Oestrogen Pro Fem Drops

Oestrogen Pro Fem Drops

On your male to female transformation journey you may find using oral hormone drops helpful as they are a concentrated boost of either oestrogen hormones or male hormone blockers.

NHS682Boost your levels of female hormones with our Triple Strength Pro-Fem Oestrogen (estrogen) Hormone Concentrated Drops.  Just use the dropper to place four drops on your tongue every night and morning.


Contains Triple concentrated oestrogen – the most powerful of feminising hormones – You will feel the effects after the first few days, usually in the form of hot flushes and a light-headed feeling which is harmless and will stop after 7-10 days.DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSE

UXR016Concentrated Anti Androgen Male Hormone Suppressant Oral Drops contain powerful micronised testosterone blockers that act quickly and efficiently with effective absorption at the quantum molecular level employing the very latest medical technology


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