We appreciate that all of our customers have their personal goals relating to feminisation. Many purely wish to crossdress convincingly, others to develop their own female breasts while a minority see complete gender reassignment as their future and we cater for everyone right across the transgender spectrum.


Free expert advice is available to advise you on the best and most cost effective course to attain exactly what you personally require.


Doctor Temperli is the worlds leading endocrinologist and is at the leading edge of feminising hormone research whilst our founder, Stephanie Anne Lloyd has personally undertaken the entire journey from male to female being one of the early pioneers of sex-change surgery


We are here to support you in every way we can, with advice on how to look convincingly feminine, with free advice on the legalities, how to change official documents, which hormone treatment is best for you and in fact anything pertaining to male-to-female feminisation


With over 30 years of experience we guess there is not a lot of situations we haven't learnt to deal with to provide the desired outcome but if one arises we will find the answer for you.


Crossdressing in public presents some legal problems dependant on where you live. We can provide a medical document which is accepted in the UK as sufficient for you to be protected from the risk of prosecution in the event you have to use female public toilets and if stopped when driving by the police (please remember NEVER to drive a car in high heels as they constitute dangerous driving whomsoever is wearing them, all women have a pair of flat shoes in the car


Rules vary in differing countries, in Saudi Arabia no women are allowed to drive, in most western countries considerable freedom means that unless you do something else (speeding, or being stopped for a breathalyser test, faulty lights or a complaint re using female toilets you are relatively safe but should you be arrested the fact that you were crossdressed may well be reported in the local press when a case comes to court. Perversely you are far less likely to encounter any problems in daylight than at night as that is the time criminals usually start work and women feel at their most vulnerable.


Stephanie used her transsexual status before her birth certificate was legally changed to join Lancashire Cricket Club (LCC) and turned up to at their AGM successfully gaining entry to this male only bastion to successfully overturn their ban on women members. You can read about this and other rights she has campaigned for in her autobiography which is FREE to read online here


Team Transformation is here to help and advise you regarding any issues or problems you encounter so please do not hesitate to contact us. As the world's leading experts if we can't help you then certainly no one else can and we do it all for free






Assuming you are going for an INSTANT MALE TO FEMALE TRANSFORMATION then the following is the essential items you will need for your feminine wardrobe.


Breast forms - For the authentic feel, look & movement of real female breasts then guaranteed for life Siloxane Silicone Breasts are the best investment but cheaper foam & latex alternatives are available, some crossdressers even use water filled balloons!!


Bra - Choose a full cup bra and get one white and one black to start with


Body Shaping - You want to achieve an hourglass shape so a waist clincher or corset is necessary to achieve a narrower waistline and then add thigh and bottom shapers. A cache-sex or latex vagina panties will ensure that your manhood does not make an unwelcome appearance


Tights/Stockings - Choose sheer black or dark tan but avoid fishnet and seamed variants during the daytime


Outerwear - Every woman has a black outfit as it is so versatile and slimming. An A-line or flared skirt will feminise your shape. Avoid tight clingy tops or horizontal stripes and wear a contrast loose fitting jacket to disguise large shoulders


Footwear - Choose black court shoes with low heels or boots or sandals according to the season


Wig - Choose a colour similar to your natural hair colour but avoid black at all costs. One with highlights is a good choice and a length in keeping with your age with curls or waves soften and feminise your face


Neck Scarf - Wearing a colourful neck scarf can add a splash of colour to your outfit and also disguise your Adam's apple This is not an exhaustive list but gives you the basics to begin with. Use black as your default colour choice and remember to wear a white bra under white or light coloured tops. The clothes women choose to wear is governed by the weather, time of day and occasion so once again spend time observing them and their outfits avoiding anything that will draw undue attention to you. Better to be understated than overdressed and although it may seem an anathema to you, feminine trousers (again in black) can form the basis of a great look. Being a woman is never easy even when you are born one and if genetic females agonise over what to wear don't beat yourself up if it takes some time and experimentation to achieve a look that makes you fell comfortable in your own skin Happy window shopping and if you need help just send us a photo and we will provide some personal advice and as always it will be free Very best wishes from your T-Girl sister, Stephanie


Apart from having 2 eyes everything about being male and female is as different as an apple and an orange. The book "Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus' encapsulates just how different the genders really are. From the way brains work, emotions, gestures, walking, talking (even inflections). Sitting, getting in & out of cars, greeting others, yup pretty much is different. Even MTFtranssexuals who have female brain sex have to work hard to feminise their every waking moment. Nervous, sweating, feeling uncomfortable all send out adverse signals so self-confidence as a woman is an absolute essential. So how do you get from A all the way to Z? OBSERVATION You need to study women in detail without getting arrested!! Watch them on chat shows, in cafes, when out walking, note the small details, how they fiddle with their hair or earrings when they talk, listen to the 'breathy' way they talk and the difference in speech inflection. Observe how they greet friends & strangers, men and women. Women are so much more tactile and animated then men, they also feel comfortable touching their female friends, no problem sharing a bed whereas men would find this uncomfortable. You will notice friends will often go to the loos together and will coinfide quite intimate details of their relationships with close friends. PRACTICE Practise makes perfect and never has this been truer in behaving naturally as a woman without the need for conscious thought. Forget practising in front of a mirror, that involves multi-tasking a skill that eludes most men. Instead record yourself by using the video function on your smart phone one action at a time only moving on when you have perfected that aspect. Same with voice, use the recording function to practise, you'll need to breath from your tummy instead of your chest, it helps to place your hand on your stomach until you perfect this. Please don't try a talk in a falsetto voice which will only result you sounding like the 'last gay in the village'. Our Speech Therapy Training Course consisting of 3 CD';s and a manual is a great investment if you are really serious about sounding convincing. The toughest test is using the telephone. In person, if you look convincing then the other party makes the assumption that they are hearing a woman speak but without such an image the recipient will judge your gender solely on how you sound. Here is a great tip that I learnt ALWAYS begin by saying your name first "Hello this is Stephanie Anne Lloyd speaking" sets the scene perfectly and if the refer to you as 'Sir' or 'Mr' use your self confidence to correct them 'actually your are talking to Miss Lloyd'. You will find that it is they who are flustered and who will apologise blaming a 'poor line' I have lived for over 35 years as a woman and do not experience any problems despite appearing in two BBC television series in 'Hotel Stephanie' and being the editor of a large circulation lifestyle magazine having a reasonably high profile in the UK I did it and so can you, practise will make perfect and please remember Team Transformation are always here with free advice and support

We will be with you every step of the way, Best wishes from your T-Girl sister, Stephanie


When I finally after many years of tortuous indecision to undergo a complete and irreversible male to female transformation I had no idea of the huge differences that it would involve just to pass convincingly. These problems face everyone whether a transvestite or transsexual so please avoid any of the following obvious giveaways. It's fairly easy to either grow your own female breasts or use silicone realistic silicone ones but before you can venture out confidently you need to perfect the following feminine traits DAYTIME 1. Dressing - do not overdress especially if going out in the daytime, you want to look more like a housewife rather than if you are 'on the game' so simple skirt or trousers with a top and low heeled shoes. Choose styles that are currently popular 2. Make-up - women do not wear heavy makeup in the daytime so a sheer beard cover, light powder, toned-down lipstick, light dusting of blusher, eyeliner, brown spectrum eyeshadow and mascara is as much as you need. Training DVD available 3. Hairstyle - Natural hair colour as near as you own maximum shoulder-length 4. Stockings - a no-no in summer as women bare their legs 5. Jewellery - no woman goes shopping with a tiara, just earrings and a ring 6. Speech - do not try & speak in a falsetto voice, breath from your stomach and aim for a breathy sound Speech Therapy of Feminising your voice CD course available 7. Deportment - Women walk, stand & sit differently to men so take time to observe. Deportment Training DVD available 8. Confidence - Looking nervous identifies you immediately as a crossdresser or a terrorist, neither of which is good By necessity this is but a brief guide but there is a huge resource section on our website that is free to access and if you have a particular question just email us for our free advice service Transformation crossdressing experts for over 31 years




Written personally by Stephanie Anne Lloyd Transformations Transsexual Founder Stephanie's autobiography entitled "Stephanie - A Girl in a Million" was published as a hardback book in 1989 by Random House and the 10,000 copies quickly sold out. The updated version encompassing the last 25 years will again be published as a book, but Stephanie decided to release it free-of-charge to Transformation's customers


At the age of 69, Stephanie can look back at her life with a unique perspective having spent the first 30 years as a man, the 3-year transition using hormone therapy followed by gender reassignment surgery and the last 36 years as a woman. All of her uncertainties, problems, discrimination and heartaches are described as she struggled to fight her transsexual feelings. Highly successful as a man rising to a director of a FTSE 100 company, she lost everything to follow her destiny, unemployed, abandoned by her family and friends, hounded by the tabloid press, the story of how she fought back to establish a new successful life as a woman


Over the years, Stephanie has appeared on numerous television & radio programmes, co-hosted ITV's Charity Telethon and fought successfully for the right for transsexuals to have their birth certificate amended, True to form Stephanie holds no punches being brutally honest about her life experiences good & bad. She has asked that her gravestone contains the inscription 'well no-one can say that I led a boring life'


This entertaining and informative book is FREE and you can either read it on-line at www.transformation.co.uk or download it as a PDF document


Take this opportunity to get your FREE preview of this updated autobiography

Read Stephanie's Story


No matter what your age, appearance or anything else you can effect a convincing male to female transformation and over 31 years I have helped many thousands do so either as a convincing crossdresser who passes without a second glance to T-Girls who seek a more permanent male to female transition and wish as I did to live permanently as a woman I have been a post-op transsexual for 35 years so not only can I advise you for free but I can teach you the 'secret tips & shortcuts' that I have personally used. Only someone who has actually lived the feminine dream can truly advise you in every minute details Most T-Girls don't want to look like a guy in drag and effect a falsetto voice that will just make you sound 'camp' If you want to look and feel like a glamorous confident sexually attractive REAL woman then there is nobody in the world who is in a better position to help you achieve this. At www.transformation.co.uk you can access for FREE our vast collection of resource material, FAQ's, life stories and even download my own autobiography. As a not-for-profit organisation products represent just a tiny part of our website. (All of our products carry our You can rest assured that when you register with us your details are held in an off-line database so that no-one can ever 'hack' into it. We do not share or rent customers details with anyone which is why since 1984 Transformation has built a reputation of confidential crossdressing expertise. Every week I add a new blog which forms part of our online archive material but if you can't wait over many years we have added to the resource section and FAQ's that you can get the answer to just about any related question you care to ask. If you want a confidential chat with ones of our girls then that is also a free option. We are based in the UK and are available for live chat from 9am -5pm weekdays (GMT) If you live in another time zone or the times are not convenient then all you have to do is email us and we will respond to you personally on the next working day. Doctor Temperli is a leading world endocrinology (hormone) specialist and I have the real long life practical experience so together we can give you the best advice and support and all for free You can live your feminine dream, pass convincingly with expert tuition on makeup, dress, deportment, speech and so much more and unlike any other source IT'S ALL FOR FREE If you search the web you will find many others, even genetic females trying to sell you advice with slick videos and seductive marketing. JUST ASK YOURSELF WHY PAY WHEN YOU CAN GET IT ALL FOR FREE FROM THE WORLD'S LEADING CROSSDRESSING EXPERTS????? With very best wishes from your T-Girl sister Stephanie Transsexual Founder of Transformation Cross dressing experts since 1984


  Since 1984 Transformation has spawned many competitors so now the internet is teeming with companies supplying products to the transgender community and most are pretty much the same selling inferior Chinese made silicone breasts, large size women's clothing, shoes etc, and if that is all you want then Transformation is not for you. For 31 years, Transformation has operated as a not-for-profit specialist supplier. Funded by our transsexual founders supermarket millionaire husband, literally millions have been invested in research and product development so we can offer superior products designed and produced to offer the most convincing male to female transformation, whether you just want to instantly cross dress, develop your own female breasts or want to undergo a permanent transition. We are the only specialist supplier offering a cutting-edge range of female hormones, produced by Switzerland's leading endocrinologist. We worked with a German specialist to develop a superior silicone breast using medical grade 'siloxane' which replicates the feel, weight, movement and even reactive nipples that are so realistic that the UK's National Health Service (NHS) purchase them from us for post mastectomy patients. In our own manufacturing facility we produce unique latex realistic vagina panties. These range from our original VEE G-String, to our best selling WEE VEE which allows you not only look like a woman when naked but to sit and pee like one. The time consuming multiple dipping process, hand finishing even down to painting the internal vagina which is authentic having labia lips, clitoris etc. We NEVER rent, sell or divulge your contact details to anyone else Transformation is also the only company that offers a 100% guarantee on EVERY single product we supply. If you are unhappy with any product you receive simply return it for a full refund Free advice is always available from our customer service girls between 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday (UK time) We are the leading experts because Stephanie, our transsexual founder underwent a sex-change operation 35 years ago so can give you the benefits of her personal experience and then add in the world's leading endocrinologist (hormone expert) and you have a formidable bank of specialist knowledge to draw on and it's all for free We view our customers as valued members of the Transformation family, we will always ensure you get the very best products at the lowest possible prices Thank you for joining the circle of trust that exemplifies the spirit of Transformation Transformation Unique not-for-profit crossdressing experts for 31 years 1984 - 2015

Cathy's Story

Becoming a middle aged girl... Although I have wanted to dress up as a woman for most of my life, I never really had the nerve to do it. Friends, family and work colleagues had occasionally ridiculed transvestites when stories appeared in the press. My mother (whom I believe suspected I was a bit of a girl) would make announcements occasionally such as "I would be devastated if one of my sons were gay or effeminate". As a young man this did nothing to help with my growing desire to dress up as a girl. I don't think I'm outwardly effeminate and I know I'm not gay as I'm not attracted to men. However, I really do admire woman, I like their fashions and hair styles, and like real women I know I can enjoy dressing like that as well. I'll avoid all the psychology and the 'why do I do it' soul searching, all I know is I want to do it and it is only fear of society and my peers that made me try to suppress my cross dressing desires. Last year I decided I was going to do it for real, my urge to dress up and impersonate females had only become stronger over the years so one day I made the decision to become the transvestite I knew I was. I still remember the traumatic afternoon I told my wife, the news went down very badly, but I wanted her to know the truth. Despite the bad reception to my confession I can still vividly recall the next few hours as I shaved my legs and chest, I really felt this was it - I was finally going for my long held dream to appear as a female. I should point out that for me I wanted to go the whole way when I dressed up, I wanted everything, shaved body, cleavage, breasts, full make up, tights, dresses, high heels, and wigs. I wanted no half measures, if I was going to pretend to be a woman I wanted to look and feel as close to being female as I could possibly achieve. I think I am partly female as I certainly felt very comfortable creating my female body shape. I loved wearing the silicone breast forms more than I could ever have believed. Shaved legs and a smooth hairless chest are just such a sensational tactile feeling that I don't think I can return to having a hairy body again. After the initial shaving, it does not take too long to keep your body shaved. I find I now enjoy having a bath and shaving my legs and I'll admit I love rubbing in all the moisturisers I now use every day, it's a girly thing but I love it! As I approached the point where I finally became a practicing trannie I discovered the Transformation web site and realised this was it! I could order make up, shoes, dresses - and of course my delightful discovery of silicone breast forms - and it would all come mail order, no nervous shopping expedition.  

  I have only dressed up en femme on ten occasions and I realise that I do not make a very convincing woman at all. This is a little disappointing as after a lifetime of waiting I thought with a bit of make up, a nice wig and dress that I could immediately look female. Not so! I understand that I need a lot of practice and I need to learn the skill of applying make up. I enjoy wearing make up and I get a little better every time but I have a long way to go. At first I just loved piling make up on and wearing tons of it, and I mean tons of it! It was very exciting to finally put it on my face. I'm calming down now and I'm still trying to use what is just enough to look convincing. I do enjoy that moment when I start to put on my foundation, I love the perfumed smell and feel of it as it covers my male features. My favourites are mascara and lipstick, I very much enjoy wearing both on my face. My favourite moment comes when I'm finally made up, I have put on my female underwear, my temporary breasts feel good in their supporting bra (occasionally I go braless), my smoothly shaved legs are sheathed in nylons, I'm wearing a form fitting short lycra dress and I've slipped on my high heels I then put on my wig and I experience a real thrill at suddenly becoming a woman, it is simply a wonderful personal moment! I'm only an impersonator of women and I'm not good at it, but I want to be good so I will carry on trying to refine my female alter-ego Cathy and who knows maybe one day I'll finally be mistaken for a woman, that's my dream. I was fortunate that I reached a stage in my life where I had enough money to indulge myself and buy all my female clothes and accessories. I now understand that what is important is not really how convincing you look as a woman, but enjoying the whole dressing experience. You don't have to look sensational, you don't have to go the whole way, just do what you want and enjoy it, I absolutely adore it! I enjoy dressing up and pretending to be female and for me it makes me feel soft, warm, and relaxed. It is a very tactile experience and after my years of suppression my confidence has been boosted by finally exploring my feminine side. If you are like me and suppressed your transvestite nature then I can only say: give it a go at least once, it really is wonderful to do, I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I have. Be true to yourself, we only live once and in the grand scheme of things, with some of the horrors going on in the World today, dressing up as girl is not really a bad thing by comparison.   Bye, Cathy XX


 I had agreed to go training with my job in the south of England. This would take me away from home for two weeks. I leaped at the chance as I do not get the opportunity to dress up that often and these times away from home are ideal. My mind went into overdrive as I plotted how to buy the gear and what I was going to choose. I had two weeks to plan and execute a military style project to re-wardrobe myself. As with many transvestites I had bought and discarded my clothing, make-up and cheap wigs on many occasions. As I set out planning this trip it was likely to be no different. I had cause to go into work for an hour but stretched it out for a whole afternoon to go 'girlie' shopping. I've used the term in my mind before to justify my need to cross-dress. This often helps me make up white lies to explain away why I might be buying a lovely skirt or fitted blouse.


My first visit was to buy some lingerie. I found the most beautiful bodice and knickers in a deep purple and black. A lovely set of stockings would set it off a treat. My story of an anniversary present worked perfectly as ever. I often find a desperate urge to literally tell the assistant the true story and see their faces. I resist as I think it might shock them into an early grave. Oh well onto look for a blouse and skirt. I knew the skirt I wanted, short in black suede with possibly a small split. As no doubt many of you have found, we transvestites cannot be too choosy sometimes. However I found a fabulous leather skirt, size 14 (just me) no split but just above the knee for £14. Since it should have been £50, I took it. This time it was a birthday present for my wife. I trawled round for a blouse but couldn't see any that would either fit or look good. In the last shop I visited I immediately went to the reduced rack and saw the most gorgeous 'bolero' style Chinese blouse. It was also a size 14 though I usually need a 16 but at £10 it was a must, especially as it was £65 to start with. Well I had the garments and well great. So what do I do now? My recent ventures into the world of cross-dressing had been pretty good. I was now, however becoming a bit picky about the cosmetics I bought. It has to be Maybelene or Max Factor. I feel that if I want to pass I should look the best I can. My favourite purchase was Maybelene's Watershine Diamond lipstick and I am sure the cashier thought something was odd. I have to admit walking out a bit exhilarated at the thought of someone guessing. So now I had the clothes and the cosmetics, all I needed was the wig and I would be happy. The only question was how to get it. Do I use my previous reason "A stag doo to Amsterdam dressed as women"


It was at this point I re-visited the Transformation website for the umpteenth time. I browsed the shop links and drooled. I looked at all the wigs and dreamed of which I would choose if I could afford them. Then I found the shoe link and though how fabulous to have a pair of 'Penny's'. I could not believe it as I realised I was then wishing I had a pair of my very own breastforms. This was further than my mind had ever wandered before. I could feel nervous sensations in my tummy that was simply exciting. "Right, I'm going to do it". I consciously decided to visit a Transformation shop. My local, although 40 miles away is only 7 miles from work and we employ a 1000 people so that was out. I decided to go to the Birmingham branch on my way down south. A perfect location as it is just off the M6/M5 on my way to London. Then I thought "why not go to the London Euston shop". I'll park at Watford and get the train right to it. As with everything I do it was military precision. Out at 5am, Watford at 8.30am, train at 8.50am, Euston at 9.10am, 2 hours in shop, train back at 11am and onto my destination of Basildon for 1pm. I had the ticket for the train and it was a perfect journey up to Milton Keynes, I was ahead of schedule. My heart had been pounding all the way down at the sheer excitement. But it took 2.5 hours to go 160 miles and another hour to go 20. I was so depressed. Anyway I managed to get the 9.18am train and got to Euston by 9.45am. By now I was dizzy with excitement and desperate to get into the shop. I could actually feel myself going light headed as I neared my holy grail.


    I exited Euston Station onto Eversholt Street and turned left. I kept saying "just walk in, just walk in" but as I neared I started getting very scared. What if someone is watching or taking photographs. Well I couldn't do it and I walked on the other side past the door by about 100yards. I then got Dutch courage and turned on my heels, "just fu****g go for it yer weed". As I turned there were about 4 people infront of me but I acted as normally as I could, walked up to the door and "My God, I'm in". Even now I cannot tell you how I felt, just emotionally overwhelmed. I could hear my heart sing and I was genuinely breathless with emotion. I spoke to Sally and Maggie and said "This is my first time and you are the only people in the world who now know what I do". The both smiled so lovingly and asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, DID I..! It was Sally who looked after me and we talked for ages as I told her my life story, and it's a long one (thanks Sally). I felt so at ease and soon realised I had a new TRUE friend. Sally asked me what was the purpose of my visit and she showed me the wigs and shoes. I ended up buying a sexy strawberry blonde shoulder length bob and a pair of those Penny shoes with a perfect 2" heel. At 6'2" those would be just right. We then got talking about breastforms and Sally dressed me in a corset, bra and fitted the 'crème-de-la-crème' reactive breastforms. She pulled in the waist and for the first time in my life I arrived as a woman. I felt my whole world change before my eyes, but the sad fact was that the cost was a bit too much, for now. However I did go out with the cheaper foam ones to give the illusion. I could not thank Sally enough for the time she had spent with me. I had been able to share a wonderful part of my life with somebody. Until this moment I had felt like a bit of a freak. My first visit to Transformation was wonderful and within a week I had visited a further two times and taken the chance of a changeaway on both occasions. Sally wasn't in the following Monday but I saw a familiar face in Maggie. I was only visiting because I wanted to look around again and had no intention of a changeaway. However I kept thinking this would be my last chance for a very long time. Should I do it even though I would only get 2 hours? I went for it and Maggie took care of me as if I were her own. I won't elaborate here but if you read the website on topic, that is just what I would write. I was overjoyed at the results and felt a million dollars walking up the stairs. I have always felt feminine and this has only helped to reinforce my feelings. Now I couldn't wait for a second chance. Which would be much sooner than I thought. My second changeaway was even better as I had all the time afforded to me. By chance on my last day down south, I left Basildon very early so decided to go back on the spur of the moment. I had no other intention than to go for a changeaway again. It still exited me to walk in the doors but I now had no fears. Sally was in on this occasion and I was really pleased. My second changeaway was even better, no offence to Maggie at all. The dress we chose together and the underwear were perfect. Sally did my make-up as I asked, subtle and simple. I have taken great care about learning how to apply make-up for over 10 years now. When Sally applied my wig I totally transformed. I could not even recognize myself, and I do not say that lightly. I was now as close to a real a woman as I had wished to be all my life. What was more worrying was that I looked better than my wife does. The most fantastic parts of the day were yet to come. I had blokes in the shop eying me up all the time and I had one guy who took time to talk to me. He wanted to tell me how 'fabulous' (his words) I looked and could he look at what underwear I was wearing. I pulled up my dress, swishing my hips from side to side and played with my corset, panties, bra and stroked my size C boobs as if I were a flirty woman. The guy in question was obviously excited, touched me in various places and felt my boobs. I nearly fainted. I am not gay at all and will never try that side of life out, but the thought of being chatted up was thrilling and proof that I passed. . I felt like my world was complete.


    It is amazing how things change. Not 2 weeks earlier my Holy Grail was to visit Transformation. Now my dreams had changed and I wanted to step out into the limelight, this was now my Holy Grail. Even at 6'2" I have become quite convincing as a woman. I blame Sally completely for my newfound brazen attitude. I had never even told anyone of my desires until that Monday when I stepped in the shop at Euston. In the following two weeks I stepped out (fully made up) of my hotel room every night and walked round the hotel and went for drives. I was careful to not be seen but to be truthful I wanted people to see me but if I didn't make eye contact with them that was fine. At least I was as careful as I could be but when you step out in broad daylight someone is going to see you. This happened but the woman who saw me (not two feet away) looked up and then looked back down and carried on with her meal. If most didn't see me they certainly heard me in those beautiful shoes as they made that sexy click on the pathways. To be honest I had female neighbours every evening I stayed and I was secretly desperate for them to walk out of their room at the same time I did to catch me dressed up. It is amazing how things change when you face what you are and stop being embarrassed. For me this is so much so that I have made the decision to tell my little sister, of 31 years old. I always wanted to be her big sister not big brother; I hope she will be as open-minded as I believe she will be. As I write I am planning how to break the news and we have already got the same day off together. She thinks were having a 'bonding' day, she even said "let's do something really mad", no word of a lie. What a surprise she is going to get when she finds out how mad. I have already worked out to tell her over lunch and have booked a hotel room to take her to so I can change for her. She will be amazed at the transformation but I am prepared for some denial and resentment in the early stages. I believe we will become closer than she can ever imaging. It is a pity I will never be able to share this with my wife. She would see such a caring, loving, sharing person; our marriage would be blessed, oh well. It is inspiring that my new dream (my ultimate Holy Grail) is to go out dressed up with my sister possibly round Soho, London or maybe the Gay Village, Manchester. I will do it one day but it will take courage.


At the top of my story I said that this trip was likely to be no different to any other. I could not have been more wrong and for the first time I will not be discarding what I have now come to accept as part of my life. The Story Begins.. Lots of love Emma XXX


This is the story of how Jessica gave her first college lecture. I am 41 yeas old and have been cross-dressing on and off since high school. After several career changes I decide it was time to re-enter college and to get a degree in broadcast journalism. In May of 2003 I was taking a Sex and Gender class and accidentally let it slip on first day of class that I had some cross-dressing experience, while answering a question about how long it takes for a woman to apply make-up the. (My answer was a resounding 30 minutes.) After class I informed the instructor that not only did I have past experience but that I still do cross-dress. She asked me if I would be willing to attend class as Jessica and give a lecture on why I cross-dress. I agreed. On May 23,2003 Jessica gave a PowerPoint presentation on cross-dressing. Her story was very well received. Before giving the lecture I e-mailed one of my friends who had tried to get Jessica to attend classes. I informed her that Jessica wan not only going to attend a class but was also to give a lecture. The following is her e-mail back. 'Wow, congratulations! That should be a fun class. I'm proud of you for agreeing to do it. Is this a topic that is normally discussed each semester, or is it something that the professor added once you revealed that you cross dress?' The instructor does talk about cross-dressing every time she teaches the Sex and Gender class and I have agreed to give the lecture again next fall. She also wanted to know if I had a lecture prepared. I informed the class that I had been cross-dressing since high school and told them about several events that have happened to me. Here is part of what I shared with them. After earning my first college degree in 1986, I got my first job for a small computer keyboard manufacture in Kimball, Nebraska. One day, another engineer and I mentioned that we have not seen the production floor manager for some time. Our secretary, Gail, informed us that he had been fired. When we asked hew how she knew, she informed us that if we would attend the Wednesday morning breakfast club we would be able to what was happening in the company.


The only problem, we would have to come dressed as girls. For two weeks she kept reminding me that I needed to attend the breakfast club in a dress. I have to admit that I did chicken out the first week after pulling into a parking spot in front of the restaurant. The next week I waited until Gail had entered the restaurant. As I walked in I overheard her saying that I had chickened out again. The others told her turn around and she surprised to see me standing their, in a nice light blue dress. Since this incident I have appeared in a dress on Halloween, both at work and at square dances. I have also attended an office Christmas party wearing a nice black holiday dress with my nails done. I also informed the class that I have been kicked out of the Men's Restroom while dressed as Jessica on Halloween and that real women have asked me if I needed to go and that it was ok to use the ladies room. In fact they usually need to use the facilities as well and usually go in together. Although not asked during the lecture I have been asked about restroom usage, my usual answer is that it is just as unnatural for Jessica to use the man's room as it would be for my male self to use the ladies. The day after the lecture, I received this e-mail from one on my Sex and Gender Classmates. 'I just wanted to thank you so much for doing your presentation yesterday to the class. It was very interesting and it was great to meet Jessica! When you told us that that was your first presentation on that particular subject I was shocked! You did so good I thought you had done that a thousand times! You were calm collected and looked wonderful too! I thank you again for sharing your experience with me, I have always believed that the more people who learn about stuff they don't know the more accepting everyone will be to each other. I hope to see Jessica in the future on campus.' During June, I was enrolled in another class. As part of that class we were assigned parts of a play to read. Not knowing that I cross-dress, the instructor assigned a female role to me. He also assigned male roles to several of the women in that class. We were informed that we could 'play' the part. So on the day that we were to read the play, Jessica attended a class, the second time in three weeks. In both cases, I was scheduled to work in the Media Production office after class, and I did not have time to change. I was pleased to discover that Jessica was received well and made to feel welcomed at work. Jessica Cox.