What is a Cross Dresser

What is a Cross Dresser

Broadly, crossdressers can be put into three categories.

  1. Closet crossdresser or transvestite.  They get turned on by dressing as females and keep a set or two of bras and pantries which they wear for a few minutes when alone or on a tour outside.
  2. Passing off as a woman. Here, the crossdressers take great pains into details such as make up, eyebrow shaping etc Some of them have passed off as pop singers and some have even won beauty pageants.
  3. MTF transformer. With the change in their orientation, ie they are going for gender reasignment surgery they need to act and dress as the opted sex.

In the first type, under which most fall, in most cases the bras and the dresses are ill fitting as the act is done secretly. For better results, it is advised that the crossdresser takes his girlfriend or spouse in confidence.

For the second type, it is essential that someone is taken into confidence. Spouse, female colleague, neighbours daughter. To start with one needs to get completely immersed into the role as a woman. He should only watch or read female oriented magazines and movies, decorate the house in pink or pastel designs,

There are two accessories that are strongly suggestive of females. The most important one is the bra and silicone breasts.  From the moment he wears it , it’s forever all his life. For this you yourself should go out and buy it asking the assistant for recommendations on fitting and cup size. This exercise will help you relax as you need to buy a bra every often. Initially, you may take your female friend along to help you wear it. Start with wearing a bra all day at home. Move on to wearing it under your shirt to work. Ending with wearing a bra permanently so that it is accepted by you as an essential part.

Fishnet TightsWhile walking up or down the stairs, practice walking like a woman. Practice on the treadmill putting one foot right in front of the other while raising the hip. Remember. A man, while walking, pushes himself forward. Where as a woman, pulls herself back with palms pointing out. Continue this gait as often as possible without drawing attention to yourself.

While outside or in a store , observe how women reacts, glances, or move their hands while talking. The way they dress for the season. This will help you not looking like an over made-up clown. Go out with this female friend as often as possible. Try and get invited to her all girls parties.

The Actress

Shoes. Start with flats. move in to wedges. High levels may be very inviting and look sexy, but you need a lot of practice to walk in them.

Dressing. Wear dresses that are loose at the hips so that the bulge at your crouch is not visible.

UND965Later, you can learn how to tuck and tape your maleness. For this our new waist clincher cache sex is ideal


How do you become a writer, poet, muscular or an artist…??? You are hard wired like that and eventually once you have an acceptance or recognition of such a trait, you learn it to get better at it and eventually practice it in pursuit of perfection.

Sexy Dress

This is how Crossdressers are… they are hard wired and once they know that this is what feel right, they get out to know and learn about it. With persistence, they become natural and eventually more passable.  Whether in closet or in public, we all strive to be as feminine as possible and we test it by going out in public and learning how far we have come on our journey.

Can you become a crossdresser… yes you can… if that is something interests you then you may look deep inside yourself… may be you are one.


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