Enteric Tablets

Enteric Tablets

Enteric” comes from the Greek word for intestine, and an enteric coating does allow aspirin to pass through the stomach to the small intestine before dissolving. Many brands of full-strength aspirin are coated merely to make the tablets easier to swallow.


  • Enteric-coated capsules do not dissolve in the mouth and therefore are perfect for formulations that need not to be activated by acid exposure. The coating prevents the capsule from dissolving while in the mouth and oesophagus areas.
  • Many drugs can cause irritation to the stomach if released there; with enteric-coated capsules, the formulation will pass through the stomach without irritating the stomach lining.
  • The enteric-coating also prevents any enzyme present in the capsule from dissolving in the acid environment of the stomach area.
  • This enteric coated capsule typically takes an hour or two to dissolve, making it ideal for time- sensitive medications.
Our Enteric Tablets

ASP011Even if you suffer from a digestive condition or ulcers these Enteric Oestrogen Hormone Breast Enlargement Tablets are a safe and effective method of ingesting female hormones. For optimum efficacy. As with all feminising hormone treatments it should be taken in conjunction with an anti-androgen hormone product. These oestrogen hormone breast enlargement pills pass through your stomach without dissolving delivering the hormones directly into your intestines from where it is absorbed into your bloodstream. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE A SERIOUS LIFE THREATENING CONDITION SUCH AS CANCER.


ASP012These latest generation micronised hormone tablets contain a very effective testosterone suppressant plus an enteric coating which prevents the active ingredients dissolving in the stomach delivering their quantum molecular ingredients safely into your bloodstream. Highly effective even for people who suffer from digestive conditions and now Enteric Anti-Androgen Testosterone Hormone Suppressant are now available with the new micronised formula for even better results. Taking these new micronised Enteric Anti-Androgen Testosterone Suppressant Tablets once a day will lower your level of testosterone without adversely affecting your sexual performance whilst facilitating the development of female characteristics.

SSO007We also have our Original Oestrogen and Anti Androgen Enteric Tablets that are not as strong but still effective and cheaper for those on a budget.

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