I have agreed to do this but I am so scared, yes scared though my wife thinks I am being stupid. I have shaved and am smooth as can be, my makeup is perfect and I start to dress and know that I am shaking too much but she just laughs at me. I put on my panties and bra, adjust my bra to fit my breast forms perfectly and then slip on my carefully chosen cami "look, no one will know" my wife tries to assure me, but still I shake. I pull on my tights over my silky legs and then slip into my cream blouse and smart knee-length skirt and as I put on my business heels admire my painted toe and fingernails. 




We go outside, it is a weekday so all my neighbours are at work, or at least I hope they are as I slide into the passenger seat of our car. Mt wife expertly drives us into town and through the maze of one way systems to the car park where I quake again. We get out, I have been out many times before but this is so different that even my wife cannot understand. We travel down in a lift to the shopping mall with a couple of oldies whose male member hold the doors open for us, "ladies" he says politely - it doesn't reassure me. We walk into the shop after much agonising on my part and much reassurance on my wife's and we head for the underwear department. I stand nervously as my wife seeks out who we have come for and a matronly woman in a smart skirt suit appears and smiles and asks us "to follow me". She takes us into the female changing area and asks us to take off our tops. I cringe and wish I could run away but stay and take off my blouse. For some reason I fuss over it, making sure it is not creased - why should I care at this moment?




The lady takes out her tape and expertly measures my wife's bust and then notes to us all that she is a 36 D and then turns to me "madam would you mind taking off your cami?" she says smiling in that professional shop worker way. I panic but my wife smiles and nods at me and I decide to go for it and slip it off. Of course, I have breast forms, of course, even the blindest can see that they are not real even with my cleavage enhanced as it is with my diva bra but the lady, who I understand is called Jane, does not appear fussed in any way. She pulls the tap around my breast and takes her measurements and then says "madam, I suggest a 42 DD" and turns away, "I will be outside". My heart is thumping as I dress but I also have a fantastic feeling in my panty area. My wife and I dress again and go out into the shop where Jane walks through the bras in stock and recommends to both my wife and I the best type for our shape. As she packs my new bra and panties she smiles and says how much they will suit me.

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What is a Cross Dresser

Broadly, crossdressers can be put into three categories.
  1. Closet crossdresser or transvestite.  They get turned on by dressing as females and keep a set or two of bras and pantries which they wear for a few minutes when alone or on a tour outside.
  2. Passing off as a woman. Here, the crossdressers take great pains into details such as make up, eyebrow shaping etc Some of them have passed off as pop singers and some have even won beauty pageants.
  3. MTF transformer. With the change in their orientation, ie they are going for gender reasignment surgery they need to act and dress as the opted sex.
In the first type, under which most fall, in most cases the bras and the dresses are ill fitting as the act is done secretly. For better results, it is advised that the crossdresser takes his girlfriend or spouse in confidence. For the second type, it is essential that someone is taken into confidence. Spouse, female colleague, neighbours daughter. To start with one needs to get completely immersed into the role as a woman. He should only watch or read female oriented magazines and movies, decorate the house in pink or pastel designs, There are two accessories that are strongly suggestive of females. The most important one is the bra and silicone breasts.  From the moment he wears it , it's forever all his life. For this you yourself should go out and buy it asking the assistant for recommendations on fitting and cup size. This exercise will help you relax as you need to buy a bra every often. Initially, you may take your female friend along to help you wear it. Start with wearing a bra all day at home. Move on to wearing it under your shirt to work. Ending with wearing a bra permanently so that it is accepted by you as an essential part. Fishnet TightsWhile walking up or down the stairs, practice walking like a woman. Practice on the treadmill putting one foot right in front of the other while raising the hip. Remember. A man, while walking, pushes himself forward. Where as a woman, pulls herself back with palms pointing out. Continue this gait as often as possible without drawing attention to yourself. While outside or in a store , observe how women reacts, glances, or move their hands while talking. The way they dress for the season. This will help you not looking like an over made-up clown. Go out with this female friend as often as possible. Try and get invited to her all girls parties. The Actress Shoes. Start with flats. move in to wedges. High levels may be very inviting and look sexy, but you need a lot of practice to walk in them. Dressing. Wear dresses that are loose at the hips so that the bulge at your crouch is not visible. UND965Later, you can learn how to tuck and tape your maleness. For this our new waist clincher cache sex is ideal   How do you become a writer, poet, muscular or an artist…??? You are hard wired like that and eventually once you have an acceptance or recognition of such a trait, you learn it to get better at it and eventually practice it in pursuit of perfection. Sexy Dress This is how Crossdressers are… they are hard wired and once they know that this is what feel right, they get out to know and learn about it. With persistence, they become natural and eventually more passable.  Whether in closet or in public, we all strive to be as feminine as possible and we test it by going out in public and learning how far we have come on our journey. Can you become a crossdresser… yes you can… if that is something interests you then you may look deep inside yourself… may be you are one.  

Female Body Language

Did you know that body language accounts for more than 50% of the impression you make on people? lady-like-deportmentThat’s a big part of your feminine image! Body language consists of four things:
  1. Posture
  2. Gestures
  3. Eye contact
  4. Facial expressions
Unfortunately, it’s easy to develop bad body language habits that can ruin your feminine image… or at the very least, make you look less poised and polished than you want to be. ladylike-3Here are 27 actions that should be avoided when presenting yourself as a woman:
  • Slouching
  • Biting your nails
  • Compulsively checking your phone
  • Rummaging through your purse
  • Crossing your arms
  • Fidgeting
  • Shaking your leg or tapping your fingers
  • Not smiling
  • Scanning the room when you talk to people
  • Talking too much with your hands
  • Exaggerated nodding
  • Examining your teeth or complexion in public
  • Applying makeup in public (other than a quick swipe of lipstick)
  • Resting your chin on your hands and elbows
  • Sitting with your legs apart
  • Clanging your silverware
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Eye contact that is too intense
  • Weak handshake
  • Clenching your fists
  • Standing too close to people
  • Chewing loudly
  • Talking while you eat
  • Eating or drinking too fast
  • Bending towards your food instead of bringing the food to your mouth
  • Leaning forward too much
  • Leaning back too much
woman-eating-Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, don’t feel bad.  Instead, resolve to improve them. For fun, do a “body language study” the next time you’re out in public. Notice the subtle actions that enhance or detract from people’s images.  

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Letter To Transformation 

Having known for many years that I wanted to be more feminine, I decided to take the plunge and invest in some women’s clothes and underwear. I’m single, live on my own so privacy wasn’t a problem. I have dressed for many years now and always feel amazing when I flounce around in floaty dresses. Last year I decided to take this a step further and called Transformation for advice on hormones as I wanted to experience inner feminine feeling too.  Feeling a little nervous I picked up the phone and got through to a lovely lady called Diane. I think she sensed I was nervous and Immediately put my mind at rest that what I was doing was ok and quite normal.  Diane explained what I would need to start me on my journey. Oestrogen was needed along with a HRT capsule to give me that extra boost. She also explained that a Testosterone Suppressant would be needed to allow the Oestrogen to have full effect. I must admit that I was a little hesitant about taking the capsules but I spaced them out during the day and within 2 weeks I felt very calm and at one with myself.   After my three month course ended I decided to re-order and rang Transformation and spoke to Diane. I now felt that I wanted a little extra boost and wanted to start changing my body a little. I wanted a little plumpness in the chest area and a more hourglass shape along with a more feminine bottom. Diane told me what was needed and put together a course for me with added discount which I was very grateful for. I have now upped the strength of my hormones and I am currently using the Gold range and the results, although slow are very encouraging and I can see and feel the changes in my body. I can’t thank Transformation enough for the help and advice they have given me, I feel a different person and have gained so much confidence about myself.  I have even been to their Manchester shop and had a He to She Transformation which was certainly an experience and Diane even popped over to see how I was, was great to meet her.   Once again Transformation, huge thanks to you all.   Daniel (Danni) Huddersfield

Just like building a house, the foundation is the top priority. Plastering on thick concealer is a dead giveaway and perversely draws attention to the very area you are most anxious in disguising. Our Miracle Beard Cover shadow products effectively cover up the darkest areas with just a sheer coating and last the average T-girl up to 3 years. First, cleanse the skin and apply miracle underbase cream followed by a thin, sheer covering of miracle beard cover with a damp cosmetic sponge. Miracle setting powder is then used to fix the beard cover using the special applicator provided. Make-up is then applied normally on this base that does not run, smudge, crack or rub off, and behaves just like a second skin, even letting perspiration through without effect - you can even swim in it!. To call it 'Miracle' Beard Cover is no exaggeration, it is an absolute essential.




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What Does It Mean to Be Transgender?

Transgender people feel that the gender to which they were born, or assigned at birth, does not fit them. Transgender people include people born female who identify as male (female-to-male) and people born male who identify as female (male-to-female). Transgender people also include people who identify as gender neutral, and/or gender-free—people who may not identify as either male or female. Transsexual people are those who choose to medically transition to the gender that is right for them. Cross-dressers are people who like to wear the clothes of another gender but who don't identify as another gender. You may find yourself identifying with one or more of these definitions pretty strongly or with none of them at all. No one has to rush to self-label, now or ever, and some people choose different labels that express more clearly how they see themselves.
How Do I Know if I'm Transgender?
You may feel that you are more comfortable expressing yourself as a gender other than the gender you were born or assigned at birth. This gender might be the "opposite" of the gender you were born or assigned, or it might be neither male nor female but something else entirely! You may feel extremely uncomfortable with the gender-specific parts of your body. For example, you may have breasts and prefer not to have them. Or, you might not feel uncomfortable with your gender-specific body parts and, at the same time, feel a deep need to have other body parts. You may feel more comfortable relating to people who perceive you as the gender you see yourself. You may simply feel you would be more truly yourself in another gender. People who are transgender may feel any or all of these emotions. Am I Normal? Being transgender is as normal as being alive. Throughout history, many people have felt they were transgender. Transgender people are everywhere. They are teachers, doctors, construction workers, and waiters. They attend college, have children, and enjoy careers. You may interact with other transgender people every day and not know it! Certainly, being transgender is not "typical," and you may encounter many people who do not understand or who feel uncomfortable or even discriminatory. However, you are certainly normal.   What Will Happen When I Come Out? Some people feel relieved and happy when they come out. Others feel as if they are thrown into a lion's den, with challenges from parents, friends, and family. You will most likely experience a bit of both. Some transgender youth may face violence at school or in their home. Please, make sure you have people you can talk to before you come out publicly, just for this reason. What Does It Mean to Transition? Should I Do It? Some people who come out as transgender are comfortable telling a close circle of friends. Other people choose to change their name, their pronouns, their style of dress, and their appearance to be congruent with their gender identity. Still others choose to take hormones and have surgery to medically alter their appearance. As you decide which, if any, steps to take, it can help to talk about these feelings with others, such as a mental health professional who is competent with gender identity issues, friends and family members you trust, and other transgender people. You should express yourself the way you feel most comfortable, without pressure from others. Medical transition, the taking of hormones and having one or more surgeries, is a big step. For some, it is absolutely necessary. Most people who choose to transition medically strongly need identity and body to match. They want to be seen all the time and without question, as the gender they feel they are. To medically transition, you must first see a therapist and, in most cases, be diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. Gay or Straight or What? Being transgender has to do with your gender identity: how you feel about who you are. It has nothing to do with your sexual orientation, which is about who attracts you. Some transgender people are attracted to men, some to women, some to other transgender people, and some to people regardless of their gender. People may define themselves with different labels, depending on who attracts them. For example, some transgender women who are attracted to men define themselves as straight, because they are attracted to the opposite gender. Other transgender women may feel attracted to men and define themselves as queer, to challenge the notion of "opposite" genders. Regardless of who attracts you, rest assured that many transgender people have happy, healthy relationships with people whom they love. Remember, you deserve to date people who respect you for who you are. Transgender people can have a hard time finding safer sex information that speaks in language that reflects how they feel about their body. Because many may feel that their biological body doesn't reflect their gender identity, they may use different terms for body parts. Finding information that corresponds to an internal/emotional body concept can be difficult. No matter how transgender youth label sexual body parts, some or all of the following tips apply to each: How Do I learn to Like Myself? If you have just discovered or recognised that you are transgender, remember that you are normal and you are likeable, just as you are. With big discoveries come big life changes, and it is normal to feel nervous, apprehensive, and upset about the days ahead. Remember, too, that discovering something this important about yourself can be a truly amazing experience. You are one step ahead on the journey of discovering who you truly are, and with that journey, the world becomes full of possibilities as well as challenges.