Creme De La Creme Silicone Breasts 


Creme de la Creme-the very best of the best-the final word in authentic silicone breasts prosthetics .

Creme de la Creme Silicone breasts have all the top features expected from top quality silicone breasts, but with one very important addition: namely very realistic heat reactive medical grade siloxane  silicone and  reactive nipples. Introductory offer £100 of all sizes.

Our newest medical grade silicone breasts ,have all the top features expected from top quality silicone breasts, but with one very important addition: namely heat reactive silicone gel and very realistic reactive nipples, and once again a development exclusive to ourselves. These truly magical Crème de la crème silicone breasts with built in nipples are not only realistically shaped and tinted but also have a locked in  heat reactive ingredient, so when worn they react as a natural female breasts and nipples, dependant on ambient temperature - the colder they are the more prominent the nipples. Only when wearing these silicone breasts will you truly appreciate, the magical feminine experience that comes with having your very own breasts for the rest of your life. It is one of those life-discerning moments as you obtain natural feminine breasts instantly, is that they move and feel as though they are your very own, mimicking the exact movement of real breasts. Incorporating heat reactive nipples into the highest-grade pure siloxane silicone breasts is a technological feat that has taken our experts years to perfect.

Designed to last a lifetime, these silicone breasts are a fabulous lifetime investment for the true discerning elite that want only the very best, and who yearns for a lifetimes feminine enjoyment and pleasure of having their very own pair of Creme de la Creme authentic natural breasts.

We  do not doubt that wearing these breasts will give you a new sensuous experience,especially as they warm to your body temperature, then wobble and bounce,an absolute joy.

With care these superb natural breasts will last you a lifetime. Worn in your favourite bra or au-natural using any of our silicone breast adhesive systems.

Available in 4 cup sizes. Small B-cup, weight 800 grams. Medium C-cup, weight 1000 grams. Large D/DD-cup ,weight 1400 grams. Ex-Large E/F cup, weight 1600 grams.

Small B-cups full price £399 Introductory price £299

Medium C-cups full price £449 Introductory price £349

Large D/DD-cups full price £499 Introductory price £399

X large E/F-cups full price £599 Introductory price £499


I do like the value of this product. Thank you"

Calvin From Houston, Texas


" I am so pleased with my new breasts, they feel so good and react like real breasts. I have bought cheaper ones in the past but these really are the Creme De La Creme. I bought the breast adhesive at the same time and it was fantastic to walk round braless,I went to bed on the first night wearing them under my silk nightie and they stayed in place all night. The price of the 2 may look expensive, but girls they are worth every penny. Tina Xx"

Ken From Rossendale 


" WOW I truly love my creme de la creme breastforms The look and feel is amazing I don’t have the words to describe how wonderful I feel when I put them on. I would definitely recommend transportation thank you so much "

Julie From Derry 


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