High Heeled Shoes and Boots 

Deciding what shoes to wear is a dilemma for most transvestites. We take a closer look at what is available and what is the right heel for the right occasion. Men tend to have big, broad feet which they plant firmly on the ground when they walk. Women, on the other hand, have narrow, delicate feet and they walk with short step, their weight thrown forward onto their toes. There is little a transvestite can do about the shape or size of his feet, but if he seriously wishes to be accepted as a woman he must at least learn to walk like one, which is difficult in poorly fitting shoes. Fortunately, the problem has been recognised by TV specialists and shoe manufacturers, and there is now a wide range of feminine footwear intended for masculine use. Of course, there is a small price to pay for such specialisation, but true elegance never came cheaply. In trying to disguise the size and shape of the masculine foot the designer will subtly alter the proportions of the shoe: Extremely high heels make the foot appear shorter, and a narrower effect can be achieved by subtle curves and delicate strapping. Long pointed toes also have a narrowing effect, but provide a daunting challenge for the walker! Before venturing out in shoes of extreme design the wise transvestite will put in months of practice. It will result in aching calf muscles and blistered heels but to the dedicated TV no amount of suffering is too great if it achieves the desired objective.

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Michelle High Heel Stiletto Shoes

A timeless ever-popular style

Patent leather with 4 inch/10cm stiletto heels. Available in black or red and now in gorgeous pink. Handmade, using quality durable, materials, designed to feminise the male foot and specially sized to fit comfortably. Sizes UK 6-12, European 40-46, USA 8-15


You Pay Just £69.99


Penny Low Heel Shoes


Penny Low Heel Shoes are a stylish popular court shoe suitable for all occasions.

Medium height heel (2.5inches/6cm) Penny Low Heel Shoes are comfortable to wear all day. Handmade in black patent. Sizes UK 8-13, European 42-48, USA 10-16

You Pay Just £69.99


Gold Diamante High Heeled Shoe

Gold Diamante High Heeled Shoe

Gold Diamante High Heeled Shoe. Sexy and feminine.  5.5 inch Heel. 

Available in UK Size 10

You Pay Just £79.99


Pink Michelle Stiletto High Heeled Shoe

Pink Michelle Stiletto High Heeled Shoe

A timeless ever-popular style, Michelle High Heel Stiletto Court Shoes have been a popular choice since Transformation was founded in 1984. Now available in gorgeous, feminine pink patent. Sizes  UK 12  to 9.

You Pay Just £69.99


Platform Thigh Boots

Bring out your wild side with our sexy quality platform thigh boots! The perfect, bold addition to any outfit.

Our sexy platform high heeled boots are the sexy, feminine footwear choice that you need! Perfect with any dress or skirt, you'll be sure to stand out amongst any crowd when wearing these platform thigh boots. 

Heel Height: 6.1 Inches / 15.6 cm

Available in UK Size 11 & 12

RRP £249 You Pay £189


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Female Clothing £10 or Under

Plus Size Summer Top

Add some summer shine to your wardrobe with our plus size summer top! Bright and colourful, you're sure to stand out.

Our beautiful lace-edged plus size summer top is just what you need if you're looking to add a dash of summer to your wardrobe. The bright colours and floral design make it a perfect option for any summers day. One size only will fit UK sizes 18-28 with a good stretch.

RRP £49.99 You Pay £9.99

Figure Hugging Lycra Female Top

Designed with extra long sleeves, cuffs and high neckline trimmed in delicate pretty lace ideal for crossdressers. Wear it with a mini or smart pencil skirt. one size in stretchy lycra.

Available in black and white

RRP £49.99 You pay £9.99


Plus Size Silver Party Dress


Make a statement wherever you are with our Plus Size Silver Party Dress! Perfect for a night out on the town or a more formal occasion.

Razzle and dazzle with our plus size silver party dress. The perfect dress if you're looking to make a bold entrance to any party or formal event. Designed and manufactured with a super silky soft material, not only will you be the talk of the party but you'll feel comfortable all night long. XXXL Plus size. Will fit UK sizes 20-30.

RRP £139.99 You pay £9.99


Plus Size Floaty Top

Our plus size floaty top is a light, comfortable top option that you can wear for a range of occasions.

This plus size floaty top is just thing you need if you're looking for a light, comfortable top that you can wear practically anywhere. Made with silky material, you will not find yourself far from comfort and style when wearing this floaty top. XXL Plus Size. Will fit UK sizes 16-24. 

RRP £49.99 You Pay £9.99


Silky Nylon Knickers

Silky Nylon Knickers. Gorgeous Pretty knickers. Style may vary slightly from image shown. One size, great stretch, fit up to XL PLUS sizes.


Colours available are Black, White, Cream, Pink, Burgundy, Red, Blue, Grey, Caramel, Patterned. If your chosen colour is not available we will send you an alternative that we are sure you will love.

You Only Pay £9.99

All Mine Lacy Knickers

So sexy, so pretty and oh so lacy.

Great stretch fit up to large sizes.

Two colours are available: 

  • Red
  • Black

RRp £19.99 You pay £9.99


Lacey Garter

Lacey garter. Lacey and sexy garter to wear with your sexiest stockings.

Just £7.99

Wig Brush

Keep your wig looking pristine with our wig brush.

Just £9.99


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Matching Lingerie Sets


We have a gorgeous range of matching lingerie sets. Sexy, sultry bra and panty sets. Suspenders, sexy push up bras, lacey panties. See our full range here


Plus Size 3 Piece Lace Lingerie Set

Big and beautiful , Big sexy girl, 3 piece lace lingerie set.

Contains matching lace bra, lace Suspender Belt and lace Panties. Features sheer lace cups with strappy detailing, satin bows, adjustable spaghetti straps, a hook back, a matching high waisted suspender belt with adjustable straps.Will fit upto XXL  all plus sizes.

Available in:

  • sultry black
  • racy red
  • feminine white

RRP £60 You Pay £34.99


Lace Push Up Bra & Panty Set


If you want to feel extra sexy in the bedroom, our grey lace push up bra & panty set is the perfect thing!

Are you looking for a sexy bra and panty set that is sure to set fireworks off in the bedroom? Look no further than our all lace push up bra & panty set! Comfortable and sexy is a winning combination and that's just what you'll get with this naughty number. Available in one size that will fit UK Sizes 38-40".

RRP £ 49.99  You pay £29.99

Purple Lacey Bralette And Panty Set


Purple Lacey Bralette and Panty Set

This purple lacey bralette and panty set is just what you need if you're looking for a sexy little number that you can throw on every day or for a naughty occasion. Available in UK Size Large. Will fit UK Size 14-20.

RRP £49.99 you Pay £29.99


Purple Push Up Bra And Panty Set


Our purple push up bra and panty set is the sexy two-piece you need to add for added cleavage and a lot of sexiness.

This purple push-up bra and panty set is just the naughty little number you need to make some magic in the bedroom. The bra is padded to give you that added bit of cleavage with matching sexy briefs. Available in Large Size. Will fit UK bra size 38-40.4

RRP £49.99 you pay £29.99






Miracle Beard Shadow Cover 


Conceal your beard shadow with high-quality beard cover makeup from Transformation! If you want to hide that frustrating five o'clock shadow, we have a fantastic selection of products to help you achieve this.

Miracle Beard Shadow Cover Base Foundation

Perfect Sheer Miracle Beard Shadow Cover Foundation cream will cover even the darkest beard shadow and all other imperfections forming a second skin & a stable base for your makeup. Available in three shades to suit your skin colour. Comes with make up sponge applicators

4 shades to choose from 1 pot will last you years even if used daily. Apply with  a  slightly damp sponge. ( included )

Just £44.99


Miracle Beard Shadow Cover Setting Face Powder

24 hour perspiration proof Miracle Beard Cover Setting Powder will seal your foundation & give your face a smooth matt finish which forms the perfect base on which to apply all other makeup.

Hypoallergenic and micronised powder for a sheer natural appearance that lasts all day. One-pot will last months even if used daily.

Just £39.99

Miracle Beard Cover Make Up Cover Kit

Our special money saving miracle cover kit comes complete with Miracle Cover, applicator, Miracle Powder, applicator, Miracle Moisturising Under base and Perfect Miracle Remover, all 6 items in one convenient which will last you months or years dependant of usage.

First, cleanse the skin and apply miracle under base cream followed by a thin, sheer covering of miracle beard cover with a damp cosmetic sponge. Miracle setting powder is then used to fix the beard cover using the special applicator provided. Make-up is then applied normally on this base that does not run, smudge, crack or rub off, and behaves just like a second skin, even letting perspiration through without effect - you can even swim in it!. To call it 'Miracle' Beard Cover is no exaggeration, it is an absolute essential.

Save Money - Just £89.99


Realistic Vaginas Panties 

Our high-quality vagina panties allow you to look and feel exactly like a woman! All of our fake vagina pants are hand-crafted at our production facility and come in a range of styles.



Ultimate Wee Vee Latex Vagina Panties Plus

For the perfect naked male to female transformation is achieved with our latest Ultimate Wee Vee False Vagina Panties PLUS. For as well as being able to sit and pee like a woman you can now experience penetrative sex with your very own authentic vagina( false vagina); Now you can look and act like an authentic woman even when naked.

10 Years of development but at last we have created a perfectly formed vagina panties. Unique and exclusive to Transformation this revolutionary product is hand-made in our own factory using unique technologically advanced polymerised latex. Silky soft, supple yet robust. When worn you will look down in disbelief at your very own vagina. Includes secret latex sheath to tuck your penis into thus hide your penis. Full panty style. Wear with your favourite sexy lingerie. Complete with Venus mound, vagina lips and clitoris carefully hand-painted for authenticity. A must have for anyone who wants to look and feel totally female. even without clothes; Clean using warm soapy water Comes in 2 sizes Standard(for small-medium waists) or Large ( ladies plus size waists) With or without dark pubic hair. Enjoy life & sex as a woman.


It look like no other and its soft too"

Louise From Kent


" Purchased a few months ago and I love them"


Sean From UK


" I love it so does my girlfriend. I know when she puts on her squartting dildo she wants to have me dress as a complete female. When I do I put my Ultimate Wee Vee Latex Vagina that when the fun starts"

John From USA 


Save £75 



Exclusive Wee Vee Latex Vagina Panties

Our best selling false vagina panty, featuring full skin coloured latex panties which are ingeniously designed to allow you to sit and pee exactly as a genetic female does. Robust hand-made multi-dipped latex our Wee Vee vagina panties also features a full authentic clitoris, vulva, labia lips and vagina.

Choice of 2 sizes Standard (for small-medium waists) or Large ( plus size waists) . With or without dark pubic hair. Strong robust latex, yet silky smooth as skin. Dust inside with talcum powder to aid easy fitting


Save £50



Original Vee Latex Vagina Panties

These skin tone false vagina panties were originally launched as the Vee G-string Vagina panties and although widely copied no-one has managed to replicate the fusion of strength and realism. Wear simply like a G-String or thong.

One size fits all, adjusting waistband. .Realistic Vagina detailed female genitals, hand painted. Very labour intensive the process involves multiple dips of hand carved moulds to build up to the required thickness before being finished with painstaking details by our girls.

We see competitors selling inferior mass produced flimsy Chinese versions at inflated prices while buying directly from us you can purchase an authentic hand-made strong and detailed original along with our famous money back guarantee. Please state whether you prefer the vagina panties with or without pubic hair. Next day despatch available. Dust inside with talcum powder to aid easy fitting.  Wear simply like a G-String or thong.


Feels amazing"

Jessica From Bolton


" thought i'd never be able to be a woman because women have vaginas and I have detesticles and an external uretha As I have increased bust from B to G I feel feminine Act feminine Think feminine and am feminine.I love it"

Stuart From Great Harwood


Save £25


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New Satin Boned Waist Clinchers 

Satin Boned Waist Clincher

Front metal hooks and Back Lace up. Boned Bustier, Underbust Corset. A tight lacing waist clinching satin corset , that pulls in your waist for an instant female hourglass figure. Pulls your waist in up to 4 inches. Free Matching satin thong.

3 colours Black, White or Pink

3 UK sizes.

Order Small for a 26-28 inch pulled in waist

Order Medium for a 30-32 inch pulled in waist

Order Large for a 34-36 inch pulled in waist

Just £59.99

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