All About Our Silicone Breast Forms

All About Our Silicone Breast Forms

This article is all about our our Silicone Breast forms

bts570Are the prices shown for single forms or pairs?

All our silicone breast forms are sold in pairs, and the prices quoted are for pairs.

Is there a sizing chart for the silicone breasts?


Small Medium Large X-Large

Please note sizes are approximate.

What skin tones are available?

Unfortunately we currently only offer one skin tone, which is the flesh tone of an average white person.

Are the breast forms guaranteed?

Yes, all our breast forms are guaranteed for 2 years, so long as they are looked after well and not unreasonably abused.

What Choices Do I Have ?

We have 4 choices of silicone breast forms on the Transformation site.

Realistic Silicone Breast Forms – So realistic are that that the UK’s NHS buy these from us for post-surgery mastectomy patients for those that prefer life-like silicone breast out-plants. They look like, feel like and move just like amazing real breasts or bosoms.  Perfect instant fake breasts for transvestites and crossdressers.
Tear drop realistic boob shape, with feathered edges, hollowed out backs , complete with brown pert nipples . These great value ,true to life  silicone breasts  will fit you perfectly for an instant male to female transformation. Can be worn in a bra or worn bra-less with our exclusive “Go-Braless  silicone Adhesive kit.

Natural Silicone Breasts – Transformation are worlds largest supplier of realistic  breast forms, silicone boobs and bosoms . Bought worldwide by crossdressers , transvestites and females who have undergone surgical mastectomies. The Transformation breast store, stock only the top of the range, pure medical grade silicone breasts. that both feel and look natural. These life-like breast prosthetics replicate exactly the natural bouncing  breast movement of a women’s breasts. Tear drop shaped, flesh coloured, with a silky soft membrane skin. Complete with realistic coloured mocha nipples that will protrude ever so slightly through your lacy bra. Our Natural Silicone breasts can be worn in your favourite bra or you can enjoy the thrill of wearing them braless, with our Exclusive “Go-Braless silicone adhesive kit

Amazing Silicone Breasts – These are the Crème de la Crème of realistic Silicone breasts and your own body’s heat will transform the feel and movement of the medical grade silicone breast gel so it both feels and moves as if it is a part of you. The silicone will loosen and wobble and ripple as you move.  The unique  hand sculptured mocha nipples also react to heat and cold, becoming softer or pert and erect nipples just as do a women’s nipples.  When worn these breast forms will replicate the position across your body giving you the  natural breast fall/drape and look of women’s bosoms. Supplied by Transformation  to the NHS, for post surgery mastectomy patients.
These silicone can be worn in your favourite  bra or why not enjoy the thrill of wearing them braless, with our Exclusive “Go-Braless silicone adhesive kit

Largest, Massive Silicone Breasts – Although they are simply massive silicone breasts they are still very realistic breasts, and don’t look like fake breasts. These huge boobs cup size H/HH need to be supported by a strong  bra as they replicate the correct  substantial weight of female breasts of this size.




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  1. i’m not in the uk so i don’t think i am able to get the adhesive kit. Will it still work if i wear the silicone breast braless ?

    1. Hi Alexa,

      Unfortunately we are unable to send the adhesive kit oversea’s. You can wear the breast forms in a bra but if you wish to wear them “Braless” then you would have to enquire in and around the USA.

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