Female breasts are the biggest outward sign of a male to female transformation and you should only ever need to purchase one pair to last you an entire lifetime so it is important that you choose wisely.


As well as a guarantee that they will last you a lifetime, you will want realism. The look and movement of a natural female breast can only be replicated if the weight and density of the filling are correct. It also needs to be heat conductive so it attains body temperature so as well as moving in a natural way it also feels right to the touch.


You will see inferior grades of silicone breasts advertised elsewhere, usually massed produced in China which will quickly degrade & split.


Using medical-grade siloxane silicone we have perfected breasts that are authentic replicas of the female breast. Made exclusively for us in Germany they are simply so good and durable that we provide a lifetime guarantee so you can actually view them as an investment rather than a purchase. We supply both private clinics and the NHS who use them when reconstructive surgery is unviable following mastectomy but we do not sell any of our products through third parties


It took us several further years of research & development to perfect reactive nipples which are offered as an option for those seeking total realism.


You can wear these life-like breasts in a bra or choose to use our special medical adhesive allowing you to replicate the unfettered movement of your breasts as you move.


Many of our customers choose to develop their own breasts using our exclusive oestrogen-based hormone products but meantime or as an alternative, our superior siloxane silicone breasts are an ideal way of achieving an instant he-to-she transformation. You can even complete the female naked look by wearing with our hand-made vagina latex panties.


Wearing realistic breasts is such a sensual feeling and one that will give you years of pleasure.


Breast and Nipple Pumps

Breast enlargement pumps stimulate breast growth through tissue expansion. Studies show that applying tension to an area leads to tissue growth. Surgeons use this technique (known as “tissue expansion”) to regenerate skin, bones and other tissues. Guess what? It also works for breasts! Applying vacuum pressure to your breasts stimulates real growth over the long run.

Breast enlargement pumps give you an instant size boost.

Besides long-term growth, breast pumps give you an instant size boost by increasing blood flow to the breasts. This swelling only lasts a few hours, but you can enjoy the results in the meantime. The basis on how breast enhancement pumps work isn’t nothing new, as doctors have been using tissue expansion for a long time in a variety of reconstructive procedures. These pumps create tissue expansion on your breasts by applying a certain amount of tension on your breasts. This consistent tension applied to your breasts will make cells in your body increase and reshape your boobs by producing new breast tissue. 

Just like any tissue in your body when it experiences any kind of tension and the flow of blood is increased it’ll grow. When you use breast pumps or suction devices this is the same kind of principle that takes place. In order to create this tension required to help your breasts grow you’ll need to apply the pump on your breasts for about 30 minutes each day. When you begin pumping you will experience some swelling as more blood flow is being sent towards your breasts. You may also feel some pain if you over-pump. This is why it’s very important with whatever suction device you use you should follow the directions that comes with the product. With that being said, if you use the pump as directed you won’t feel any pain or experience any kind of injury. 

Automatic Battery-Operated Breast Growth Development Vacuum Pump

RRP £120 You Pay £89.99


Vibrating Nipple Pump

Just £34.99




Buy Our breast and nipple pumps here 



Sexy New Lingerie


New Sexy lingerie has just arrived at Transformation. Sexy Baby Dolls, Teddies and Bra and Pants Sets. Wear them with our Silicone Breasts or with your own. Look and feel feminine, Sexy and Beautiful. Demure corsets to hot, sultry thongs there is something for everyone all at great prices. 




Plus Size 3 Piece Lace Lingerie Set

RRP £69.00 - You Pay Just £24.99


Teal Cami With Suspender

RRP £69.99 - You Pay Just £39.99


Blue Satin Floral Bodysuit

RRP £71.99 - You Pay Just £41.99


Black Lace Trim Bodysuit

RRP £49.99 - You Pay Just £34.99


Red Plus Size Babydoll

RRP £49.99 - You Pay Just £24.99

Black Plus Size Babydoll

RRP £49.99 - You Pay Just £24.99



Pink & Black Sexy All See Thru Lacy Suspender Belt/Thong

RRP £44.99 - You Pay Just £24.99


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Whatever you call it, bottom, bum, butt, ass, arse etc male & female bottoms differ significantly.


To appreciate how different observe a couple walking ahead of you and note the difference for yourself and you'll see that the woman's wiggles from side to side. The shape and movement define it as female and next to breasts creates the coveted hourglass shape of the female figure.


Whether you simply want to look convincing just when you crossdress or develop your own feminine bottom.


You will find all sorts of pads for bottom shaping but they simply will not move naturally, therefore we have created a silicone shaping solution that like our range of breasts provide you with the realistic look, feel and movement.


For those who want to transform their bottom from male to female, we have a range of feminising hormones that will stimulate the production of the subcutaneous layer of natural fat deposits exactly as it does for a girl transitioning through puberty.


This male-to-female butt transformation takes place on a cumulative basis so can be disguised if needed to looser-fitting clothing.


For those who wish to progress through to the shemale (ladyboy) stage or intend to undergo gender reassignment surgery, then a fully inclusive treatment course is the best option but for those that want just selective development we also provide specific transdermal hormones for feminising just the bottom area.


Since 1984 we have helped hundreds of thousands of trans people all over the world achieve the degree of male to female butt transition that they required and below you can read some of the many testimonials they have sent us and some of their own before and after treatment photos.


For nearly 40 years we have been at the cutting edge of female hormones for men and our consultant endocrinologist is acknowledged as the world's leading expert having won many prestigious awards.


Every product or treatment we supply comes with a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee and we have a support team that you can rely on for unlimited advice and support.

Sexy Mini Dresses & Skirts 


We have a great selection of new and sexy mini dresses and skirts. Sexy cowl mini dresses to cheeky ra ra mini skirts. Something for every style, every shape and every budget. Shop here for sexy mini skirts and dresses 



Red Long Sleeved Mini Dress

RRP £69 - You Pay Just £39.99


Bodyshaping Mini Dress

RRP £69.99 - You Pay Just £49.99


Orange Animal Print Mini Dress

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Mini Swing Dress

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Pearl Adorned Mini Dress

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Ruched Puff Sleeved Jumper Dress

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Plus Size Black Polka Dot Babydoll Dress

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Red Floral Babydoll Mini Dress

RRP £44.99 - You Pay Just £34.99

Red Crochet Mini Dress

RRP £60.00 - You Pay Just £29.99

Black Sheer Mini Dress

RRP £69.99 - You Pay Just £39.99


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Why You Can Trust Us Here At Transformation


1. Established in 1984 –nearly 40 years experience


2. We ship to every part of the world by either Royal Mail or UPS in secure plain packaging


3. Over 80% of products are exclusive to us; we have our own factory, warehouse and medical clinic


4. We are the only company licensed to sell feminising hormones that conform to E.U and U.S.A standards


5. Money back guarantee


6. You can use credit cards to pay and keep it confidential as your statement will just show "Sercus Ltd"


7. We understand – Stephanie Anne Lloyd, herself a transsexual, founded the company & still runs it


8. You can ring and talk to and experienced member of customer support staff 8am – 5pm G.M.T


9. We reward loyalty, regular customers receive money vouchers and free products


10. There are many who have tried to copy us but we have the same drive and passion as the day we started because we treat our customers as friends  Nearly 40 years of TRUST

We have a fantastic selection of high-quality silicone breasts and breast forms for you to choose from - whether you're crossdressing or considering a full transition, we're confident that you'll love our realistic-looking silicone boobs.

Here is a selection of our new go braless silicones that means you still get the same realistic feeling without the need for adhesives. You just wear them like a bra ! Just gorgeous and practical. 


Full Torso Silicone Breasts

Our full torso silicone breasts with nipples are the perfect authentic breasts for those looking to create a natural, sexy feminine look to complete their male-to-female transition.

Crossdresser Silicone Breasts D Cups - Full Torso.

Just arrived. A brand new addition to our amazing silicone breasts range, for crossdressers, trannies, trans girls and drag.

Transform yourself instantly into a sexy centrefold model. Simply pull  on, gently over your upperbody.

All handmade, super soft silky silicone that will stretch to fit upto UK sizes 42 inch chest. Roll neck and with its very own cute belly button.

One size only, D cups fuller bosoms' and authentic nipples Colours as shown. Perfect for those with hairy chests. Limited stocks.

RRP  £599. Now only £499


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Upper Body Silicone Breasts

Our upper body silicone breasts slip over your head easily to create an instant, sexy feminine look. The perfect finishing touch to your MTF transformation.

Crossdresser Silicone Breasts D Cups- Upper Body. Introductory offer £100 OFF. Just arrived. A brand new addition to our amazing silicone breasts range, for crossdressers, trannies, trans girls and drag. Transform yourself instantly into a sexy centrefold model. Simply pull on, gently over your upperbody. All handmade, super soft silky silicone that will stretch to fit upto UK sizes 42 inch chest. One size only, D cups fuller bosoms' and authentic nipples Colours as shown. Perfect for those with hairy chests. Limited stocks


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Silicone Go-Braless Breasts

These handmade amazing 100 % Medical Grade Silicone Go-Braless realistic Breasts with pert nipples, are worn just like a bra

A Big improvement on ordinary Silicone Fake Breasts. Breathtakingly realistic breasts. These handmade amazing 100 % Medical Grade Silicone Go-Braless realistic Breasts with pert nipples, are worn just like a bra. This unique all silicone breast plate, that when worn feels just like a woman’s silky smooth skin, as it stretches over your upper body to fit all chest sizes, 36 inch right upto 48 inch. Our Go-Braless realistic fake silicone breasts with pert nipples, when worn bounce, wobble and jiggle as you move about- so real. So enjoy the thrill go “Au Natural” and excitement of going bra-less. Perfect comfortable snug fit, no need for a bra or any adhesives. Exclusive to Transformation, quality guaranteed . Actual product as displayed in this image. Comes with extra bra adjusting extending fitting for larger chest sizes. Skin tone colour as shown. Available to 2 breast cup sizes. Limited stocks.


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We frequently receive glowing reviews and testimonials from our happy customers. Here's what people are saying about Transformation..

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the team at transformation.

I am so very pleased with the item I purchased from you earlier this week. It came very quickly within days of my order and it was such a nice touch to get the thank you card in the package, very thoughtful.

You can be assured as soon add I need more items I will be returning.

Many thanks , it’s nice to know I’ve got you guys in my corner on my journey


Ultimate Advanced x press HRT Drops is a quality product. In conjunction with my other HRT products these droplets are a powerful boost that is making real changes that I am happy to see


When I purchased this it was a buy 1 get 1 free offer. At the time I didn't realise I had to put 2 in the basket to get the 2nd bottle free. I emailed the team and explained. The staff at transformation was amazing and sent me the second bottle with no questions asked. Such a lovely team. As in the product. It's still early days, I've used this 3 days now so hopefully in time I will start seeing some changes. Thank you again x


To all the lovely people there thank you so much for the chats and help .you make me feel so comfortable and safe when I chat with you .

You are all helpful and informative and if I can say so comforting in the way you talk to me and I know I'm in safe hands .

Huge hugs

Emma X ❤️


Thank you very much for the parcel I received and shall be ordering again very soon and I will be recommending you fast efficient service to all my friends. Steffan


Ok, its difficult to write a review of one product, since i am now using 5. So i think its better to write about them all. In the beginning of april 2020 i started with UEA anti androgen cream, along with the bottom shaping cream In June i added the Ultimate Xpress Concentrated Oestrogen Oral Hormone Drops twice a day, along with UEA body countouring cream and in November i added these Evolution HRT. So, what difference have i seen - well, i have got noticably softer skin and my body hair has got finer and thiner. I have also got the beginnings of breasts - AAA, but definitely more than there was, also my nipples have got bigger. I am seeing progress with my waist, which is narrowing a little, as well as my thighs which are probably the most changed and are getting bigger, as well as my bottom, which is a littlebigger too. So, overall, there is change, though it is slow, so be prepared to be patient, but i am loving how things seem to be going. It is a big financial comittment.


I would like to thank Maria for all her help and assistance when I have called the customer service line and for the way that she treats me like a woman. Maria has always explained every item I have asked about in a very helpful and respectful manner and I look forward to talking to her again soon. Many thanks, Karen in Suffolk


Many thanks for your help recently. As you now know I visited your London shop unexpectedly yesterday as I realised I couldn’t make next week after all and what an amazing experience it turned out to be. I don't think I was ever made to feel so welcome in a shop before, it felt like more of a spiritual event than a shopping expedition; many, many thanks to Samantha & Karitas. I left your shop feeling freed from decades of suppressed emotion and truly I haven't felt so good about myself in many a year. If anybody who has only ever cross dressed on their own before and has any doubts about making such a step by visiting such an establishment (and believe me I can understand) just try it otherwise you'll never know what you have missed. Once again thank you to Samantha & Karitas for making it such a special day. Steve


On Monday (16th) I gave myself a treat by spending a day out, and just over £400, at your branch in London. It is a pleasure to tell you just how helpful and kind both Beverley and Samantha were, Beverley paying particular attention to my needs, and also to tell you how much they both contributed to my enjoyment of my time there. Please pass on my grateful thanks for their time and attention. My only regret is that I could not stay any longer than I did as it took me over three hours to get there and roughly the same time to return to my home near Southampton. Highest regards. Dawn


This is one girl that is beaming with pleasure after receiving my new Realistic Vagina. It looks so real and thank you so much. A loyal customer. Ginger in USA


I'm just emailing to say that the creams arrived early this afternoon and I've already had my first session with them. Here's hoping that I'm able to see some results in the near future. If you like, I'll keep you posted. Can I say once again a very big thank you and how very pleased I am with your service, your promptness in responding to emails, the speedy overnight delivery and for your very kind and discrete help when I called. It is all very much appreciated indeed and I'll certainly have no hesitation in contacting you again by phone. Very many thanks again and my kindest regards. Jaydee in the UK


Hi girls, I want to thank you all for my purchases my new breasts alice dress ankle boots etc - I now have everthing that I need to be a complete woman thank you all. love Carol from Manchester


I want to thank you my last order was complete and on time like every order I placed. The three gifts were perfect. I will make use of them throughout my transformation, as they are needed essentials for the m/f transformation. I will put them to the test when I go out to clubs and concerts. When I started transformation at first, I was very uncomfortable now; I look forward to face the world. I am no longer a closet dresser. love Martha


Hi, This is a note of thanks to your company and if one person is to be singled out it would be Beverley on the phone ordering service. After much deliberation and a little therapy I decided time was right to undergo hormone replacement, my first contact with Bev was lovely, I found her proffesional, patient and knowledgable of products so well qualified to guide me through, I placed an order which arrived next day and delighted, I feel Beverley should be congratulated! Many thanks again from Robyn


I have recently ordered the Realistic Silicone Breasts. They are very good, as advertised, great quality, virtually real. texture, bounce etc. They are gorgeous !! Thank you for your wonderful, discreet next day servcie. Your company and staff are a credit. I appreciate your company is founded on sound, personal, principled views and commitment.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for making available to myself the chance of reaching a very satisfactory degree of feminisation using your products, ie my nipples only have to be touched to nearly reach orgasm, so wonderful to experience. Your bust cream has given me a bust measurement of 38C.


I have recently been using Beard Retardant Cream and have received comments from colleagues about not having needing a shave after a 12hour shift. Before using this cream I needed to shave twice a day and my face was very sore. Since using the cream twice daily the soreness has gone and I only need to shave once a day and my face is smoother. I have also been using the Oestrogen Breast Cream and can feel my breasts becoming quite firm and I can see a noticeable increase in their size.


My breasts are beginning to form. Your products work so wonderfully.


Thanks to your hormone products I now feel more womanly inside every day


I cannot believe my breasts are growing ! The creams and tablets are a marvel - any doubters out there have a go and see for yourself


I have been and still am using the Hormone Breast Development Cream, Femboost Tablets and Female Hormone Precursors and I am delighted by the results. I am growing breasts and my chest/bust measurements have increased by some 3 inches.


I was a C Cup but with more twice daily applications of cream my breasts have really blossomed over the last few weeks and now I need to wear a 38D bra to be be really comfortable all day.


May I say, the creams and tablets are really quite wonderful and my breasts are growing wonderfully. The day I wrote to you was probably one of the best things I did in my life, and i thank you so much.


I have been using the Quantum Molecular Fusion Oestrogen & Anti-Androgen Atomiser for close to 8 months now. I have been using it on testicles and both breasts twice a day. 5 pumps each breast and three on testicles. So far, I've noticed nipples being more sensitive and now fill a 40B bra.


My name is Emma and I'd like to thank and praise all the help that Diane and her team at the Prestwich branch of Transformation have helped me to understand the feelings in my mind and body of being a female trapped in a male body for the last 45 years plus.With no one to talk to or to understand me as there was no internet to find out about things. I went on line looked at many sites and then i plucked up the courage and one day phoned Transformations. Diane answered the phone and after a long conversation I knew she understood how I felt and was there to help me. Diane recommended that I go on a course of hormones, I was a bit sceptical and cautious as I have read some good and some bad reports but I trusted her and placed an order. Its the best thing i have ever done WOW they are amazing they take away that feeling of being pulled male to female. I can't thank Diane enough for all her help and advice she is amazing


I thought I would check in and let you know my experience of the free gift Breast and Nipple Development Cream so far. I was amazed at the quick but pleasent response to the effects of the cream. I have been using it for a week now as directed and I must say I am happy with the result. As you mentioned there has been marginal breast growth, I really noticed this when going down the stairs I felt them bouncing a little! To complement that my nipples are indeed very sensitive to the cold!! I have also read through your enclosed brochure with my recent order on all your available hormone treatments. I was amazed at all the various hormone treatments. Many thanks


Diane & Rick The breasts just arrived in perfect order. Thanks!

P & Friend

I am currently on my 3rd jar. I have seen some development in my breasts. The most obvious is my nipples have become more plump and tend to rise up and stay stimulated longer. Under one breast I have developed a small bump that seems to be slowly growing. My other breast is slow but showing some growth also. I like the product for ease of use. I also realize it will take time but I think this product will get me my goal.


First of all like to thank the staff at Transformation, especially Diane with whom took my order. I've always put off buying breast, but decided to go ahead and buy some. More for fulfilment in who I want to be. And fed up of buying bras and nothing to fill them properly. And oh boy, what a difference the breasts I have bought from Transformation have made! It's 2 week now and I look forward to wearing them so much it's mind blowing at times. I have them on now as I type, in a 42DD bra and the feeling is un real. I absolutely adore my new feminine form that the breasts give me. As I caress them i can feel the nipples getting aroused, as promised. They are a bargain for the enjoyment I have had since buying them, thank you everyone at Transformation Ltd!! XX


Yesterday, I visited your Birmingham shop and had one of the most fantastic experiences of my life, thanks to Shirley. This was my first-ever visit and my first ever Changeaway. I arrived just before 11 o'clock and Shirley was in the shop. Her sixth sense came into play instantly, as she knew I was self-conscious and sensed I was also confused. She sat me down on the sofa, "magicked" a cup of coffee and asked quite a lot of very discreetly worded questions. The result was that she put me very much at ease (not completely, but that was down to me, not her) and established, out of her questions, a look that would suit me - I had no real idea except that I didn't want to look tarty, because this was not a joke to me. Shirley selected a breast size, measured me, selected a pair of suitable shoes, guided me on an ideal pair of panties (I wore them today all day) and off we went. She left me to strip down to underwear then came back and started work. With a suitable corset, she whittled eight inches off my waist, fitted my bra and breasts (fantastic - if only they had been real!) and made an elegant woman of me. She did a fantastic job - my face was the only bit I wasn't entirely comfortable with, but Shirley could only work with what she had! Here's the fantastic part of it all - when she had finished, Shirley walked round me and then looked me in the eye and said: "You look fabulous". And I thought she was right - but it was she who had made this fabulous transformation - and by saying what she did so spontaneously gave me a massive confidence boost. It has given me the resolve that this will not be my last visit. I had a particularly difficult phsychological obstacle to overcome and almost without my realising it, Shirley led me through it to perform true magic. Not only did I look fantastic, I felt fantastic. I sat in the lounge for quite a while, getting used to this new me, read a few magazines, learned how to sit from what I read and I loved it. Shirley, you are a marvel and I'm looking forward very much to my next visit and experiencing you working your wonders again. Thankyou so much - and thankyou Transformations for being there. Love, Sarah


Hi Ladies wanted to say big thank you to Debbie who i spoke to yesterday on the phone. I phone about trying cross dressing for the 1st time i was nervous but Debbie put me at ease straight away. I will be paying a visit soon. Thank you again.


I feel I had to write this letter to extend my thanks to you personally for my experience on Tuesday 22nd February. After plucking up courage the day before to enter the shop, I was made so welcome and comfortable the moment I entered the shop. Your professional attitude and empathy are a credit to you and I wish the world had more people like yourself to make people like myself feel more accepted in society. Once I had gained confidence I made a purchase and agreed that I would return the next day for a Changeaway. Upon arriving the next day I was greeted with the same enthusiasm by you as I was the day before. I then felt nervous again as there was another lady in the shop. I should have had no doubt that this lady (Christine) would show me the same respect as you. She is also a credit to your establishment. The whole experience that I had over the next few hours felt so normal. This is solely down to your relaxed and empathetic manner. As you know I have a very Plain Jane dress sense and you respected that and did not try to make me look like a Drag Queen. And how you gave me a waist I will never know, I have not had a waist since I was 16!!!!! Your knowledge on applying make-up made even me look special (in my opinion I am six foot tall, eighteen stone and look like a battered rugby player You made me feel so relaxed that I actually found myself chatting to you as if I had known you for years and telling you all about my secret life and I can honestly say I have never talked this candidly and openly with anybody other than my wife. Saying that, I don’t think I have expressed myself so openly and been so frank as I was with you. Just like two sisters twittering on. You also made me feel so comfortable and convincing that I couldn’t believe that I sat in the shop the whole time. Please pass this on to your managers and feel free to use is as a testimonial if necessary. Once again thank you so much for my experience with you. You are a credit to both your company and yourself. Hope to see you next year when I am next in Birmingham. Best wishes, Chris


Thank you so much Claudia for your understanding and kindness, your service and Customer Service staff are extremely friendly and helpful and are a credit to your company. Cant wait till my next treat from CDC. Allan


Hi ladies, Just wanted to tell you about my visit to Manchester on Saturday. I went again for a changeaway and had just the BEST time. It was wonderful, and again, that is down to the staff you had on duty. As I walked in, Debbie remembered me, saying "Hi staying with us today?", which was the perfect introduction. Both her and Eileen were just fantastic. They take real care and have a genuine interest in you, in your choice of outfit, and your make up. You could say that is what they are paid to do...true, but actually, they did seem to genuinely care, and really did welcome me as a woman into their female fold. Eileen helped me pick my two outfits, listening and taking into account what I wanted, and advising me accordingly. Debbie then did expertly did my make up. Then, once changed, both treated me as the woman I want to be. I literally was one of the girls for the duration of my stay. It was just wonderful - truly magnificent. And my wonderful experience was down to their expertise and kindness. It was FAB-U-LOUS!! I can't wait for the next visit. Sophie x