Josie as a Maid



Here I am with my plum colored hair in a feminine cut and style. I have full make-up on, mascara, permanent eyelashes, lipstick, eye make-up, fully made up. With my permanent arched eyebrows it’s so obvious that this is not a one-time dress-up. If anyone sees me that will know that I’m being femmed up for life. My little maid’s cap is perched on my coiffed hair. I have super glued posts in one set of my ears, it cannot be removed and every few days my ears are checked to be sure that the glue isn’t coming loose. If this happens I have to mince and get more glue for Sarina to re-apply.

I have on the frilliest panties, lace all-around with fishnets today. Other days I wear various stockings or pantyhose. 4-inch patent leather pumps are the usual shoes when I’m in my maid’s attire. With lots of toe cleavage are on my feet. Sometimes Sarina likes to glue them on if she feels that I’m being lazy and I try to sneak them off.

I have on a lace-up bustier, with my glued on breasts. And this is covered with a black satin maid’s dress. With lace on the hem, puffy sleeves and peasant collar. I have the ultimate addition for embarrassment. It’s a crinoline full petticoat that fits around my waist. This puffs my dress out so that you can see my panties, and my stocking tops. Permanent glued nails with rings and of course the maid lacy gloves are on my arms. I have a little frilly choker around my neck as well. Its so over the top that its really girly for even a girl.


I have to go to the mall looking like this. I pull into the parking lot and wiggle in to J.C.Penny’s. Because it s a few days before Halloween, all the female clerks giggle and laugh and are so complimentary on my outfit. I tread the humiliation when I have to go shopping again next week and the weeks to come in the maid’s outfit and they realize that I’m a sissy and completely under my wife’s control. I have to take the escalator and buy several items, mince out to the parking lot and go to my next assignment. Here I am going to a Convenience store.

After I buy my wife’s lunch and pick her up. She orders me to go in and buy a paper and some candy. A woman across from where we are parked calls out and comments on my shoes. I have to tell her that my wife dresses me like this all the time, she giggles and says she wishes she could get her own husband to dress like that.

Next stop after I drop off my wife is a liquor store, there everyone looks and laughs and the cashier loved my shoes, she makes comments about my plucked, thin arched brows and she tells me that she can tell that this is a serious outfit, and that it looks like I’m dressed like this for some time. I smile and tell her that this is what I have to wear to go out shopping and I have to get used to it. I have a young man carry the case of beer out to the car. He laughs and tells me that I look good in the outfit.

Then I go to a card store to buy some tape and it is filled with women. The getting out of the car, straightening my skirt, and walking across the parking lot, or anywhere in these heels its so embarrassing. You have to take little steps and wiggle to get anywhere.


There are at least 6 women in the store when I mince through the door. Besides the 2 working there who giggle and smile when they see my sissy outfit. Everyone comments on my shoes and dress. They all think I look cute. What will they think when I have to go back in a few weeks, still in my maid’s dress, with the heels clicking along the cement and me wiggling into the store trying not to look too embarrassed as I buy a card.

Sarina tells me after a while I will not be so humiliated. I will get used to being a maid. She is looking forward to my cleaning and running her errands and knowing that I am sitting at home waiting for her. When she comes in I have to curtsey and take her coat.
And every time I enter and leave a room I have to curtsey each time. I cannot sit down except in the kitchen. I have to do all the cooking, make the meals etc and of course clean each room in my outfit. Sometimes sleep in panties and stockings and the one of the most embarrassing is wearing a tampon when my wife gets her period. I have to change it when I go to the bathroom. And I also must wear the panty liners as well. I have to experience all the problems that females have.

I am so worried when I have to go into the food store this weekend, days after Halloween and shop for the groceries. It will be so embarrassing. Will I ever get used to being in the outfit wiggling around town on my days off?



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