Feminine Movements

Feminine Movements

bi1Clothes, hair, and makeup are important aspects of your feminine image.

But so are your MOVEMENTS and they say a lot.


You don’t want to give off a masculine vibe that is exaggerated and
Avoid these common mistakes to be a more realistic and convincing female.

Over-exaggerated hip swinging

A woman’s sexy walk should be just that  – sexy. Don’t overdo it though and swing them too much – a nice gentle sway is all you need. Put your high heels on and walk naturally and the high heels will make your hips sway all by themselves !!


img-thingStiff body movements

Relax and let your feminine instincts take over.


Poor posture

Your posture is the foundation for your movements. Here are two posture mistakes to avoid:

  • Slouching:Don’t slouch – it’s not feminine
  • Arching your back: Stand tall instead


sexy-woman-walkingStocky shoulder movements

Men carry their weight in their upper bodies,so keep your shoulders down and back. If you feel your shoulders coming forward, literally roll them back into place.


Focus on keeping your shoulders still while relaxing the hips. This will help transfer the movement to your lower body.


Keep your body weight neutral (or even slightly back) instead of leaning forward. This helps downplay the look of your shoulders.


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