The transgender spectrum is huge with transvestites who just wish to cross dress convincingly occasionally to those who just desire sexually reactive female nipples. Then those who just want to develop small female breasts and those that want them as big as possible. and rid themselves of dark male facial & body hair. Next comes the she male category who want to attain a full female body shape but still wish to retain their male genitals and male sexual prowess. Right at the far end are those that intend to undergo a complete male to female transformation right the way to surgery.

We cater for all spectrums of the transgender rainbow and have all the products required for an instant transition with the most realistic silicone breasts guaranteed for a lifetime, an exclusive range of authentic latex skin-coloured vagina panties hand crafted in our own factory. Female face masks complete with wigs enable you to transform yourself even if you have a moustache

For those that wish to enhance their breasts or achieve a full female body shape we have female hormones and male hormone blockers that can deliver the results you want safely and effectively whatever your age or medical condition

Never be afraid to ask our advice, we have the world’s leading consultant endocrinologist and our transsexual founder who underwent a full male to female transformation 35 years ago. Between them and our highly experienced customer service girls who have all been with Transformation in excess of 15 years you have access to personalised advice on any related subject either by phone or email

Visit our updated website for more information, meantime do not hesitate to contact us – all contact details are shown on our website



The world’s leading not-for-profit transgender experts since 1984

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