the same time and it was fantastic to walk round braless,I went to bed on the first night wearing them under my silk nightie and they stayed in place all night. The price of the 2 may look expensive, but girls they are worth every penny. Tina Xx"

Ken From Rossendale 


" WOW I truly love my creme de la creme breastforms The look and feel is amazing I don’t have the words to describe how wonderful I feel when I put them on. I would definitely recommend transportation thank you so much "

Julie From Derry 


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