Risky Story

Risky Story

Only the least likely parts of this account have been fictionalised…

I live in Great Britain. I am 28, my wife is 25. She is a stewardess.

I am also a very convincing cross-dresser. My wife does not mind and occasionally encourages it.

I travel regularly to NY by air.

This is what I got away with on one occasion…

It’s mid-flight. Taking my travelling case with me, I walk to the toilet. Once in, I work fast(I have brought my wig and make-up and one of my wife’s uniforms with me). The wig goes on first, then the make-up (you have to work in context!).

Then my tights (Dark navy, very firm and very snug), and they feel sooo good!! Even as I type I can still feel my toes against the seam and the central stitching between… My panty girdle is restraining my male bulge.

In a practiced manner I slip into my heels, put on my wife’s blouse, step into her skirt and slide into a jacket. It finishes with a really pretty hat.

When I leave the toilet, I leave the travelling case on my seat. I actually manage to walk from one end of the 747 to the other – and back! – and nobody even gives me a second glance! Just enjoying being a “lady” in a highly public environment, loving the feel of tights on my legs, the swish of my skirt, and the clicking of my heels.

I came back, collecting my case, changed back in the toilet and returned to my seat. If anyone was any wiser, they did not show it! There are some very efficient make-up removers these days! Much fun and worth trying if you are able!


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