All you need for instant He to She Transformation.

Saves you up to £400 on Transformation prices.

If your unsure what you need for a total He to She Transformation, then our great value Dress and Go package, that is only available at Transformation shop, is ideal for you.

Here is what we include in your Dress and Go package.

Yes , that’s everything we know you will need to Transform yourself into a beautiful sexy female ready to go out and enjoy the thrill and that buzz of passing as a female;

Sensual breasts, Lacey Bra, matching Lacey Knickers, Slinky Suspenderbelt, Sheer stockings or tights, black patent high heels(or low if preferred), glamorous wig, Silky blouse or clingy top, skirt -knee length or mini, alternatively a Sexy dress instead of skirt and blouse, cosmetics, jewellery and accessories.

That’s over 16 items, in your Dress and Go package. Included in the price you pay, we will also book you into our beauty salon for a complete he to she make-over make up application and wig styling with one of our expertly trained and experienced beauticians. Your make up application ( inlcluded in the price you pay)can be on the day you purchase your Dress and Go package or on a date in the future to suit your circumstances.

Our Dress and Go package starts from as little as £299, saving you upto £200 from our normal shop prices, when purchasing individually.

We also have a Deluxe Dress and Go package that will save you upto £400 and includes Silicone breasts, Victorian boned corsets to pull in your manly waist and a top of the range wig.

For more details of our Dress and Go packages , ring or visit our Transformation shop today.

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