Party Wigs

Party Wigs

Our new fun, glamorous party wigs have just arrived. Available in a selection of gorgeous pastel colours they will make heads turn as we enter the party season.


party wigs
Bubblegum pink wig

Long and layered this party wig suits every shape of face young or old and creates a fun, glam look that is just a bit different ! Available in bubblegum pink, lilac and lavender grey.



Top Tips for Wearing Our Party Wigs

Party Wig
Lilac Glamorous Party Wig

Wearing a wig can be a lot of fun whether you’re doing it to cover hair loss or just want to enjoy the variety of hair styles, lengths and colours that wearing a wig makes it possible to achieve.

It can take some getting used to and there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing the right one for you and even wearing them

Step 1

Party Wig
Lavender Grey Glamorous Party Wig

Our fun party wigs are of a standard size, but you can tighten or loosen them by means of special adjustable straps on the inside. This therefore makes the wigs stretchable making them ideal for any shape of head.

Step 2

Party Wigs
Pink Straight Glamorous Party Wig

Typically when you are wearing a wig over your own hair you need to find a way to conceal it besides simply rearranging it on your head. To wear a wig, you do not need to cut off your own natural hair. Those wishing to hide their natural beauty would just need to use a wig cap under the wig. The cap provides the necessary grip to hold your natural hair without poking through the wig.

Step 4

Party Wigs
Pink Bob Party Wig

Remember to look after your party wigs by using our Wig Control Spray which will condition your party wig and give it that high gloss and sheen which makes it look so fabulous.


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