Creating A Sexy Cleavage – Advice

Creating A Sexy Cleavage

It’s easy to use make-up to create the illusion of bigger boobs and sexy cleavage with a plunging neckline, but do it subtly. To create the illusion of having more cleavage, simply apply and blend a little dark colored bronzer to the area between your breasts where the cleavage is supposed to be. If you don’t have any bronzer handy, try applying a little white powder on the top halves of your breasts first, then apply a dark eye shadow color between them…. blend well.

Think about flattering necklines to make the most of what you’ve got. Contour seaming, halternecks and cross-your-heart necklines all enhance a small bosom.

A bustier or corset top is guaranteed to create a cleavage where none exists, but make sure you don’t overcompensate by choosing one that’s too tight.

Don’t ruin everything by wearing an ill-fitting dress that you can’t fill out.

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