Clothing Tips for Dressing a Male as a Female

[caption id="attachment_4200" align="alignleft" width="150"]Sexy Dress Sexy Dress[/caption] Knowing exactly what types of clothing will look best on your frame is key to pulling off a feminine look. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Use caution when wearing strapless or thin-strapped designs. This is because men naturally have broader shoulders than women, and if you want to pull off dressing as a woman seamlessly, opting to show your shoulders is a dead give away that you're a man. If you must wear a strapless style, be sure to have a wrap, stole, or jacket handy to cover up. Also, instead of wearing thin spaghetti straps, choose wider straps that are more flattering.
  • Form-fitting clothing looks better than you think. It may look and feel a little awkward at first, but deciding to wear form-fitting clothing over baggy, relaxed styles is definitely the way to go. It creates the natural outline of a woman's body easier, and helps you create the full illusion. Whether it be dresses, skirts, pants or tops, clothing cut close to the body works best.
  • Embrace darker colours, and be cautious with light or bold ones. Darker colors are going to easily conceal the more masculine elements of your body, thus creating a more convincing illusion. Lighter shades should really be worn with caution because you can't hide anything when the color you're wearing is especially light. Bold colors are more forgiving than light ones, but they also tend to draw a lot of attention, so be aware before you buy.
  • Dress your body as though you were a woman. This bascially means that the way you dress as a man does not apply to the way you dress as a woman. You need to know what female body type you have, and dress it accordingly for the most flattering look. The way to do this is to do a little research on female body shapes and see which one you best fit into, and then style your clothing as such.
FNR067Sizing Information An advantage of online cross-dressing sites is that most of them offer merchandise that is specifically made for men dressing as women, so the fit is exact. However, if you are new to dressing as a female, you may be overwhelmed and not know exactly where to begin with sizes. When ordering online obviously you can't try things on, but you can have your measurements taken and then you can send them electronically to the seller, who will then help you translate your proper size. If you plan to be in your cross-dressing apparel for extended periods of time you want to purchase foundation garments that are an exact fit to ensure that you're not uncomfortable of tugging at your clothing constantly. FDN108_2Tips for Lingerie/Foundation Garments If you are planning to carry out this tricky endeavor, try these important tips to help create a lady-like look:
  • A cross-dressing bra is essential; it provides the foundation of a feminine ensemble. In order to convince the rest of the world that you're a woman, you're going to need an eye-catching bosom.
  • Plan on stuffing this bra with breast form inserts to create a firm and shapely chest. A specialty bra will also provide the contour shaping needed to create the coveted hourglass shape.
  • After the bra is stuffed, it's time to squeeze into a proper fitting pair of underwear. Men will need to conceal their attributes while creating a round and lifted backside.
  • Invest in rear padding to create the illusion of a round and voluptuous booty. Discreet online retailers who specialize in transvestite apparel make specialty panties available, and men can choose from a variety of sexy lingerie options such as thongs, lacy briefs, and boy shorts.
The Finished Product One of the most important elements for men who want to dress as a female is that the finished product is not only convincing, but also beautiful. Selecting the right clothing is essential. While you may not look like a supermodel, you can certainly look like the glamorous twin sister that you never had.  

Being Transgender

Stephanie Anne LloydTrans* is an umbrella term for those whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the sex they were given at birth, for example, transgender or transsexual people. Some trans* people may feel that they are a man born into a female body or a woman born into a male body, but not necessarily. Trans* people may also identify as gender-neutral, genderqueer or gender fluid, non-binary, and may indentify as a combination of male and female or as neither. Many trans* people know they are trans* from a very young age, while others say that they only identified as trans* during their teens. The term trans* is the preferred term for many transgender people. If you are friends with or know a trans person then it's important to address them with the gender they refer to themselves as and refer to them with their chosen name and gender pronoun. Stephanie Anne LloydWhat's the difference between Trans* and other forms of gender identity?
  • A transsexual person is someone whose gender identity is the opposite of the sex assigned to them at birth. Transsexual people may or may not take hormones or have surgery.
  • Cross-dressers are people who like to wear the clothes of another gender, but who don't identify as another gender.
  • Drag Kings/Drag Queens are people who exaggerate female and male roles, generally for the purpose of entertainment.
  • Androgynes are people who mix the characteristics/appearance of both sexes in a subtle or deliberately flamboyant way.
  • Intersex People are people who can be born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit with typical definition of male or female.
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Red plastic basque


Eddy Walsh rang the bell on the door of the Mews flat. It was swung open by a young lady in her early twenties. Eddy’s eyes widened, she was very pretty and dressed in a most attractive maid’s uniform-grey satin dress with a short, flared skirt topped by a tiny frilly apron and French maid’s cap to match. “yes” she inquired in a Swedish accent. “I’ve come to service the central heating” Eddy replied. Ah yes, Madam said you would be coming, please come in.


Once inside Eddy looked round at the expensive furniture and decorations with some envy. He had been working on his own for only two weeks and was not yet used to going into other people’s homes. Please follow me the maid said, and she led the way to the boiler room. Thanks love, Eddy said, I will start on the boiler then check the radiators. Eddy thought about the girl as he worked. What a little cracker and quite friendly. He would chat her up a bit, then insist that she came with him to check the radiators. Once in her bedroom, well, he would see what developed.




Eddy was just about to call her when she appeared. You like some tea? She asked. Oh, please. We can have a quick cuppa and then you can show me the radiators. Yes, what is you name please? Eddy, what’s yours? My name is Olga, please follow. As they sat in the kitchen drinking their tea, they started to make small talk. I am aupair to Madam Hastings she explained. An aupair? But I thought that meant living as one of the family. Oh yes, madam is very kind. But you have to wear a uniform? Yes, madam insists but I don’t mind. It looks very pretty, no?  Oh yes, Eddy said, very pretty, indeed.


We look at radiators now? Right, come on. Eddy got up and his hand went to her well, shaped bottom. As he squeezed she nestled back onto his palm, wriggling slightly. Come on your naughty boy, she said. Err, how long is your mistress going to be out? Olga fluttered her eyelashes, oh long enough I think. Actually, Eddy didn’t care. This girl was asking for it and she was going to get it.





She showed him round the flat until they came to a very large bedroom which contained a huge double bed. Eddy checked the radiator, then straightened up. And now, where is your bedroom? Here Olga replied. You mean you sleep in that bed? Yes. But where does your mistress sleep? Here, she said again. You sleep together? Oh yes Olga replied smiling broadly. And does she………? Eddy started. Olga was young but experienced. Yes, she does but she is very gentle with me. Too gentle sometimes and arched her eyebrows. Eddie was over to her in three strides and pushed her back on the bed. Her hand went to his crotch as he grasped one of her breasts. Each had a hand on the other’s buttocks. Their lips met, and her tongue pushed its way into his mouth. He stopped and got up. What is wrong? She asked. Just getting my jeans off. Get your knickers down. No, no Eddy, that is your job she replied with a giggle. Eddy did not take long to do it and very soon his bare buttocks were jumping up and down between her willing thighs.




Eventually Eddy gave a deep sigh and lay flat on Olga. And just what is going on here? Said a deep contralto voice. Eddy looked up. In the doorway stood a tall blonde woman in a long red cape and red knee-length boots. Eddy jumped up looking round for his jeans. Olga gave a squeal and scrambled off the bed. Just who the hell are you? The woman asked. I, er….came to service the central heating Eddy replied. Instead you service my maid, eh? I’m sorry Madam Olga started. I will deal with you in a minute young lady. You, you little rapist, what excuse, if any, have you got? I didn’t rape her Eddy protested. She looked at Olga. He did rape you didn’t he my dear? Oh err….. yes, madam. I could not stop him. Well young man, do I ring the police or do I deal with you? Eddy as trapped and he knew it. Please don’t ring the police, he begged. We will see. Both of you get all your clothes off. Olga had stripped already. Go and get the twelve inch tawse, Olga, madam ordered. By the tine Olga returned, Eddy was naked with his hands firmly clasped in front of him. The pair of you, over the bed side by side, Madam ordered. Please madam, he made me Olga said. Silly girl. That story is for the police. Now get over.


Madam Hastings contemplated the two lovely young bottoms in front of her. She really enjoyed doing this. Six of the best each, then six more for him if he would not sign a full confession, and so on until he did.




Whack, Whack< Whack, the strokes went on, reddening the bottoms more each time. Now madam said when they had each had their dose. You, miss, go and make my tea and you, young man, I want a signed confession, or you get six more. Eddy straightened up. But why? He said through his tears. You’re a good-looking young man. It will be convenient to be able to call on your services whenever I want to. There was a small desk and chair in the corner of the room. She plonked a pillow on the chair. Now sit down there and get writing…I will dictate.  

Advice for Transgender People

If you’re transgender and you want to change your name, you’ll need to change your name by deed poll. If your change of name is stated on your Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) or a new birth certificate (for which a GRC is a prerequisite), then this will also prove your change of name, but you’ll generally need to change your name by deed poll first. If you’re non-binary and you want to change your name, you’ll also need to change your name by deed poll.  However, bear in mind that U.K. law only recognises two legal genders (male and female). About your privacy We wouldn’t always be aware from the details we collect that we’re preparing documents for someone who is changing their gender, because we don’t need to know this information, and in fact we don’t even collect or store gender data.  However, it’s usually evident from the old and new names on the deed poll whether someone is in fact changing their gender, and so we handle these applications especially carefully and sensitively when we realise this is the case.  All customer information is protected under the Data Protection Act and it’s an offence under the Gender Recognition Act to disclose information about a person’s previous gender, and all our staff maintain strict confidentiality. Contents
  1. If you haven’t been issued a Gender Recognition Certificate
  2. If you’ve been issued a Gender Recognition Certificate
  3. If you’ve been issued a new birth certificate
If you haven’t been issued a Gender Recognition Certificate If you haven’t been issued with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) then you’ll need to change your name by deed poll.  In​‌‌‌​‌‌ ​‌‌‌​‌​fact​‌‌‌​‌​,​‌‌‌​‌‌ ​‌​‌‌‌‌changing​‌‌​​​​ ​‌‌​​‌‌your​‌‌​​‌‌ ​‌‌​​​​name​‌‌‌​​‌ ​‌‌‌​​‌should​‌‌​‌‌​ ​‌‌‌‌​​be​‌‌‌​‌​ ​‌‌​​‌‌an​‌​‌​‌‌ ​‌‌‌​‌‌important​‌​‌​‌​ ​‌‌​‌​​step​​​‌‌‌ ​​‌‌‌​in​​‌‌​‌ ​​‌​​‌proving​​​‌‌​ ​​‌​​‌that​​‌​​​ you’re living in your new gender, before applying for a GRC. A deed poll will be enough to change your name in your passport.  However, if you want your passport to be in your new gender as well, HM Passport Office will need to see:
  • your deed poll, showing that you’ve changed your name to one that’s associated with your new gender
  • medical​‌‌‌​‌‌ ​‌‌‌​‌​evidence​‌‌‌​‌​ ​‌‌‌​‌‌showing​‌​‌‌‌‌ ​‌‌​​​​that​‌‌​​‌‌ ​‌‌​​‌‌your​‌‌​​​​ ​‌‌‌​​‌change​‌‌‌​​‌ ​‌‌​‌‌​of​‌‌‌‌​​ ​‌‌‌​‌​gender​‌‌​​‌‌ ​‌​‌​‌‌is​‌‌‌​‌‌ ​‌​‌​‌​“​‌‌​‌​​likely​​​‌‌‌ ​​‌‌‌​to​​‌‌​‌ ​​‌​​‌be​​​‌‌​ ​​‌​​‌p​​‌​​​ermanent”.  This can be a report from a medical practitioner (such as your consultant or GP), or a chartered psychologist practicing in the field of gender dysphoria.
You don’t need a GRC to have your passport updated to show your new gender, and you don’t necessarily need to have had sex reassignment surgery. Note that changing your passport (or other records) to be in your new name and gender doesn’t give any legal recognition to your change of gender.  It’s merely a recognition by those record holders that you’ve adopted a new identity.  However it does provide supporting evidence to the Gender Recognition Panel (and other record holders) that you’re living in your new gender. If you want to change your title to one of the opposite gender, for example from Mr to Mrs or vice versa, you wouldn’t normally need a deed poll.  In general, you’re free to use any social title, and — assuming the new title is part of a change of gender — you simply need to inform record holders of the new title.  The important matter for most organisations is your change of gender.  HM Passport Office for example doesn’t list social titles in passports at all — it isn’t considered to be a legal part of your name. Note that if you change your title to one of the opposite gender, you shouldn’t deceive anyone as to your birth gender in order to gain a financial advantage — this would be considered fraud.  Once you’ve been issued a GRC, you’re under no such obligation — your birth gender is legally considered to be your new gender. If you’ve been issued a Gender Recognition Certificate If you’ve been issued a full GRC, then this will be sufficient evidence of your change of name (and gender, for passport purposes), and you won’t need a deed poll. If you’ve been issued an interim GRC, then it’ll likewise still be sufficient evidence of your change of name (and gender, for passport purposes) — you won’t need a deed poll. If your interim GRC has expired (i.e. after 6 months) and you haven’t been issued a full GRC because your marriage hasn’t been dissolved, HM Passport Office may still​‌‌‌​‌‌ ​‌‌‌​‌​accept​‌‌‌​‌​ ​‌‌‌​‌‌this​‌​‌‌‌‌ ​‌‌​​​​as​‌‌​​‌‌ ​‌‌​​‌‌sufficient​‌‌​​​​ ​‌‌‌​​‌evidence​‌‌‌​​‌ ​‌‌​‌‌​of​‌‌‌‌​​ ​‌‌‌​‌​your​‌‌​​‌‌ ​‌​‌​‌‌changed​‌‌‌​‌‌ ​‌​‌​‌​name​‌‌​‌​​ ​​​‌‌‌and​​‌‌‌​ ​​‌‌​‌new​​‌​​‌ ​​​‌‌​gender​​‌​​‌,​​‌​​​ because the important point is that you should be living in your new identity for all purposes, not that you’ve been issued a GRC.  However, you should check this first with HM Passport Office.

Dawn's Transgender Story Most of the time Dawn lives as a man using a male name. However, she considers herself to be transgender.


Dawn, who works as an occupational health nurse on an oil platform, describes growing up as a boy who liked to dress in girls' clothes. She hid that part of her identity when she was in the Air Force, but in recent years she's become more open about her feminine side. "As far back as infant school I remember playing with dolls and dressing in my sister's clothes. I also remember feeling upset that girls wore skirts and boys didn't. "When I was about 10 or 11, I used to escape through the bedroom window at night and walk around town in girls' clothes. Once, I got caught by the police and taken home. My mother then took me to see a psychologist. "I think we saw the psychologist two or three times. At one stage, he asked me: 'Do you want to be a girl?' My parents were sitting with me, so I gave an answer they wanted to hear rather than the truthful answer. Looking back, I think if they hadn't been there, things might have been different. "After that, I kept that side of me hidden even more because it upset my parents. I kept myself as busy as possible at home, but the feelings never went away. "I chose the name Dawn when I was about 12 years old. I wanted to be 'me', and my given male name didn't have a female version. I thought for a long time before settling on Dawn. "Dawn has many meanings: the start of a new day, or a realisation. But I chose it mainly because I like the name, and the few people I knew who were called Dawn seemed like nice people. "I lived in a small town in Wiltshire with few job prospects, so when I was 16 I joined the Air Force. I became an aircraft mechanic for a short time before switching to nursing. That's what I've done ever since. "Back then, being trans in the Air Force was a big problem, so I kept it hidden. I found out about trans groups through other people and from newspaper articles. In the 1970s and 1980s there wasn't much publicity, so you heard about it from agony aunts such as Clare Rayner and Marje Proops. "While I was still in the Air Force, I visited trans groups in Bristol and London. It was an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to realise that I wasn't alone." Meeting my partner, Jules "In 1985 I moved to London and left the Air Force. It was the first time I'd lived completely on my own. As I was away from family and friends, I seriously considered transitioning [living full-time as a woman]. For nearly one year I dressed as a woman except when I was at work. "Then I met Jules, my partner, an absolutely wonderful woman. I decided that my priority was to stay with her rather than transition. "Shortly after we started going out together, we moved to the coast. Cornwall, our new home, was very different from London, and I hid my trans side initially. "Only in recent years have we started being more open. I dress in women's clothes maybe once or twice a week when I'm at home, and when Jules and I go to National Trust places, to the cinema or for dinner. But we generally do it away from our home town so that people who know us won't see us. "My two sisters know that I'm trans. My parents don't know, or if they do know they haven't said anything about it. Jules' parents know. She told them when we first started dating, and I've been out with them dressed in women's clothes. "We try to tell people only if they need to know, but I don't like hiding it. l'd like everyone to know and not worry about it, but Jules would rather keep it a bit quieter." Being found out at work "Recently I was found out at work. I'm a nurse on an oil platform, and I was moving to another platform. Somebody emptied my locker for me and sent the contents to the next platform. People on my new platform also saw photographs of me on the internet. "It was quite upsetting when I got a phone call warning me to be careful at work because all this information was out. "I was expecting ridicule, abuse and possibly discrimination from the management team, but it was the total opposite. The management team supported me 100%, and the people who made a big fuss about it were taken off the platform. "Being accepted at work was a humbling experience. My work colleagues' support and relaxed attitude has made me feel valued and wanted. "I don't tell people that I'm trans. It doesn't come up in conversation, and it's not important to my work, but I don't have to keep it a secret any more. "Being a transgender person isn't easy, although I've had an easier time than most people. I've had a lot of frustration. I've had to keep my feminine side secret, and I try to conform to what society expects. But now that I'm older, I feel more confident about my gender identity. "I like to think that having a strong feminine side has helped me to help other people, which is good for my nursing. It possibly gives me a more caring nature. But as I've always been trans, I have nothing to compare it against. "I know that if I were given the option, I wouldn't like to lose the feminine side of my life. I wouldn't be me."

Tips For More Successful Crossdressing 

For the majority of us crossdressers it is really important that we can transform ourselves into the most feminine and passable version of ourselves, we want to be the alluring and sexy women pictured inside our heads and we ideally want to turn that vision into reality. We want to wear that little black dress or a slim mini skirt whilst having the confidence that our femininity will remain intact, here lies a little problem. To pull off wearing tight or minimal clothing does require that the pesky male package in our crotch region, namely genitalia, stays firmly hidden, tucked away, and flattened within our underwear. Hiding, Tucking & Flattening Your Male Genitalia You have a few different options for concealing your manhood, some of which work better than the others but we should take a look below.
  1. Panty Girdle or Tight Panties – You can easily get hold of these items in most stores, many xdressers wear a slightly smaller size of panty girdle to create a tighter stomach area whilst using the rigidity of the panty to try and hold the male parts intact and flattened.
  2. Tie-Sides – This type of panty is as the name suggests, you tie them around the sides of your waist, sufficiently tight, to hold everything in place.
  3. Realistic Vagina Panty– This is a specific crossdressing and transgender panty that features a super strong control panel at the front which flattens and tucks your male genitalia easily and comfortably for extended periods of time
  There are a couple of tried and tested techniques that will help your male genitalia to fit better inside the vagina panty. 1) The pull up and conceal method – This very simple method requires you to pull up the gaff panty and at the same time take hold of your penis and genital area and push those down and underneath whilst firmly pulling the hiding gaff panty into place around the top of your thighs. If you have purchased a really strong fronted gaff then this method should suffice in flattening and concealing around your crotch area and you may not even have to resort to the ‘extra rearrangement method’ listed below. 2) The extra rearrangement method – To create the ultimate flat crotch area then it is essential that you have a super strong hiding gaff and you use the techniques that are listed below.
  1. a) Everything upfront: You should be able to get hold of your balls in one hand, bring those to the front, whilst moving your penis underneath to create the flattest arrangement possible. You may be surprised to learn that you have an empty cavity above the balls that allow them to rise into and be hidden away from sight. Bear in mind that you should be very careful when trying to place the balls into the upper empty cavity, practice slowly and beginners may even want try this method whilst laying on their back.
  2. b) Placing the penis behind: Now that you have your balls upfront and hopefully hidden from sight in that empty cavity you can proceed to place the penis. To flatten the penis you should ideally place your hand from behind through your legs and pull the penis backwards between your legs, you can do this from the front if you aren’t able to go through the legs from the back.
  3. c) Gaff adjustment: You can now complete the method by pulling up the gaff around your thighs as high around the thigh area as required, this should leave a flattened crotch area. You can place your hand down the front of the gaff and push the penis further around to fine tune things.
Transgender Gaff Tips: When you need to use the bathroom you will need to rearrange your package again but by practicing the methods listed above at least a few times you should be easily able to get everything nice and flat again in matter of a few seconds. Try to not get over excited about things whilst wearing a crossdressing gaff as it can cause mild discomfort and is better avoided.

Breast and Nipple Pumps

ALB1591- Breast enlargement pumps stimulate breast growth through tissue expansion. Studies show that applying tension to an area leads to tissue growth. Surgeons use this technique (known as “tissue expansion”) to regenerate skin, bones and other tissues. Guess what? It also works for breasts! Applying vacuum pressure to your breasts stimulates real growth over the long run.
  1. Breast enlargement pumps give you an instant size boost.
ALB157Besides long-term growth, breast pumps give you an instant size boost by increasing blood flow to the breasts. This swelling only lasts a few hours, but you can enjoy the results in the meantime. The basis on how breast enhancement pumps work isn’t nothing new, as doctors have been using tissue expansion for a long time in a variety of reconstructive procedures. These pumps create tissue expansion on your breasts by applying a certain amount of tension on your breasts. This consistent tension applied to your breasts will make cells in your body increase and reshape your boobs by producing new breast tissue. ALB156Just like any tissue in your body when it experiences any kind of tension and the flow of blood is increased it’ll grow. When you use breast pumps or suction devices this is the same kind of principle that takes place. In order to create this tension required to help your breasts grow you’ll need to apply the pump on your breasts for about 30 minutes each day. When you begin pumping you will experience some swelling as more blood flow is being sent towards your breasts. You may also feel some pain if you over-pump. This is why it’s very important with whatever suction device you use you should follow the directions that comes with the product. With that being said, if you use the pump as directed you won’t feel any pain or experience any kind of injury. Buy Our breast and nipple pumps here 


Nighties, whether designed to be worn by men or women, have been the first preference for all looking for comfort wear.  All across the world, nighties have been designed to be worn by women whereas pyjamas, trousers and shirts have been designed for men's nightwear. However, a handful of men all across the world have a passion to wear female nighties rather than male's nightwear. Reason for this liking amongst men is the fact that female wear is more comfortable and relaxing.



On the other hand, not all men, and a majority of females, do not like the idea of wearing nighties. Rather they prefer a pyjama’s or other men's nightwear as nighties is not a socially acceptable phenomenon for men. Therefore a lot of people have a query of whether men can wear these nighties or not. One of the most commonly asked questions by many wives from all across the globe, and which can be found on almost every blog is whether their husbands can wear nighties or not? Since my grandfather's era, men have stopped buying 'Nightshirts' which were a long soft shirt-like gown. My son wears a long oversized 'T-shirt' (or nothing). Since women wear pyjama’s there is no right or wrong answer. The answer to this query will depend upon your own perception and your will to go against rather meaningless old fashioned fashion statements. Really, who cares in the dark at night.



Every individual has the freedom and the right to do anything and everything he wants to do.  However, a few people tend to follow these and do whatever they like, whereas some tend to follow the norms set by obscure people in the fashion industry and our nervous 'Peer Pressure' society and fail to break or deviate from those values. Wearing of nighties by males is not socially acceptable but still, a small minority tend to wear it. Furthermore, many females consider males wearing nighties at night sexier as compared to their looks in the men's nightwear.



The only reason for discouraging men from wearing nighties at night is the fact that it has been associated with females and has a distinct 'Dress shape' to it. All these associations have been socially developed, and take great courage from men to be revolutionised.