Ultimate Discounted Hormones 

Our Ultimate Maxi Strength Male To Female Hormone Range. Consisting of Breast and Nipple HormonesMale Hormone Blocking Anti Androgens and Oestrogen Accelerators. All these hormones will enhance your breast growth and aid you in creating that hourglass female body shape. We also have hair regrowth hormones that will help in the regrowth of more female hair.



Ultimate Testosterone Blocking Anti-Androgen Capsules

All of the male characteristics that you developed at puberty were triggered by the release of male hormones (androgens) into your system. These Ultimate maximum strength anti-androgen capsules will enable you to achieve even faster feminising results and diminish the opposing action of the male hormones by blocking the. These male hormone blockers are essential for your transgender hormone therapy.


" Perfect Anti Androgen, Doing what it needs to do"

Johnathan From Worcester Park 


" Happy with these. So far seeing some results which is great"

Carole From Wales 


" These are the ones I've been happiest with"

Jeremy From Kent


" Used with other products appropriately it is very good and does that which it is supposed to do."

Noel From High Peak 


" It is good that this product is available. Since I cannot afford surgeries, this is a blessed option for blocking t..."

Freddie From Box Elder 


" I have used these from this company they work."

Sam From Wellsvilee


" I bought the package of Anti-Androgen/Hormone Accelerator/Breast Enlargement capsules to build on previous purchases. They do seem to be working slowly to produce the desired effect, especially with a push-up bra, although the padding enhances that. My day/day "comfort" bras are now showing all me with no "artificial additives". Hopefully, things will only get even better as I've still 6-7 months' supply to take."

Iain From Livingston


" 4+5 stars. I'm just starting out and was told to take a male hormone blocker. These were on sale so thought that was a good idea and so far i'm happy"

Mary From Mallorca


RRP £149 You Pay £89

Ultimate Oestrogen Female Hormone Accelerator Capsules

Maximun strength formula version of these oestrogen (estrogen) female hormone accelerator capsules are a popular treatment designed to be used in conjunction with any other male to female transgender hormone product to literally speed up the results.


" Perfect product, that doing as exactly as it describes. My go to Accelerator"

Johanthan From Worcester Park


" Good value for money and effective"

Holly From Hampshire


" Good oestrogens. Very happy with these capsules" 

Jeremy From Kent 


RRP £149 You Pay Only £89

Ultimate Oestrogen Hormone Female Breast & Nipple Growth Combination Maxi Strength Gel

Maxi-strength Ultimate Oestrogen (estrogen)  Hormone Female Breast & Nipple Growth Combination Gel contains both variants of female hormones necessary to promote both breast and nipple development. It may have taken years to develop this product but in trials everyone said it was well worth the wait. An essential transgender hormone therapy product.  It is also great value for money as you get a full 250mls of maxi-strength gel that substitute separate treatments


try it and you will love this product" 

Patrick From Holland 


" Have noticed that the breast and nipple development all ready"

Michael From England 


RRP £149 You Pay £99


Ultimate Dual-Action Female Body Shaping Maximum Strength Spray

Ultimate Dual-Action Female Body Shaping Maximum Strength Spray is designed for anyone seeking the effect that female hormones have on skin texture and female body shaping, containing the maximum blend of hormones responsible for the creation of a feminine hourglass figure.


Without a doubt the best products around and well worth the money"

Darrin From Weatherford 

RRP £139 You pay £79

Ultimate Maximum Strength Oestrogen Hormone Molecular Nasal Spray

An instant boost to your feminine hormone levels is achieved by inhaling through the nose 1 measured spray of this ultimate maxi-strength oestrogen hormone nasal spray in each nostril. Supplied in 3 month treatment packs with extra discounts for multibuy purchases

RRP £149 You Pay £79

Ultimate Triple Strength Minoxidil & Anti Androgen Head Hair Regrowth Stimlulant

Containing a powerful blend of both androgen inhibitors which block the absorption of male hormones into the hair root (the cause of hair loss) and then the female hormones and minoxidil (the primary proven drug to counter hair loss) in this head hair regrowth stimulant stimulates the follicle to reactivate hair growth. This triple strength formulation has proved to be a godsend to many men. Specialist clinics charge huge amounts of money for similar treatment that you can do yourself at home. 

RRP £149 You Pay £89

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